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Documenting my thoughts and some hitting of the Wilson Staff Tour Blade 6 iron. A row of diamonds border the grooves, a throwback to Wilson irons of the past. Great, solid feel and surprisingly high playability. The only loft that matches modern clubs is the sand wedge at 56*, but it has a whopping … He holds a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Wayne State University. This club would be introduced alongside the Staff persimmon woods, which featured aluminum face inserts, and would go on to be the top woods in the sport. Their golf clubs include drivers, fairway clubs, hybrids, irons, wedges and putters. I was getting good, consistent length without swinging too hard and the manoeuvrability of the racquet was also good. I'm58 yrs … Wore out the grooves in first set and seemed to hit the same. ULTRA System 45 (dots in Cavity) 1992. Wilson doesn’t have the bounce specs on their site. I strayed to Pings in the 1980s, but returned to Fat Shafts when they came out, and now I play FG62s. Wilson is one of these major brands and their popularity within the sport increases with each passing year. I consider my cb’s quite forgiving & easy to hit. Stunning. The profile is a classic muscle back, but the shaping of the lower portion has a distinctly modern look. Stronger and lighter than wood, … I love everything about the look of the Wilson Staff Model Blades. All Rights Reserved.. Matt is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Plugged In Golf. . The Wilson Staff Model Blades have a mid-spin profile that makes them playable for a wide variety of swings. As good as the Wilson Staff Model Blades look at address, I think they look even better in the bag. A CLASH IN EVERY HAND. Although the history is not entirely clear, most people believe that the classic Bullseye shape started with the 1946 John Letters Golden Goose putter. Your email address will not be published. Overgrips Replacement Grips. Wilson Blade 98 18×20. Custom Rackets Clash | CONTROL Blade | FEEL Ultra | POWER Pro Staff | PRECISION Burn | BASELINER Recreational & Beginner Junior & Kids. I looked for a smooth looking iron for around a year to replace my overpriced titliest blades, and found it immediately with the new Wilson’s… I went into shock at first really Wilson have created this beautiful masterpiece.. And priced fairly.. congratulations Wilson finally sticking to your over priced competitors. 1971 – The Wilson Staff 8802 model gets a black chrome finish, but retains its D8802 designation. The following two tabs change content below. The Wilson Staff golf department came into existence in 1914 after the emergence of Walter Hagen as a major sporting personality in the United States. This has the Fluted Shaft and... more the Wilson crest on the sole. Further innovations were made with nanotechnology in 2004, with the Deep Red driver in 2003, with the Ci6 irons in 2006 and the Di7 irons in 2007. $49.95. NEW FIBA 3x3 Official Game Basketball 2020-21 WILSON WTB0533XB2020. Famous for its innovative use of new technology in their range of racquets, Wilson is a company that every player knows. Wilson Blade Tennis Racquets Like the Pro Staff family, the Blade series is loaded with precision and feel, but they also have a modern and spin-friendly side. I still have my Staff blades from 1979 and still dig them out from time to time. The Blade family is also home to some of the thinner and more flexible beams in Wilson… NEW OPTX AVP Game Volleyball WILSON WTH00020XB. Infinite Putter West Loop WILSON … ... Why not replace it with a Wilson Staff D100 7 … Wilson Staff Model Blade, Ping Blueprint, TaylorMade PT71 or Mizuno MP 20 MB? Hitting a pure shots is extremely rewarding, producing a solid feel and a robust impact sound. Unfortunately trying to find a demo iron is not so easy (come on Wilson!). These new irons revolutionized clubs in the United States, moving the weight of the club away from the heel and to the ball-striking sweet spot of the head. If you want something that’s more challenging to hit, the Staff Model Blades are it. The best-known Titliest drivers are the TS drivers, which wer... World number 1 Dustin Johnson capped off of what must be called a car... Collin Morikawa continues to break records as the 23 year old claimed... Wilson Staff is the popular golf division of Wilson Sporting Goods. I hate to say it, but one factor in my love of Wilson irons is simply the way they look. Early History. What earns them such high praise is the way they blend classic and modern elements. I hopefully will be in the market for some new irons this next spring and these are definitely going to be one of my top interest. After his U.S. Open win, a need for a major golfing brand was inherent in the U.S. market. Let’s start with the playing position. $159.95. At address, these irons have the exact silhouette that a blade player wants: compact length, thin top line, virtually no offset. “A blade is truly the jewelry of the golf industry, and you just need extra time to get all the surfaces particularly right, particularly clean. I’ve been a single marker for years also a blade man through and through.. I’ve been, other than to try a different set here and there, using Titleist 695mb’s and 710mb’s ever since each was released flipping back and forth between the two depending on which one I could find in the best condition and a decent price after I wore out the groves on my previous set. Infinite Putter Windy City - Women's WILSON W9030W. In actual fact, I have been trying out the newly-redesigned Wilson Staff 8802 putter. Ordered one with the shaft I want and grip I like though. In the grand scheme of golf equipment, the Wilson Staff Model Blades are just that: blades. Welcome Back. Your email address will not be published. 2010-2011 Federer used the Wilson Six One Tour 90 BLX (black/red) and in 2012 he switched to the Wilson BLX Pro Staff Six One 90 (white/red). With more consistent swing weight, each club will feel similar and that should lead to confidence with every iron in the set. Finally, the attention to detail really comes through in the stylish placement of the iron numbers, tipping just slightly off the edge of the thin sole. Model Reviewed: Wilson Staff Tour Blade Fg17 On my second set of tour blades over the last 35 yrs. relationship to the blade's sweetspot, which seems to run closer to the heel. BLADE 98 (16x19) V7 Tennis Racket Frame WILSON WR013611U2. Either I was middling everything (unlikely) or these are far more forgiving than have any right to be. Matthew Fortuna is a full-time freelance writer with a journalism degree from Wayne State University, living in the Detroit metropolitan area. Copyright © 2020 Plugged In Golf. They are slightly higher spinning than most cavity back irons because skilled players want that spin as a means to shaping their shots. JP Wilson Staff 1991-93. 100 Years of Wilson Awesomeness Wilson has been in the golf industry for 100 years making it the winningest iron brand in golf history.

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