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In fact, in many ways, the hospitality industry is leading the charge in the adoption of smart business technology. “I would like to see a reinvention of how to use technology healthily,” he says. This is probably the most important one in the hospitality technology trends list of 2020 and 2021. They want to know what makes you stand out from the rest of the industry. As such, we’ll likely see the spaces themselves manifest as works of art. No aspect of the industry is left untouched, save for the basic principles of hospitality. “More integrated technology like self-check-in screens and self-check-out billing is limiting guests’ interaction with hotel staff,” says Danu Kennedy, design director of Parts and Labor, whose Pacific Standard Time restaurant in Chicago won a James Beard Award. Over the last the 30 years The Gettys Group has built a reputation for their forward thinking and innovative approach to international hospitality design. “In 2020 designers should create ‘templates,’ designing in a way that leaves space for people to create their own experiences instead of having something forced upon them.”. 1 min Comments. Holly Friend from the London-based futures consultancy The Future Laboratory, gives a heads-up on foresight trends for sectors such as travel, hospitality and luxury. Creating an environment that is overtly Instagrammable is becoming a must. So, start impressing your customers and outpace your competitors. “Often the lines between art and architecture are blurred.”. The breakfast room at Maison de la Luz, designed by Atelier Ace and Studio Shamshiri. Digital will continue transforming the customer experience It’s no surprise that the future of the hospitality industry … Sustainability should be an integral part of the entire process and it should be the most natural thing to use sustainable approaches to design. As guests increasingly yearn for convenience and independence, much of the hotel experience has become digitized and executed via iPad or smartphone. 1. We’ll show you. Buy now for unlimited access and all of the benefits that only members get to experience. “I think we’ll be seeing more hotels that feel integrated on many fronts—to their communities, to history, and to the stories they tell,” he says. Photo: Michael Stavaridis for Rockwell Group. Mixing business and leisure is no longer a secret. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the hospitality data, the top trends, and statistics to help you both better connect with your guests and keep your finger on the pulse. Sustainability . Of course, that doesn’t mean that hospitality interiors will be more subdued across the board. Watch this movie to learn how our ReForm concept carpets eases your sustainable design approach while offering great design and high quality for any interior project: Check out our extensive guide to hotel carpets. Share. Along with this return to nature, we’ll be seeing less polished finishes and more nuanced tactile surfaces, through handcrafted furnishings and natural, rough-hewn materials. Google stepped up its game in 2019 as it looked to further dominate the global travel sector and we expect this to continue throughout 2020 and beyond. Google domination. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 1/1/20) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated 1/1/20) and Your California Privacy Rights. To revisit this article, select My⁠ ⁠Account, then View saved stories. 1. Our website,, offers constant original coverage of the interior design and architecture worlds, new shops and products, travel destinations, art and cultural events, celebrity style, and high-end real estate as well as access to print features and images from the AD archives. Future focus: three hospitality trends for 2020 and beyond. Overt materialism is no longer an attractive way to show off ones social position and combined with an increasing need, particularly for the Millennial generation, to make a positive difference in the world, an urge for new travel experiences is on the rise. “Rich environments are trending and achieved through a range of techniques—from layering multiple materials and patterns on patterns to mixing old and new with found objects,” he says. It is not something you can “add” afterwards. As well as ticking the self-care box, it also provides that elusive connection to nature while minimizing guests’ environmental footprint during their stay. Data Insights Blog. More importantly, we delve into whether these trends will continue into the new year and beyond? Five Trends Transforming Meetings in 2020 BENCHMARK®, a global hospitality company, announces Five Trends that will Transform Meetings in 2020. Just as we’re seeing a yearning for an authentic—and results-driven—approach to sustainability in residential interior design, the hospitality world is taking its responsibility toward the planet equally as seriously. The more heavily hopped and flavoured brews will be around, but expect to see crisp, clean lagers take centre stage once more at your local pub. The new decade has arrived with a flourish—and with it a new era of hotels, restaurants, and other creative hospitality spaces. In this post, we’re focusing on future hospitality trends for the next five years. Current trends in hospitality with 2020 on the horizon. Thus, hotels are offering guests an experience in essentialism created around a functional room, a restaurant and maybe a rooftop bar with the philosophy of creating a higher degree of satisfaction by offering less, but better. Likewise, easy accessible hotel restaurants and bars with an informal atmosphere and homely décor embrace single travelers and encourage them to join the hotel community, even inviting locals into shared areas for concerts, talks etc. Local currency, October 2020 (percentage change from October 2019) Peru • Occupancy: 40.9% (-36.7%) • ADR: PEN189.68 (-52.3%) • RevPAR: PEN77.61 (-69.8%) The absolute occupancy level was the lowest for any month in Peru since May, while the RevPAR level was the lowest for any month since April. “Hospitality seems to be moving toward creating grounding, holistic experiences for guests, providing them with mindfulness and elements of self-care.”. This means they’ll want more than just a room, a table or some food and drink – they want a memorable experience that they … Nous avons analysé six tendances qui ont façonné les enseignes et les expériences client au cours des dernières années. Hospitality industry insights Hospitality TV Hotel TV. Instead, their eye-catching moments will be more well-considered rather than just design bait for social media feeds. The hospitality industry is changing faster than ever before and it’s nearly impossible to keep up with all of the hotel, travel and hotel management trends impacting this dynamic business. Hotels offering check-in at a small desk in the lobby are breaking down traditional barriers between guests and staff. 2019 touchant à sa fin, l’industrie hôtelière se prépare pour 2020. One hospitality trend we're likely to see a lot more of in 2020 is the ongoing shift towards a perception that less is more, when it comes to modern luxury. ADR, however, was the highest for any month since June. Tendances actuelles dans le secteur hôtelier, avec 2020 à l’horizon. “Right now, the world is full of noise pulling our attention in multiple directions at once,” Atelier Ace’s Sawdon says. The sum of all details matters and when changing 700 door handles, a single component grows into a choice with great environmental impact. Take, for example, Sweden’s new Arctic Bath hotel, a spa and wellness retreat based on the Nordic tradition of open-air cold baths. As 2019 comes to an end and the hospitality industry welcomes 2020, we’ve taken a look at six trends that have shaped hotel brands and guest experiences in recent years. Tourism can be so much more than a quick capital injection to the local society. The Biggest Hospitality Trends of 2020 Say so long to Instagram bait: Eight restaurant and hotel designers predict what is in and what is out in the year ahead By Mikki Bramme r March 2, 2020 Not only are travelers becoming more aware of the impact of travel, they are becoming interested in investigating the roots of their destinations too. Let’s take a look at the hospitality trends for 2020 to help you plan for the next year. “In order to stand out, I think you really have to be researched and spend the time on proper details and the nuances of experiencing a space. Let’s explore the current travel trends and in our next post, we’ll share online marketing and onsite hospitality tips on how to attract and delight travelers of today. “Every time we do a new hotel I propose we don’t put TVs in the room. Others have slightly grander visions—resort brand Six Senses aims to be plastic-free by 2022, and is integrating sustainable initiatives like passive cooling, electric transport, and Earth Labs into each of its new properties. In this way, travelers can explore their destinations on their own terms and in exchange share their expertise to impact the next generation of women. Read on for details of new hospitality trends in 2020, and ideas on how to implement them in your own designs. Tourism can be … Thus, one of the hospitality trends that will define the industry in 2020 is that tomorrow’s travelers want to spend money in places with purpose. One of the trends defining travel and hospitality in 2020 and beyond, is the new luxury consumer requiring a shift from wasteful extras such as sewing kits, slippers and leaflets. Hotels Are Like Elephants. “Hotels will become a little more relaxed with the types of finishes so that materials have a more honest expression,” says W. Brian Smith, partner at the Studio Tack whose hotel projects include Marram in Montauk, New York, and the Anvil Hotel in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Among other things, this reflects in the start-up of new systems that score trips according to how much spending remains in the local economy. For example, I recommended that … Design inspiration delivered straight to you, Creativhotel Luise, the first climate positive hotel in Germany, The Top 4 Hospitality Industry Trends In 2020, The rebirth of a mythical place: Maison Albar Hotels Le Vendome, Exploring the Highline flexibility: Colours, patterns and structures. By investing some thought and money, you can develop a unique concept and create a mood that would provide the customers with all the answers their curiosity mig… “We’re finding that this commitment to environmentally conscious decisions not only pushes the industry forward, but gives agency to guests in choosing ways to travel that align with their own values.”. While our increasing level of consciousness is reflected in changing travel, eating and buying behaviours, many of us are trying to get our heads around how to do more and how to do better. By creating virtual lobbies, hotels are helping fellow guests make unexpected new connections while allowing them to share as much or as little personal information as they please. Guests of tomorrow will be more connected than ever before. Fundamentally it has been a completely different year from any other – many referring to a “new normal” – bringing a plethora of contrasts to the industry when comparing hospitality to pre-covid times. History is king and knowing what and why you are looking at, talking about, and representing is key.”, Studio Tack’s Smith concurs that many hospitality design references will derive from an individual sense of place rather than what inspires the masses. New Hospitality Design Trends 2020 The overriding theme of 2020 hospitality design trends is that of being in the present – with an eye on the future. And it's likely to grow further in 2020. Do you want your project specifications to make a difference? Sustainability is  obviously still as relevant as ever, as the topic has become an integral part of other trends such as experiences in essentialism and places with purpose. While the positive effects of nature on our general well-being aren’t exactly a revelation, people are seeking that connection more than ever. To be successful in a fast-moving industry like hospitality means never standing still. And since a core tenet of self-care is honoring your personal needs, designer Karen Herold of Studio K (famous for Girl & the Goat and other lauded Chicago restaurants) adds that it’s high time that hotels and restaurants encouraged people to interact with them however they please. In the video below, Holly explains how to create an experience in essentialism: The new luxury consumer wants a scaled-back experience with only essential hospitality, maybe just a room with a shower and a bed. P.S. Headwinds from economic and political uncertainty in 2019 are also expected to impact the travel industry in 2020, but not in the way many would expect. Artificial intelligence (AI) gave the information technology industry the much-needed rejuvenation and now AI is almost into everything. For 2020, hospitality trends will continue to see hotels like Wyndham, IHG, Marriott and others experiment with delivery and payment options along with attempts at including loyalty programs in the food delivery process. As feelings of travel guilt increase among consumers, travel and hospitality brands face a great opportunity to rethink their offers. If you are in the hospitality industry, your ability to adapt to new trends and meet customer’s demands would ultimately determine your business’ success. The TEN trends that have reshaped (and are still reshaping) the industry despite Covid-19 #1 - Virtual communities Last year, the UK government announced a forthcoming ban on plastic straws. A trend that has been identified in hospitality for 2020 is the increased desire for customers to access memorable experiences at the places they visit. When changing door handles, for instance, he urges architects and interior designers to specify a sustainable option. “This consistent return to design thinking using nature as a muse is helping to bridge the emotional and physical gap between indoors and out.”. The Scott resort in Scottsdale, Arizona, designed by AvroKO. Rockwell Group's recently-opened Chica restaurant in Miami. “Too often hotels rush to provide new technologies without considering the impact it may have on the guest experience,” he says. The hospitality trends and the demands of customers are constantly changing and failing to adapt could result in a dramatic drop in success. The lobby and concierge area of Nashville's Thompson hotel, designed by Parts + Labor. Identifying micro and macro trends, interviewing experts and attending industry events, Holly also consults on research briefs for top clients such as Vans, Spotify and Lacoste. Why are you different? Case in point: Though Pierre Yovanovitch’s Le Coucou hotel in Switzerland is, arguably, highly Instagrammable, its irreverent design is a clever riff on the traditional alpine aesthetic inherent to the region. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. Digital will continue transforming the customer experience It’s no surprise that the future of the hospitality industry will be powered by digital technologies. Share. “Tactile engagement with objects that require one to slow down, and remain in the moment, will continue to be built into interior design as well.”, The counter effect of hotels and restaurants clamoring to make their spaces as Instagrammable as possible is a swing in the other direction, toward what ASH NYC’s Cooper calls “decoration proper.”, “The internet and social media have made copying and pasting ‘the look’—be it color blocking or eclectic modernism—so easy that I think we lose individuality and the ability to remember a place because they all look the same,” he says. Is this the same for all 2020 hospitality trends? However, Jaucis calls for travel and hospitality brands to be more ambitious. In fact, research by Hospitality Tech News shows that 83% of all trips were booked online in 2019. Extending Business Stays to Accommodate Leisure Travel. in the lobby. Safe to say, today’s business models in the sector look like entirely different animals from their predecessors. Mention far-and-wide disruptions and the hospitality industry easily comes to mind. Data Insights Blog. Craft brewers, Lion and CUB, will release more lager-style beers in 2020. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. Hotel Technology Trends 2020 By James Harrison, Hospitality Technology Consultant at HotelTCS. More than a sparkling clean space with the view, younger customers now expect to be told a story. Customers are living for the moment, booking each trip as if it was their last. Thankfully, we think the opposite is true, because, if you dig a little deeper, there are a number of trends on the horizon that are far easier to keep pace with and capitalise on. If the tumult of 2019 taught us anything, it’s that we need to take care of ourselves. The Future of Travel: Hospitality Trends in 2020 23 September 2020 Written by Yoana Baynova Covid-19 has upturned expectations as to what travel and hospitality should look like. It should be a natural approach to design. “We’re redesigning the structures and objects in our lives in direct response to climate change and in service to a healthier world, and it’s becoming the rule, not the exception,” says Kelly Sawdon, partner and chief brand officer of Atelier Ace (the design team behind the pioneering Ace Hotel brand). “Over-the-top, hyper-trendy designs can dictate how people behave,” she says. The easiest way to meet this request is through clever use of design. “Design is catering to this by removing the check-in desk from prime focus and instead putting social hospitality spaces at the forefront of the arrival experience.”, Studio Tack’s Smith cautions that while technology offers all manner of opportunities for innovation, it’s important that the human element of hospitality doesn’t get lost in the process. The study conducted among EHL faculty in the fall of 2018 has uncovered top 10 trends that hospitality players should not forget in 2020 while they are battling with the aftermath of the pandemic. I think our culture has become so addicted to screens and technology that we forget how to interact as normal human beings.”, We’ll also continue to see hospitality spaces embracing non-digital pleasures, like vinyl records and books (see Atelier Tao+C’s capsule hotel in Zhejiang Province, China, and Atelier Ace’s Maison de la Luz). In keeping with the eco-friendly ethos of reusing and repurposing, the experts predict that we’ll also be seeing a lot of layering in of vintage and recycled objects alongside new ones—a “mixology” of sorts, as Rockwell Group partner Shawn Sullivan, who recently designed the restaurant Chica in Miami, puts it. But which trends are designers leaving in the teens and which ones will endure? Photo: HotelTCS . Sustainability should not feel like something you put on that is too tight. There are multiple exciting technologies … 15 Hospitality Trends for 2020/2021: Future Forecasts According To Experts. Here are our ten favourites for next year. There is a reason why we have begun with AI in hospitality as one of the latest hospitality technology trends. Look for these 4 hospitality trends in the next 5 years: 1. Credit: phife. In this perception, lies other subtrends like sustainability and minimalism that are likely evolve and expand further in 2020. 2. All rights reserved. So, since billions of half-used hotel shampoo bottles are thrown away each year, hotels are adding bulk dispensers to hotel rooms instead with high quality shampoos and bath gels. How will current trends in hospitality affect our digital future. I think we’ll also see less forced uniformity, especially with the use of textiles.”. “In a tech-dominant world, we have seen a strong swing back to unadulterated, natural materials and organic forms, used in new and nontraditional ways,” says William Harris, principal of AvroKO, a firm that has designed everything from a boutique mezcal bar in Manhattan to the Waldorf Astoria Bangkok.

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