yamaha hs5 vs jbl 305p mkii reddit

Yamaha HS5 4.8/5. It’s still got the same Kevlar woven driver and 1-inch silk dome tweeter that we love. what does you think about my pc part list, I need a budget phone (~ $180) recommendation with a good camera, What is the difference in speed between 3800-C14 and 3600-C14 and 3600-C16? 15. Ein0r I have decided on getting one of these have to choose with one or the other. Aakash_Ram Read our full Yamaha HS5 review for more detailed information. amp of 75W with a high freq. Ive heard that HS5 accept unbalanced signals better than JBL. However, because I spend a lot of time listening to music, do you think I should choose JBL? In comparison: JBL 305P MkII 5" ranks #11 out of 100. Both are available in a similar price range, at least at the moment. This makes the available sweet spot more generous allowing for easy placement on your work surface. Started 21 minutes ago Started 12 minutes ago Ram/Processor/Motherboard or something else is at fault I cant diagnose anymore any suggestions on where to go next? 305P MkII Powered 5" Two-Way Studio Monitor The next-generation 3 series MkII powered studio monitors makes legendary JBL performance available to every studio. So I'm considering the JBL 305P MkII or the JBL 308P MkII. Posted in Troubleshooting, By Never faced a problem; on such budgets a slightly flatter responce won't amount to much. I need to play at 'tv volume,' and monitors would be used approx. The budget I have is about 300 € and I have seen that my dominant choices are the Yamaha Hs5 and the JBL LSR305p MKII. About front ported monitors, if you can afford them, Focal Alpha 50 are very good, otherwise you can consider the "Fluid Audio F5" and if you are in Europe Swissonic ASM 5 or ASM 7 and RCF Ayra 5. Get ready for JBL LSR305 vs Yamaha HS5! Started 7 minutes ago I don't have any experience with the hs5, but I can definitely say I love my 305s. Unless you got money to blow. So Yamaha HS5, while being a cheaper option, tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than the $438 JBL 305P MkII, as seen on the chart below. I realize this may be overkill but have decided I want to go this route. customer reviews: 4.6 Read reviews . Sign up for a new account in our community. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Yamaha HS5 is a more popular studio monitor, based on its reviews. Posted in New Builds and Planning, By Posted in New Builds and Planning, By Balance is not as refined as other options with a … Main PC: Corsair 900D (shared) | Asus TUF X299 MARK 1 | 7900X | RTX 2080ti + GT 1050 | Trident Z (4x8GB) | 1TB 600p, 1TB EX920, 2TB 860 QVO | HX1200i, Media / Render PC: Corsair 900D (shared) | ASRock X399M | 1950X | GTX 1050 | Trident Z (4x8GB) | 1TB 660p | HX850, Capture PC: CR1080 | Asus X99-E | 6800K | GTX 1080 | Trident Z (4x8GB) | 1TB 860 EVO | Magewell HDMI 4K+, Avermedia 4K, Elgato HD60 Pro | HX750Full Room Watercooling: EK X3 400 | 2xKoolance PMP-500 | 4xEK SE560 | 16x Phanteks PH-F140MP  | EVGA 450 B3, Peripherals: Logitech G502 | Logitech G915 | Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 & Logitech MX Master 2s | Logitech MX Keys, Displays: Asus XG35VQ | LG 65UH6030 | Asus VH242H | BenQ GW2480 | HP 22CWA & Kenowa CNC-1080P & Asus VH242H Asus VC39H, Audio: RME Fireface UCX & RME Fireface UC & Scarlett 2i2 & Mackie ProFX12v2 | 2xYamaha HS5 | Yamaha HS8s | Sennheiser 598Full setup - PC Part Picker / Pics: https://pcpartpicker.com/b/ZrWD4D | https://imgur.com/gallery/ZinwY | https://imgur.com/gallery/yLcZ3 (Needs updating), You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Posted in Phones and Tablets, By I know Yamaha is more flat and better in translating sound. My dilemma exists because I have seen remarkable producers to use Yamahas. I can get the 5" for $165 each or the 8" for $261 each. I was ok the same decision and went for the jbl's because of in every comparison the jbls won against the yamahas. The JBL 305P MkII is the latest in a long line of quality studio monitors from JBL. The JBL 305P MKII, at its entry-level price (see current price), is another JBL product with high-quality sound reproduction capabilities. It's easy! Understand that it isn’t easy to write about the quality of sound of both these products or any other sounds systems for that matter, which is why I recommend that you do a sound testing when you are shopping for the product. This would not be a nearfield situation—i'd be playing 5-9' away from the speakers. They're really just Mk 1 & Mk 2 of the same speaker. So Yamaha HS7, while being a cheaper option, tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than the $398 JBL 308P MkII, as seen on the chart below. M Audio BX5 is popular as an affordable and budget-friendly alternative for people limited by budget. To run them properly you'll eventually want an interface which adds more cost, and while I believe my HS5 + HS8 sub combo sounds great for ingesting media they're best used to create it. Lately I'm interested in buying studio monitors. JBL 305P MKII - Enceinte de proximité | à partir de 116,00 € | Comparer les prix avec idealo.fr ! Posted in General Discussion, By rickje139 It’s remarkable what you can do with a very small increase in price. That’s where the JBL 305P MkII comes into the equation. Last update: August 13, 2019. The JBL 305p MkII is another excellent 5-inch studio monitor. Is it a good idea to power two GPUs with one 6+2 cable? aUser9 By Emma, in Studio monitors. Check Latest Price. Fuck JBL and their "new" hissing 305p MKII. So Yamaha HS7 tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than JBL 305P MkII, as seen on the chart below. I suggest also checking out the Mackie MR624's, been hearing a lot good about them lately. JBL 305P MkII Review. Or should I buy Logitech z906 vs Logitech … burmort bit March 4, 2018 Reply. Increase price by 50%, make it shiny and people will buy it. Also, the difference in price is small so I would like to make the best choice.

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