is kirby good in smash ultimate

Mike Kirby recently did commentary for a New York event. You have to grind hundreds of hours into the fundamentals and execution in the game to start debating the overall strength of one characters kit against the rest of the cast. Kirby has been a fighter in the Smash games since the Nintendo 64, and of course, is in Ultimate, too. Earlier this week when Steve and Alex were announced as the new reps in Super Smash Bros. It will take you time but it’s really worth it, it sends your opponent at a pretty good angle and you get a free edgeguard, Don't suck, and use more Ariels, that's important. - Page 2. Ultimate tier match ups. Up B doesn't clip to ledge immediately so try jumping or air dodging. Related: Smash Ultimate tips and tricks Any Melee player will also be aware that while Fox and Marth are very good, and Puff is OK, the secret S-tier best character in that game was Kirby, provided you could get a Falco hat for him. Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch, ... Super Smash Bros. There is also a Kirby tutorial I recommend checking out by Juggleboy on YT. Ultimate can be found on the character’s information page. Kirby has an excellent, edgeguard, and pressure game, but sadly that's about it. kirby's got a lot of jumps, but he's also light and will be punished if you run low on jumps and air dodge, HARD. Works everytime. Don't worry about falling; Instead play aggressive to wall characters with bad recovery. Works at low percents. Use his down smash to 2 frame people. It is hard to pull of but if you hit the bottom of Kirby's n-air you can meteor smash them 90%-999%, Kirby is really easy to master. Don't spam his specials. Forward Tilt is almost always a better alternative to jab. Kirbys biggest weakness is his range, especially against swordsmen. Ultimate, first playable in Super Smash Bros. Hammer Flip (Side + B) – Delivers a powerful hammer attack that can launch foes. Kirby has lots of combo potential because of his frame data and combo game, but pulling off a devastating combo is hard to do because of Kirby's range Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "What's your opinion on Kirby's representation in Smash?" Kirby May Be Able To Take An Easy Stock with Kirbicide but you may have had an advantage and you just brought both damage to 0 and it can be anyones game. Snake - 3.6 Vote for tiers. In every game except Smash 64 (He is ranked #2 beside Pikachu.) Final Cutter (Up + B) – Jumps high into the air, striking on the way up and on the way down. Kirby is known for being a small lightweight, being tied for the eighth lightest character in the game. Creates a shock wave when landing. At low percents, Downthrow - Fair is a true combo, and at mid percents, multiple fairs can combo into each other, so use this on poor recovery characters to carry them off stage. No character is going to be totally useless as long as you're the better player in the matchup. Try to use down special to intercept a juggle. He has some surprising matchups being able to swing with the big boys, but his weight also means even weaker hits can take him out. He is usually F or D tier. Feel free to call me Ecula, I made this account almost a decade ago and that's what I go by everywhere else. Can then copy opponent’s ability or spit them out as a star. Succ little mac and fall off stage. In Smash 4, Kirby's hammer gets charged, and even takes self-damage if you hold it for too long. Play a very cautious yet agressive playstyle. Learn how to use the opponent’s neutral specials. Dangerous when fully charged. For Super Smash Bros. Wii Fit Trainer - 6.1 Worst Match. Here are the reasons to use Kirby as your main. I want Don-Chan and Rover in Smash. Kirby continues to be a favorite among Smash players. Abuse his combo game. Zelda, Ganondorf, Jigglypuff, Roy, etc.) The only helpful situation to use Down-B is edgeguarding King K. Rool through his propeller. Heavies at 0% percent can get chain grabbed by forward throwing into fair and follow up with a grab into another fair or dair. You're ignoring that Kirby cant suck up things that are bigger than him. Kirby has lots of combo potential because of his frame data and combo game, but pulling off a devastating combo is hard to do because of Kirby's range. Or anybody in really (except Olimar). His aerials are all pretty solid and his tilts and smash attacks are all good as well. Can you activate Palutena's Guidance in an online match? He also has an amazing kill move in his F-smash, killing most characters from center stage below 100 percent.

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