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They grow up to a height of 8m or 26 feet. Six (6) stalks of Lucky Bamboo - symbolizes "Luck". Depending on the species, the usage of bamboo for a value product varies. Read benefits of this Feng Shui wonder, as elucidated by Dr.Rupa Batra. Also, it is advised to place the bamboo plant with light green stems as it signifies happiness and greenery, and not the one with the yellow or dark green stems. 5)The use of wind chimes made of Bamboo, along with the lucky bamboo plant is also preferable as it makes the surroundings calm and positive. Meditate upon these proverbs, and keep them in mind as you strive for spiritual growth or pursue a project in landscape architecture. Lucky Bamboo is the most popular Feng Shui product. The Spruce / Letícia Almeida The different number of bamboo sticks represent different types of blessings. Did you know that Lucky Bamboo Plant works best when gifted to someone? Artificial Cactus and Succulents Pebbles . Two (2) stalks of Lucky Bamboo - signifies expression of love. Considered a symbol of good luck and fortune, this plant could be commonly found in shops and homes. The bamboo plant holds a special significance in Hindu mythology. It also brings along natural elements of water, fire, earth, wood and metal into balance within the environment. Bamboo can grow to full size in just 3-4 months, compared to standard trees which can take 30+ years to grow. Most important, bamboo is renewable. It can also be harvested without the death of the crop. More than 5,000 years ago, tree houses in China were constructed of bamboo, foreshadowing the important role bamboo would eventually play in the construction industry. The Asian and Australasian Journal of Plant Science and Biotechnology ©2009 Global Science Books Traditional Uses, Economic Importance and Ecological Services of Meloccana baccifera Roxb. Erosion can devastate and ultimately destroy soil and render it dead. The ancient system of spatial arrangement says a great part of the luck believed to be associated with the lucky bamboo is … So, if … Bamboo has been used for thousands of years by many different cultures around the world. It is considered the best gift to give to businessmen while a lucky bamboo with two stalks is lucky for the ones getting married or going to start a new life. They can be grown easily indoors or outdoors. A single stalk is symbolic of a long and wealthy life. Ten (10) stalks of Lucky Bamboo - represents completion and perfection. First of all, it is a plant of diversified use. Bamboo provides us with a sustainable resource from which to produce wood for construction and product purposes. It brings three kinds of luck to you: Happiness (Fu), Long Life (Soh) and Wealth (Lu). It promises one good luck, prosperity, happiness, and raises one’s standard of living. Bamboo plant is considered the most auspicious one that is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to homes. HERE’S A LOOK AT 15 interesting uses of the bamboo plant: 1. will be discussed. Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant on earth. The fertilizers can be added any time during the year. In fact, many species only flower at intervals as long as 65 or 120 years. According to Feng Shui, the lucky bamboo plant should be placed as such that it is in contact with all the five major elements- Earth, Wood, Water, Fire, and Metal. So, if you have a wide step in your staircase, it is advised to keep the lucky bamboo plant there. Significance of lucky bambo by dr rupa batra. Five (5) stalks of Lucky Bamboo - represents wealth. These could be bamboo cotton buds, bamboo bottles and cups, bamboo drinking straws, bamboo toothbrushes, bamboo toilet paper and more. Very little waste. 1. The importance of the plant also depends on the number of its stems: Two stalks of the plant represent love. "The more stalks in the planter, the greater the blessing of good fortune and luck.". The common names of lucky bamboo are Sander's dracaena, ribbon dracaena, lucky bamboo, curly bamboo, Chinese water bamboo, Goddess of Mercy's plant, Belgian evergreen, and ribbon plant. The importance of the number of stalks. During the first few months, watering should be done on a regular basis because the bamboo plants take time to establish in the soil. Bamboo is a very common tree which is found mainly in Asia and Africa. Internationally renowned Vaastu, Feng Shui and Nameology Expert Dr.Rupa Batra explains how placing a Lucky Bamboo plant can turn things around in your life. Lucky bamboo is an indoor plant that is attractive, popular, and easy to care for. The importance of plants lies in their great contribution to human life and the environment. Wealth called Lu, and long life called as Soh. The common houseplant that most people refer to as lucky bamboo is not actually bamboo. 1.1 BAMBOO PLANT FAMILY If you see a bamboo plant carefully, it will look like a large form of the grass that you see commonly in the parks or gardens. Lucky Bamboo is the most popular Feng Shui product. The three stalks of the bamboo plants bring happiness and luck while the one with five stalks promotes health. The quantity of stalks, as per tradition, determines the kinds of energy the plant is said to emit into one's home and life. Lucky bamboo with 7 stalks is a sign of good health. Benefits of Bamboo Plant Originated in Southeast Asia, lucky bamboo is an easy to care houseplant which has its significance in both feng shui and Vastu Shastra. It is a tropical water lily type of plant that is widely preferred by people due to its unmatched benefits: Bamboo helps to keep the environment clean. Bamboo, (subfamily Bambusoideae), subfamily of tall treelike grasses of the family Poaceae, comprising more than 115 genera and 1,400 species. Not only in Hindus, but this plant also holds special significance in Vastu also. Hence, He is termed as Vansidhar as well. 1)Bamboo plant has a life span of 400-500 years, so this plant is symbolic of longevity. It's also considered to be an auspicious plant that brings good luck according to the principles of feng shui and vastu shastra. The trees are extremely tall and are usually found in the rural areas and near water bodies. However, it is recommended to apply the fertilizers after harvesting and before irrigating the plants. Here are a handful of illuminating quotes about bamboo to help capture the importance of this highly revered plant. The bamboo trees are known for being tall poles. An easy way to fulfill such requirements is by placing the plant in a glass flask in water and soil, tied with a red ribbon. When you plant lucky bamboo in a ceramic pot, with a metal trim, tied with red ribbon, it represents all these 5 elements together. Family life can be improved greatly with this seven stalked bamboo plant. After harvesting, virtually every part of the plant is used to make a wide variety of … The leaves of a bamboo plant … Hence, if placed in the room of a person suffering from various ailments, it is believed to give him or her a speedy recovery. The bamboo forest area of Mizoram constitutes 14% of the total of India’s bamboo area i.e. Of utmost importance is correct daily sunlight exposure. The number of stalks on the Lucky Bamboo plant has different meanings, significance and benefits. It is believed to be a symbol of good luck. However, it is advised not to buy one with the four stalks as it is considered to bring bad luck. It also helps that they have a well-earned reputation as nearly indestructible; these tough stalks can survive in vases of pure water or in containers of soil, and in a wide variety of light conditions. Having said that, here’re 2 vital areas where you can locate or place the feng shui lucky bamboo plant: East: When placed in East, the lucky bamboo plant helps attract awesome health for family members. When placed in the correct pot, this easy care plant can introduce fire and metal for a complete balance of the five elements. Uses of Bamboo. The importance of Timber Bamboo is high as its benefits are more and so are Timber Bamboo Facts.Every gardener must look for the required information on this plant before planting it. Other bamboos such as the Yellow Bamboo is more likely used as ornamental bamboo or for fine handicrafts. Four (4) stalks of Lucky Bamboos - the word four in Chinese language sounds very similar to the word used for death. Witness the joy a living tree like a huge Bamboo Palm brings to colleagues walking into a reception area that it inhabits, or the peaceful sleep a Snake Plant, Peace Lily or Spider Plant in a bedroom can help foster. One of such is the Lucky bamboo plant. When you want your dreams to come true and have goals to achieve, this is of great help. Actually, bamboo belongs to the same grass family which is called Gramineae (also called Poaceae, Fig. 7 Stalks: 7 is always considered to be a lucky number. This number of stalks is also said to double your luck. The plant known as bamboo to the entire world has been around and used for centuries. Feng Shui It has no preservatives or additives. He always kept that bamboo flute with Him hence bamboo is also symbolic of friendship. plants have luscious leaves. Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant in the world, and there are about 1,500 known species. Because of its sturdy root structure, it is a symbol of prosperity in Japan. Some are believed to bring luck while others promise one’s longevity. Bamboo plant Bamboos are a group of woody perennial evergreen plants in the true grass family Poaceae. Bamboo is a very strong plant. Growing Tips. As bamboo plants are heavy feeders, even rich soils would become depleted after couple of years, if fertilizers are not applied. Most important, bamboo is renewable. In the case bamboo, floor, walls and roof are interconnected and often rely on the other for overall stability. Eight (8) stalks of Lucky Bamboo - means to grow and thrive. Importance of Timber Bamboo. For years, people were told to run into the bamboo groves in the event of an earthquake, because the bamboo's strong root structure would hold the earth together. Bamboo … 2. Unlike hardwood trees, bamboo regrows after harvesting, just as grass regrows after cutting. Once flowering takes place, a plant declines and often dies entirely.

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