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If you are pretty tight in budget, you can just finish your basement partially. A brick wall, wooden cabinets, and unfinished wooden ceiling beams create a cozy, hole-in-the-wall pub feel that is cheerful and lived-in. Even if you’ve decided that you want to build, design, and decorate a basement bar, there are still a number of factors to think about. From cool blue shelving that houses your glasses and liquors to a clean white countertop to the awesome wooded end as an accent piece, this simple yet functional home bar looks great. Your budget can be informed by many different elements. I love this idea because it makes use of a residual space that would otherwise be used for as a simple storage space if not for nothing at all. Unfortunately, this is letting precious square footage go to waste. Use open shelves to display wine glasses and bottles. Find shelving with dark colors for a masculine look that can be easily repurposed. It will not be cheap but worth a shot. A bar wrapped with natural stone completes this upscale rustic look. There’s a lot you can do in your unfinished basement. The third room is used for a refrigerator. This updated basement features a small kitchen for prepping snacks and a game table for playing cards or kids' art projects. Get your home bar fitted with a mini-refrigerator and always leave space to install a good-sized television. Not every link is an affiliate link, but some are. © 2020 Design Ideas Guide | All Rights Reserved. It is separate into 4 smaller rooms. Space efficient basement bar design. For starters, a quality bookshelf from IKEA can double as a bar shelf. However, you don’t need a lot of space to create a great working space. Then it only last the fourth room which I measure to be just 4 by 4 meters, it is very small but yet I have make full use of the space. Pair with natural elements like wood and stone for balance. Rustic beams can frame out the area, and extend across the ceiling to tie in the seating area. You don’t have to go overboard with luxury finishes to create a sophisticated home bar. One room is already used for hot water boilers and washing machine. Incorporating metallic elements like steel gears and metal light fixtures can add a cool industrial steampunk feel to a basement bar. Pair with black granite countertops and beams for a modern take on the man cave. I, myself, had gone through that episode in my life before. Small Basement Office Ideas. Other excellent basement ideas include giving your kids their own corner with an indoor playhouse or swing, or creating your ultimate getaway with a daybed and … Seamlessly integrate your basement bar into your home by echoing design elements during construction. |, 30 Best Indoor Trees and Tropical House Plants. Enough space to store books for one person. Do you like the log cabin look? Thanks for visiting our small home office photo gallery where you can search lots of home office design ideas. Using a combination of natural materials – wood for floors and cabinets, rough cut stone for an accent wall, and smoother stone for your top – creates visual interest through varying textures. But your countertop can be incredibly modern and ornate. Combined with some creative wall art and quality decorations, and you’ll just have built your own small man cave bar! 3. Wrapping the front of your bar with wood adds visual interest in a space, especially if you bring that same element to an accent wall. decor for small spaceindustrial racksmall space, Your email address will not be published. Small basement remodel ideas – The main point of renovating a small basement from a dark and cold place into becoming a nice one is to be somewhere you can have some fun. The glossy dark wood of the banister leading downstairs can continue into the design. This is an elegant look when paired with cream-colored paint, dark wood, and a custom stone arch. Men can find the finishes they need at any home improvement store. Small basement ideas – cozy atmosphere for entertainment and recreation A Cozy Nook for Entertaining and Relaxation. The look is monochromatic and contemporary. 19 Beautiful Small Coffee Tables for Studio Apartment, 3 Outdoor Building Projects You Can Complete during this Autumn, 3 simple Tips for bed arrangement for a small space, Six (6) best wall mounted wine rack you can install instantly, 3 Strong Indoor and Outdoor Firewood rack for winter below 100$, Small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget, 7 Best 3 bedroom house plans in 3D you can copy, 14 beautiful and cheap round bed for luxury home, 77 Japanese garden ideas for small spaces that will bring Zen to Your Home, 9 beautiful winter garden house extension you dream of, 67 Fun DIY Wooden Key Holder for wall Ideas You Can Do, 25 Japanese fence design ideas you can implement for your house (photo inside). The other is used as a store room with a tiny table for hand craft. In a spacious basement, you can bring in a dishwasher, sink, refrigerator, and even a popcorn machine! An elegant space is the perfect place to enjoy an exquisite glass of wine. Time to think of how you could decorate the small space with limited natural light to make it lively? Achieve the look with a stone accent wall and a top wrapped with reclaimed distressed wood planks. Start with dark wood shelving, a clean bar top with a unique texture, and comfortable stools. Up your style profile with creative and interesting lighting choices. A slate floor adds another natural element. Installing lighting in the shelves highlights your barware, while pendant lights of varying heights create the mood through good design. Even in small spaces, there are cool bar designs that can help you maximize your home and create a great man cave for drinking with your buddies. The bricks-made... Past Flicks and Football – Small Basement. Style is always a consideration: you could opt for a modern look or choose rustic designs. All you need is … To make small basement remodeling ideas more splashy in appearance, think of of the box! Concrete flooring, DIY shelves, and wooden stools look great for a hipster bar. Explore ideas with wood designs. Excellently makes use of a very small space; A good way to use the red pop color on the desk; Cons. Making a bar can be super rewarding because you get to come up with design ideas and see them come to life. Add a tiled inset and some shelves for visual interest and practical storage. Basement Bar Design Ideas Small Basement Bar. Bar tops are often thought of as utilitarian. Making a basement bar can allow you to play around with finishes and textures. Basement Mancave Remodel from The Makerista. Bring in a little shine with glass and metal components. If you only have a small space to work with, you don’t need to install a full bar.

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