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Berlin Art Week runs from 9 until 13 September. September 16, 2020 • Berlin • Kristian Vistrup Madsen on Berlin Art Week and Gallery Weekend Rirkrit Tiravanija, Morgen Ist die Frage (Tomorrow Is the Question) at Berghain. The current exhibition is named ‘Studio Berlin’, displaying work from artists who live in the German capital and is run by existing staff who have been retrained as exhibition guides. Categories. 20 museums and art institutions, 13 private collections, 10 prize-winning project spaces, Positions Berlin Art Fair, Studio Berlin, Messe in St. Agnes and numerous galleries showcase the diverse Berlin art scene in this … 8 Things Not to Miss During Berlin Art Week, From a Tasteful Night at Berlin’s Notorious Berghain Club to a ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Reading By Kate Brown & Naomi Rea , Sep 25, 2018 Berghain is reopening next month – as an art gallery New works by Olafur Eliasson, Tacita Dean and Wolfgang Tillmans will appear at the legendary Berlin nightclub By For this year’s Berlin Art Week, Acute Art are delighted to present multiple projects: Nina Chanel Abney at Berghain. Artists: Yero Adugna Eticha Nevin Aladağ Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili Tamina Amadyar Katja Aufleger Khaled Barakeh Sam Barker Yael Bartana Jagoda Bednarsky Dirk Bell Julius von Bismarck Kévin Blinderman John Bock Monica Bonvicini Leda Bourgogne Armin Boehm Marc … Art Fairs and Galleries. By Miles Socha on September 9, 2020 As Germany is now in lockdown (galleries remain open while project spaces and museums are temporarily closed), we’ll be supplementing physical events with virtual viewing options. With the unadulterated hedonism of Berlin’s club scene indefinitely on hold, the legendary club Berghain is staging an art exhibition featuring many of the city’s most celebrated names in contemporary art. Studio Berlin opened on September 9, 2020, during Berlin Art Week and will remain open until Berghain can resume its regular operations. For an exhibition at the legendary Berghain club, art replaces the writhing bodies of its past. From Aby Warburg's historic show at Haus der Kulturen der … Tomorrow – Wednesday 9 September – is the opening day of STUDIO BERLIN and the project aligns with an action packed week in Berlin, with its Art Week, the newly opened Berlin Biennale and also Gallery Weekend Berlin. Visit the journal of the Berlin Art Week. Through illustrations, photos, interviews and conversations with the enlisted artists, stories, essays and poems in both German and English, this book shines some light on Berghain's aesthetics, its workers and artists. In west Berlin, Galerie Buchholz presents exhibitions by California-based artists Vincent Fecteau and Richard Hawkins (until 31 October). Everyone who has booked a ticket online is guaranteed to get into the club. But for today, it’s needed in the German capital for Berlin Art Week, helping convey its weight within the world of contemporary art to Europe and beyond. After a big shock, however, people started to become innovative. Contemporary art Berlin Art Week: shows in disused airports and nightclubs defy gloomy predictions . Their exhibition “Studio Berlin” opens Sept. 9. In the STUDIO BERLIN exhibition, the Boros … Most of Berlin's nightclubs are closed due to coronavirus-related lockdowns and restrictions but the infamous Berghain has reopened its doors with a sound art exhibition. Studio Berlin, which opened during Berlin Art Week, saw Berghain invite the general public inside for the first time (except for the men-only space Lab.Oratory). STUDIO BERLIN c/o Berghain Tour: 20 Euro / Discount with proof of qualification 10 Euro Open House: 18 Euro / Discount with proof of qualification 9 Euro Book a time slot ticket . Berlin’s Storied Berghain Nightclub to Host Contemporary Art Show Would-be clubgoers need no longer spend hours fussing over their outfits and titrating their MDMA intake only to wait nervously before the velvet rope of Berlin’s Berghain nightclub in the wee dark hours of the morning, hoping to be let in by notoriously discriminating bouncer Sven Marquardt. POSITIONS BERLIN ART FAIR PAPER POSITONS.BERLIN Flughafen Tempelhof 14 €, reduced 8 € Book a time slot ticket. Berlin Art Week 2020 At locations across Berlin, decentralized, outdoors, with digital formats September 9–13, 2020 Instagram / Twitter / Facebook. Studio Berlin is a collaboration between Berghain and the Berlin art collectors Christian and Karen Boros, who in 2003 purchased and renovated a WW2 bunker in … The start of “Studio Berlin” comes just ahead of Berlin Art Week, which kicks off tomorrow, and more artists are participating in the exhibition than in the whole of the Berlin Biennial, opening this Saturday after its June start was postponed. Sections. What makes the exhibition even more interesting is that many of the works to be on display are essentially the product of the pandemic. Canceled art fairs, exhibitions, and festivals as well as the total shutdown of the club life painfully affected the cultural life. Keanu Reeves Slips Into Berghain for Art Show The vast display is giving a new purpose to Berlin's legendary techno club, silenced by the coronavirus pandemic. Exhibitions A Guide to Berlin Art Week Assembled By 9 of the City’s Most Plugged-In Curators. Peles Empire, run by Barbara Wolff and Katharina Stöver, is winner of this year’s Project Space Award; features a group exhibition with works by Nona Inescu, Jimmy Robert, and Sung Tieu; and is also showing artwork of their own in the ›Studio Berlin‹ exhibition at Berghain. Whoever tried and failed to get into Berghain in the past no longer has to be afraid of being turned away again. Welcome to The Week, Berlin Art Link’s resource for the city’s must-see art openings, exhibitions, screenings, talks and performances. Berghain | Art In The Club traces the ongoing dialogue of visual art, music, architecture, human bodies and minds. Studio Berlin, which opened during Berlin Art Week, saw Berghain invite the general public inside for the first time (except for the men-only space Lab.Oratory). Somewhere in the first few months of the pandemic, Berlin art collector Christian Boros wrote to Berlin’s culture senator Klaus Lederer, suggesting they talk. The art show does, however, break with one of Berghain’s iron rules. Organized in partnership with the Boros Foundation, the show invited 115 Berlin-based artists to submit a work for display in Berghain reflecting the lockdown and being bound to one’s studio. STUDIO BERLIN is a cooperation between Boros and Berghain. At this stage, STUDIO BERLIN runs through until the end of the year, with a possible extension according to our pandemic. STUDIO BERLIN presents artworks of current times. It seems it’s just as difficult to get into Berlin’s famous Berghain to view art as it used to be to hear techno before the coronavirus crisis silenced the nightclub’s furious beats. As of this week, Berlin’s notorious night club venue, Berghain, has transformed and reopened as an art gallery as per their announcement a few weeks ago. The notoriously exclusive Berlin wunderclub Berghain reopened last week with an incredible art sound installation to lure visitors back. Following the Art Week, the special exhibition “Studio Berlin” will be open from September 9th in Berlin. Another highlight is ‘Studio Berlin’, an exhibition of works by 80 Berlin-based artists presented in the techno club Berghain. Visitors to Berghain, the notorious Berlin nightclub turned exhibition space, will discover Nina Chanel Abney’s Imaginary Friend floating outside the entrance. MESSE IN ST. AGNES KÖNIG GALERIE 12 €, reduced 8 € Book Art Fair … Berlin has the highest density of ateliers, studios and art workshops in Europe – artists from all over the world move to the German capital to work. The exhibition, organized by the Boros Foundation, can be viewed from September 9 onwards and will take place in Berghain, Panorama Bar, Säule and Halle. Fashion Footwear Music Arts … All photos: Kristian Vistrup Madsen. Berghain is a home for culture and it will remain a home for culture. Left to right: The art collectors Christian and Karen Boros, and the curator Juliet Kothe, outside Berghain. Studio Berlin, which opened during Berlin Art Week, saw Berghain invite the general public inside for the first time (except for the men-only space Lab.Oratory).Organised in partnership with the Boros Foundation, the show invited 115 Berlin-based artists to submit a work for display in Berghain reflecting the lockdown and being bound to one’s studio. Together, Christian and Karen Boros run the Boros Foundation, presenting their contemporary art collection to the public in a former World War II bunker in Berlin. Berlin's Infamous Nightclub Berghain Is Becoming An Art Gallery: You might finally be able to get in. In pre-pandemic times, there was not a single mirror installed inside its premises, in keeping with the ethos of …

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