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[2], My Lawyer, Mr. Jo 2: Crime and Punishment, "공효진, 생애 첫 연기 대상…'동백꽃' 트로피 싹쓸이 (종합) [2019 KBS 연기대상]", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=2019_KBS_Drama_Awards&oldid=983882336, Korean Broadcasting System original programming, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 16 October 2020, at 20:25. Many of these dramas have become popular throughout Asia, with growing interest in other parts of the world. The 2019 KBS Drama Awards (Korean: KBS 연기대상; RR: KBS Yeon-gi Daesang), presented by Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) , was held on December 31, 2019 at KBS Hall in Yeouido, Seoul. Overall: Extraordinary You is a Korean Comedy-Romance Drama (2019). Mr Sunshine is one of the best korean drama I have ever seen. The Flower of Evil will have audiences on the edge of their seats in … 2019’s highest-rated Korean drama on free-to-air TV is The Fiery Priest, starring Kim Nam-gil as the titular bad-tempered Catholic priest who teams up with a prosecutor (Lee Ha-nee) and a detective (Kim Sung-kyun) to solve a murder case and beat (literally) other bad … I was expecting When the Camellia Blooms to win big, but hot dang! The 2019 KBS Drama Awards rang in the New Year with a celebration of the year’s best performances and more! Extraordinary You cast: Kim Hye-Yoon, Ro Woon, Lee Jae-Wook. Love With Flaws is a drama about a woman who hates pretty boys and a man who is obsessed with appearance, overcoming their prejudice. K-dramas have contributed to the general phenomenon of the Korean wave, known as Hallyu. KBS Drama Special 2019 is an anthology series that features different stories, cast members and production teams each week, and is presented single episodes. Subscribe to KOCOWA and Check 2019 Awards out live https://bit.ly/2EQvAex ⚠️ Our goal is to provide content that are worth your time. KBS Drama Special (Korean: 드라마 스페셜; RR: Deurama Seupesyeol) is a weekly program on KBS2 showing short dramas (usually single episodes), with each episode having a different story, cast, director, and writer. Ryu Hyun-kyung Confirms Starring Role in KBS's "Drama Special - Hidden" 2019/11/07, Source Actress Ryu Hyun-kyung is lead starring in the KBS 2TV drama "Drama Special - Hidden". The show tells the … Thursday, July 25, 2019. Daesang (Grand Prize): Gong Hyo Jin (“When the Camellia Blooms”) Top Excellence Award (Male): Yoo Joon Sang (“Liver or Die”), Kang Ha Neul (“When the Camellia Blooms”) Top Excellence Award (Female): Shin Hye Sun (“Angel’s Last Mission: Love”), Jo Yeo Jeong (“Woman of 9.9 Billion”) Excellence Award for Miniseries (Female): Kim So Hyun (“The Tale of Nokdu”), Nana (“Justice”) Excellence Award for Miniseries (Male): Jang Dong Yoon (“The Tale of Nokdu”), Choi Won Young (“Doctor Prisoner”) Excellence Award for Mid-Length Drama (Female): Lee Jung Eun (“When the Camellia Blooms”), Lee Si Young (“Liver or Die”) Excellence Award for Mid-Length Drama (Male): Kim Ji Suk (“When the Camellia Blooms”), Super Junior’s Choi Siwon (“My Fellow Citizens!”) Best Couple Award: Jang Dong Yoon and Kim So Hyun (“The Tale of Nokdu”), Yoo Joon Sang and Shin Dong Mi (“Liver or Die”), Kang Ha Neul and Gong Hyo Jin (“When the Camellia Blooms”), Oh Jung Se and Yeom Hye Ran (“When the Camellia Blooms”), Jang Hyun Sung and Kim Jung Nan (“Doctor Prisoner”), INFINITE’s L and Shin Hye Sun (“Angel’s Last Mission: Love”) K-Drama Hallyu Star Award: L (“Angel’s Last Mission: Love”), gugudan’s Kim Sejeong (“I Wanna Hear Your Song”) Netizen Award: Kang Ha Neul (“When the Camellia Blooms”) Excellence Award in Long Drama (Female): Kim So Yeon (“Mother of Mine”), Seol In Ah (“Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life”) Excellence Award in Long Drama (Male): Ki Tae Young (“Mother of Mine”), Oh Min Suk (“Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life”) Excellence in Daily Drama (Female): Lee Young Eun (“Home for Summer”), Cha Ye Ryun (“Gracious Revenge”) Excellence in Daily Drama (Male): Kim Jin Woo (“Left-Handed Wife”), Seol Jung Hwan (“Down the Flower Path”) Best Writer: Im Sang Choon (“When the Camellia Blooms”) Best Supporting Actress in Miniseries: Kim Jung Nan (“Doctor Prisoner”), Ha Jae Sook (“Perfume”) Best Supporting Actor in Miniseries: Kim Byung Chul (“Doctor Prisoner”), Jung Woong In (“Woman of 9.9 Billion”) Best Supporting Actress in Mid-Length Drama: Shin Dong Mi (“Liver or Die”), Yeom Hye Ran (“When the Camellia Blooms”) Best Supporting Actor in Mid-Length Drama: Oh Jung Se (“When the Camellia Blooms”) Best Actress in One-Act Special: Lee Joo Young (“Jip Woo Jip Joo”), Cho Soo Min (“Birthday Letter”) Best Actor in One-Act Special: Jung Dong Hwan (“That’s My Life”), Lee Do Hyun (“Scouting Report”) Best New Actor: Kang Tae Oh (“The Tale of Nokdu”), L (“Angel’s Last Mission: Love”), Kim Jae Young (“Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life”) Best New Actress: Kwon Nara (“Doctor Prisoner”), Son Dambi (“When the Camellia Blooms”) Best Child Actress: Park Da Yeon (“The Tale of Nokdu”), Joo Ye Rim (“Mother of Mine”) Best Child Actor: Kim Kang Hoon (“When the Camellia Blooms”). Extraordinary You Detail. And the actors from the dramas that include Doctor Prisoner, Angel’s Last Mission: Love, The Tale of Nokdu, Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life and more will be gathered at the 2019 KBS Drama Awards. "Drama Special - Hidden" is the story of a detective who lost his partner to a crime caused by a juvenile offender. Extraordinary You Episodes: 32. The 2019 KBS Drama Awards will soon be available on Viki. The new KBS drama scores high [Woman of 9.9 Billion] According to Nielsen Korea, 'Woman of 9.9 Billion' was the most-watched drama of the night in Korea, scoring average nationwide ratings of 7.2 percent and 8.7 percent for its first broadcast. Read the drama info here. June 24, 2020 June 28, 2020 2019, Korean Dramas, MBC Love With Flaws, Wed-Thu No Comments on Love With Flaws. The ceremony was held on December 31 at KBS Hall and hosted by Jun Hyun Moo and Shin Hye Sun. It is a story about two men and women who meet as employees and owners of a special cleaning company trying to find the truth by wiping out the stain of a case that almost got buried through cleaning at a crime scene. Kingdom (2019) First in our list of the best Kdramas to watch on Netflix is Kingdom (2019). Extraordinary You Release Date: 2 October 2019. The ceremony was held on December 31 at KBS … Seo Yeon is a temporary PE teacher in a prestigious high school called Shinhwa High School.

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