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8. What could he do if things become unbearable? How can Cassius “shake off tyranny”? Symbolism: What are two possible ways to interpret the symbolism of the violent storm? A. 2, Close Reading Directions: Read the following passage from Act 1 and annotate your thoughts, ideas, and/or questions as you read. Since you are here, I assume you have read, seen, or experience the play. Is he being tricked? What are 2 human weaknesses mentioned about Caesar, by Cassius, found in lines 90-131? Does Caesar have any real impact on the action of the play? Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The lesson covers the following objectives: 11 chapters | What can we infer about Brutus’s thoughts when he states, “Into what dangers would you lead me, Cassius” (63)? What happens to Marrulus and Flavius, as stated in line 284? Full text, summaries, illustrations, guides for reading, and more. The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Act 1, Sc. 1. Support the development of close reading skills with this set of analysis questions on Act 5, scene 1, of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.To accommodate classroom and distance learning settings, materials are delivered as an editable Google Doc and as a Google Forms quiz that automatically grades multiple choice questions and includes feedback for constructed response questions. This quiz is designed to assess the first half of William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. It introduces Cassius as the villain who plays upon his doubts. Soothsayer vs. Caesar Soliloquy - speech by one, apostrophe Example: Caesar says a … 1 2 1. just as soon not exist 2. another human being (Caesar) 3. dressed in armor 4. a hero of the Trojan War; a founder of Rome who once carried his own father from the Murellus is infuriated by this information, and calls the workers, \"you blocks, you stones\" (1.1.34). Brutus. Persuasion: How does Cassius motivate Casca in lines 80-84? 2. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. What is the next step in his big plan to persuade Brutus? 6. Why, according to Cassius, should Brutus listen to him (65-78)? All rights reserved. | {{course.flashcardSetCount}} View Julius Caesar Guided Reading Questions.pdf from BIO 487 at Olentangy High School. Act I - Scene 1 (1.1): This scene is primarily for exposition and humor. 23. Study these questions and answers to help you prepare for an upcoming quiz or test. In lines 140-143 Cassius blames someone for the present state of things. 17. The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Act n William Shakespeare Pupil's Edition page 819 Elizabethan English BRUTUS: Peace! Write down your main talking points and document the page/line numbers of each text you will use to present your opinions in the seminar. This close reading assessment features 10 text-dependent, high-order questions to promote improved reading comprehension and analysis of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar (Act 1, Scene 1). 25. 22. What about the carpenter upsets Marullus? 19. This is the last time we see Marrulus and Flavius. 10. Scene 2 (1.2): The purpose of this scene is to show Brutus’s doubts. Sciences, Culinary Arts and Personal Write Brutus’s statement from line 163 here. She also questions a soothsayer for news of Caesar's whereabouts. Julius Caesar: Act 1: Study Questions Flashcards | Quizlet JULIUS CAESAR evention 2017 STUDY GUIDE About this study guide The Colorado Shakespeare Festival will send actors to your school soon as part ... Julius Caesar is an excellent choice of reading material for senior high school students. 18. 1. 16. Describe the changes that occur in the friendship between Cassius and Brutus. How does Cassius persuade Brutus to doubt or distrust Caesar? This area will be used by the assessor to leave comments related to this criterion. Caesar vs. Brutus 2. Julius Caesar Reading Questions A bit of background to clarify the opening of the play: Julius Caesar, one of greatest military generals in Roman history, has just defeated his rival Pompey in a civil war that had lasted for five years. How does Cassius react differently than most Romans to the storm? 3, lines 228-237)--prove disastrous to the conspirators' cause. 1. barren (adj) unable to have children 2. blunt (adj) direct, to the point (to the point of rudeness) 3. conspirator (n) one who is involved in a secret plan 4. countenance (n) face 5. encompass (v) to surround or include 6. Internal Conflict: What does Brutus mean in line 45, where he says he is “with himself at war”? Personal vs. public responsibility: Throughout the play, Brutus comes across opportunities to seize power, but he always weighs them against his belief in the “general good.” What does Caesar think about this general good? What is the pun on the word “soles”? © copyright 2003-2020 Study.com. From the speech he makes, who has Marullus‟s support: Pompey or Caesar? Can't change a rubric once you've started using it. {{courseNav.course.mDynamicIntFields.lessonCount}} lessons What needs to be done? 's' : ''}}. Reading Pointers for Sharper Insights As you read, look for the themes and elements described below. The cobbler makes many playful remarks. This covers some of the most important material from … Before his death? Julius Caesar Act 1 Close Reading #1 Directions: Read the quote below and analyze the significance of this quote. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Act 1, Scene 1 of Julius Caesar establishes the Roman setting of the play and introduces several characters. Go home and put on their best clothes. Shakespeare’s account of the Roman general Julius Caesar’s murder by his friend Brutus is a meditation on duty. He is destroyed just after proclaiming his magnificence and indestructibility. What do we learn of Brutus’s character in lines 82-89? 1. B. Act 1 Scene 1: What are the people doing that angers Marullus and Flavius? 4. Note the following in the scene.1. count the clock. You will receive your score and answers at the end. Why, according to Casca, do the conspirators need Brutus on their side (157-160)? B. Any major changes could affect their assessment results. Year Published: 0 Language: English Country of Origin: England Source: White, R.G. 20. Learners engage in the language of the story and understand what the vocabulary and context of what they're reading (includes page numbers for students to easily find the words in context of the novel).INCLUDED (20 words total):★ 20 1, lines 254-261), and deciding to risk all in one battle at Philippi (Act 4, Sc. What is ironic about the timing of Caesar's murder (in relation to the preceding events)? Where does this scene take place? C. It occurs just after a great storm and earthquake. Start studying Julius Caesar: Act 5 - Reading Response Questions. 13. 3. Where does this scene take place? What is a soothsayer? What do Marrulus and Flavius propose to do in lines 64-70? Study Questions 1. 2. After his death? • The visit of the conspirators to Brutus in Act 2, Scene 1. Name:_____ Julius Caesar Study Guide: Act I Vocabulary: Write down the definition for each of the following vocab words from Act I. ACT Reading Practice Test 68: Social Science - Julius Cadsar and the Fall of the Roman Republic. By engaging in this exercise, students will analyze character motivations, examine word choices to discern meaning, draw logical inferences about the significance of given details, analyze details to … Who? Julius Caesar Study Questions and Answers. Act I, sc ii 1. 27. 26. 15. Read a character analysis of Brutus, plot summary, and important quotes. Antony vs. Casca 4. Paraphrase Cassius’s soliloquy in lines 308-322. Stand along the sides of the street to get ready for Caesar's procession. Julius Caesar Vocabulary for Act 2 contains 20 words from the text. A. Act 1 Reading Questions for Julius Caesar. What role does tradition play in Julius Caesar? CASSIUS: The clock hath stricken three. 12. This ACT reading practice is provided by CrackACT.com. Julius Caesar: Study Questions with Answers Act 1 1) Why are the tribunes Flavius and Marullus so upset at the opening of the play? ed. Why does this anger them? Julius Caesar Close Reading Passage and Questions from Act 1 Scene 1. by. Study Guide for Julius Caesar. MULTIPLE CHOICE STUDY GUIDE/QUIZ QUESTIONS - Julius Caesar. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Julius Caesar and what it means. What reason does Brutus give in his soliloquy for killing Caesar? 11. Act III, scene i: (Rome--before the Capitol) Caesar ignores the warnings of Calphurnia and two others and goes to the Capitol. The 4. They demand to know why the men are not working. English, science, history, and more. 3. In Scene I, what do Flavius and Marcellus want the commoners to do? Act 1, Scene 1 of Julius Caesar establishes the Roman setting of the play and introduces several characters. 1. He tells Caesar that people will think Caesar is a coward if he doesn’t go to the Senate House. !4 A cobbler informs them that the people are celebrating Caesar's victory. Julius Caesar Act 1: Socratic Seminar Questions For each question below, please respond thoughtfully and find specific passages from the play to support your opinions. He says the senate may change their minds about giving Caesar a crown.

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