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Lester Beall was one of the great American modernist designers of the 1930’s and 40’s. File:A turn of the hand Rural Electrification Administration, U.S. Department of Agriculture - - Beall. ... striking work was created between 1937 and 1941 when he was commissioned to design posters for the US Government’s Rural Electrification Administration. “Concordia Leaders of Design Series Lester Beall Exhibition and Presentation Lecture,” Oct. 10–Nov. Text from wife Dorothy Miller Beall, originally printed in the December 1969 issue of the Journal of The American Institute of Graphic Arts, is illustrated with salient examples from Beall's portfolio, including the famous Rural Electrification Administration posters (shown above), his work with the US government (below), and paintings from the family's personal collection. Lester Beall, Rural Electrification Administration 1) earned an art history degree in 1926. The flat, unfussy simplicity of these posters suggested the public posters of the Russian Constructivists twenty years earlier. Matted and framed. Description. This administration agency was founded in the year 1935 by President Roosevelt. Visitors to the ‘Electric Currents, 1900–1940’ exhibition in the Architecture and Design galleries of the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) could take note of a series of posters for the Rural Electrification Administration (REA) by the American graphic designer Lester Beall. In the 1930’s much of America needed electricity power and running water, Lester Beall was hired by the Rural Electrification Administration to design a group of posters in 1937. Lester Beall- Posters for the Rural Electrification Administration These three posters were apart of a project that Lester Beall completed for the Rural Electrification Administration. | Poster shows a man cutting a board with a power saw. Lester Beall Posters for Rural Electrification Administration Set of 6 Prints Price: $15.72+ Original Price: $18.49+ For the project’s art pieces, the agency turned to renowned Midwest graphic designer Lester Beall. Poster series by Lester Beall for the Rural Electrification Administration, 1937–41. See more ideas about Lesters, History design, Graphic design. This site uses cookies to improve your experience and to help show ads that are more relevant to your interests. Download PDF Visit Source 1 Visit Source 2. 'Now I'm Satisfied' - Rural Electrification poster by Lester Beall - 1930 Print Description 'Now I'm Satisfied' - Rural Electrification Administration, U.S. Department of … In the 1930s, much of rural America lacked electricity, power, and running water. He eventually moved to rural New York and set up an office, and home, at a premises that he and his family called "Dumbarton Farm". Poster by Lester Beall for the New Deal agency, the United States Housing Authority, 1941. Title: Radio : Rural Electrification Administration: Creator: Beall, Lester, 1903-1969 As part of a programme for economic recovery from the Depression of the 1930s, the Rural Electrification Administration was set up to bring cheap electricity to farms and rural communities. Lester Beall Collection, Wallace Library, Rochester Institute of Technology, Gift of Joanna Beall Westermann and Lester Beall Jr. In Beall’s second REA series, designed in 1939, the visual language, marked by … Condition A- / B+: minor creases and overpainting at … He’s perhaps best known Slums Breed Crime poster by Lester Beall 1941. Jun 4, 2018 - Explore Jeremy Pruitt's board "Lester Beall", followed by 18154 people on Pinterest. Now I'm satisfied Rural Electrification Administration, U.S. Department of Agriculture. In 1955, Beall moved his studio from New York City to his country home at Dumbarton Farm in Connecticut. Contributor: Beall, Lester … In the 1930s and 1940s, the Rural Electrification Administration celebrated these transformations with a series of promotional posters designed by the artist Lester Beall. An advertisement for the Rural Electrification Administration and a photograph showing an ERA electric meter on the side of a farmer’s house. To commemorate its 75 th Anniversary, NRECA has released a new series of posters touting the strength and value of electric cooperatives. Beall sought visual contrast and a rich level of information content. Beall offered fresh and innovative solutions for graphic design problems that emerged during the industrial age. Beall's work for the Rural Electrification Administration was honored by the Museum of … Beall’s work for the Rural Electrification Administration was honored by the Museum of Modern Art, a first for graphic designers. – Design History Lester Beall: Born: 1903, Kansas City, Missouri, United States; died: 1969, New York, New York, … A poster for the Rural Electrification Administration by Lester Beall, USA, 1937. Lester Beall’s Rural Electrification Art... Lester Beall’s Rural Electrification Art. Lester Beall, 1937. Condition A. Silkscreen. Image 1 — beall1 (Rural Electrification Administration) Image 2 — beall2 (Rural Electrification Administration) Even for the illiterate. The original posters are held in the Lester Beall Archive, at RIT Cary United States, c1930s, Photograph. ... Farm Work Rural Electrification Administration poster by Lester Beall . lester beall (1903-1969) rural electrification administration. 1939. Rural Electrification Administration Lester Beall. A famed 1937 poster for the Rural Electrification Administration, by graphic designer Lester Beall. Also of interest in this period are the remarkable poster series for the United States Government's Rural Electrification Administration. He proved to businesses and industries that graphic designers could create comprehensive packaging and corporate identity while at the same time deal with constraints such as […] Lester Beall was already a successful graphic designer when he was commissioned by the REA in 1937 to produce a series of posters that would increase awareness among the rural population about the benefits of electricity. LESTER BEALL (1903-1969) RADIO / RURAL ELECTRIFICATION ADMINISTRATION. He was the prominent designer for the government-based Rural Electrification Administration. This article examines graphic visualization and visuality in Lester Beall’s 1937 series of posters for the United States Rural Electrification Administration. Jun 9, 2018 - Lester Beall (1903–1969) was a twentieth-century American graphic designer notable as a leading proponent of modernist graphic design in the United States. 40x29 3/4 inches, 101 1/2x75 1/2 cm. Beall passed away in 1969, and was posthumously voted into the Art Directors Club Hall of Fame in 1973 and designated an AIGA Medalist in 1992. Even though both designers were alive and working at the same time, they were worlds apart and the same can be said for their work. In the 1930s, after a traditional education in Chicago, Lester Beall became interested in avant-garde typography and in the design elements of the Bauhaus. In 1936, the REA began a campaign to build public support for rural electrification. Lester Beall designed a series of posters for the Rural Electrification Administration in 1939. The artwork, by NRECA Creative Director Kevin Kepple, was inspired by the iconic Lester Beall posters commissioned by the Rural Electrification Administration in the 1930s to build support for the rural electrification program. Images of Rural Electrification Administration. Rural Electrification Administration posters by lester beall. Rural Electrification Administration posters, 1937-1939. Beall, Lester, Artist. Lester Beall was a leading graphic designer in America during the twentieth century. In an age where basic electricity seemed unattainable, Lester Bealle designed visual calls to action. Introduction. Prime examples of this are his poster campaign in the late 1930s for the Rural Electrification Administration and his art direction of Scope magazine for Upjohn Pharmaceuticals in the 1940s. 4, is the first exhibition of Beall’s work in ages. Fortunato Depero, Depero Futurista, 1913-1927 Fortunato Depero, Depero Futurista, 1913-1927 Lester Beall, Rural Electrification Administration, Posters, 1937 Lester Beall and Fortunato Depero came from two different movements in art history. The Rural Electrification Administration hired graphic designer Lester Beall to create a series of posters illustrating the benefits of electrification. 2) was primarily self-taught; his extensive reading and curious intellect formed the basis for … Lester Beall (1912–1969) Light, from the series "Rural Electrification Administration," 1937 lithograph 101.6 x 76.2 cm (40 x 30 in.) Beall, an American graphic designer, was recognized among others for his background in advertising rather than in art or painting. The ability to run electrical appliances, including lighting, and to power rural industries had a profound impact on rural communities. LCCN2010650603.jpg I. Labels and date. there's just over a month left to see the exhibition 'electrifying america' at the LA county museum of art. Rural industries Rural Electrification Administration, U.S. Department of Agriculture / 1 print (poster) : color ; 101 x 76 cm. The posters show in the most simplified and direct way the need for electrification and the benefits it would bring. Lester Beall's posters for the Rural Electrification Administration, a federal agency dedicated to serving rural communities, illustrated in bold, graphic terms the advantages of electricity. These posters are from the first of three series, created in 1937. 1937. He remained at the farm until his death in 1969. 38 3/4x28 3/4 inches, 98 1/2x73 cm.

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