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One finds happiness in accomplishing ordinary duties, appreciates peace at home, and shows tolerance in all fields. If your sign is Leo or your Ascendant is Leo: you are proud, determined, strong-willed, loyal, solemn, generous, ambitious, courageous, heroic, conquering, creative, confident, seductive, happy, daring, fiery, majestic, honest, magnanimous, charismatic, responsible, noble, dramatic but also domineering, vain, susceptible, bossy, stubborn, intolerant, self-centred, violent, quick-tempered, nonchalant. Let�s not exaggerate! One always listens to one's instincts. the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. The planet Uranus symbolizes originality, independence and cerebral energy bursting suddenly. Its interpretation is controversial, because certain astrologers pay no attention to it. This does not exclude faithfulness and long-term attachment, of course. You want to project the image of a moral person, inhabited by a natural sense of justice and fairness. It is the image of the personality seen by others and the person's visible behaviour expressed outwardly. More than anyone, you understand and you integrate the rules of the game and the specificity of each situation. The 2nd, 1st and 8th houses are the most prominent ones in your birth chart. Astrology.com.au is all about Astrology, Horoscopes, Love, Romance, Compatibility and Live Psychics. You are actually very sensitive when it comes to love. It symbolizes man's primitive nature, the horror hidden in our deepest self; masochism, extreme sensuality, impulsiveness, irrationality and excess. For more information, see the page dedicated to the sign of Capricorn. According to the Tradition, this planet rules the Arts, and you are endowed with some degree of artistic dispositions, ranging from good to excellent. Swift was born in Reading, Pennsylvania and moved to Nashville, Tennessee at the age of fourteen to pursue a career in country music. Countries: Portugal, Scandinavia, small Mediterranean islands, Gobi desert, Sahara. However, other astrological elements also influence these areas. Or else, the will to follow a personal path off the beaten path and to build a specific destiny for yourself. They do not influence your personality, unless they are involved in numerous aspects or when they emphasize a personal point of your natal chart such as your Ascendant�s ruler, an angular planet, i.e. Food: root vegetables: carrots, celeriac, kohlrabies, potatoes etc... Also dried fruits such as chestnuts. Cities: Rome, Prague, Bombay, Madrid, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, Bath, Bristol, Portsmouth, Syracuse, Damas. You often take the initiative in your amorous encounters that are likely to take place during your holidays or business trips. Hard-working, flexible, and honest character. Your qualities are expressed to the fullest in situations which demand familiarity and privacy. Her element is water, she is cold and moist, she rules Cancer, is in exaltation in Taurus and is in analogy with the stomach. You also revel in underlining the limits of explanations you deem too common. It is the chart's fifth angle, so to speak, less important than the other angles. Food: meat and especially red meat, rice, honey, cereals, grapes, iron-rich vegetables: watercress, spinach etc. a planet near the Ascendant, the Midheaven, the Nadir or the Descendant. It is in analogy with Gemini and Mercury. One may also be an excellent acrobat. This configuration allows you to efficiently cope with crises. Nothing is ever granted. With Mercury among your dominant planets, you are certainly cerebral, nervous, swift, curious, quick-witted, and you love to communicate. Taylor Alison Swift (born December 13, 1989) is an American singer-songwriter. Pisces governs the feet and the blood circulation. The positive side of each personality is deliberately stressed. It's a succedent and quite important house. A lasting relationship must offer its daily quantity of new events. There is accurate birth data for Calvin. It's no wonder Taylor is such a shining star in so many ways. It is supported by an ingenuity and a skilfulness that may turn you into a mighty and feared personality. They do not influence your personality, unless they are involved in numerous aspects or when they emphasize a personal point of your natal chart such as your Ascendant�s ruler, an angular planet, i.e. You follow all things through and your obstinacy is nice to see, particularly when your undertakings are not wrong, which seldom happens thanks to your immense insight that is almost that of a medium. Jupiter represents expansion and power, benevolence, large vision and generosity. 2nd Earth sign - 2nd Mutable sign - Feminine, In analogy with Mercury, her ruler, and the 6th house. Countries: England, France, Germany, Denmark. Cancer governs the stomach and the breast. Your solar and Venusian signs have in common a discovering mind. It is safer to avoid being taken in a conflict with you because you may be very aggressive and you bear grudges. If your sign is Capricorn or your Ascendant is Capricorn: you are serious, cold, disciplined, patient, focused, thoughtful, ambitious, indomitable, cautious, lucid, persistent, provident, steady, introverted, stern, wilful, hard-working, responsible, persevering, honest, realistic, loyal, reserved, resolute, moralistic, quiet, rigorous, attached and reliable. Planets represent typologies of our human psychology: sensitivity, affectivity, ability to undertake, will-power, mental process, aptitude, and taste for communication etc., all independent character facets are divided here for practical reasons. The world amazes you, amuses you sometimes, and stimulates your curiosity. You search for wisdom, sometimes at the cost of some degree of solitude. You are individualistic (maybe too much?) You have an obvious and strong will to charm and to arouse the attachments without which you cannot properly function. The sign in which a planet is posited is like a character whose features are modified according to the place where he lives. Taylor Swift Astrology Chart. It is not possible to cheat on you. You are rather autonomous and constant, however it is important that you pay more attention to others, so that you can improve your outcomes. A golden heart beats under your tough and austere appearance... Cancer is one of your dominant signs and endows you with imagination and exceptionally shrewd sensitivity. With Mars, your attitudes are dictated by the realities of the moment, by your emotions, and by everything which proved to have worked in the past. With Scorpio as a dominant sign, you are a strong and astute person, complicated and passionate, sometimes destructive and intolerant, but strong-willed, tough and daring, sometimes bordering on aggressive. Your nature is marked by a constant concern for elevation and evolution. The Lunar type, imaginative and sensitive? If in the natal chart, the Moon is in conjunction with this degree, it heralds honours and unexpected riches which are far above one's original social status. Definitely, enthusiasm, euphoria, and exaltation. Tenacious, passionate, and agile character. For more information, see the page dedicated to Venus. You need to take action and to fight for your projects and your desires. It is in analogy with Leo and the Sun. Same data in "Inside Taylor Nation: True Encounters with Taylor Swift" by Sarah Oliver, pg. Snakes are cold-blooded: you remain in control of your actions, even and especially when you are in a difficult situation. Your assets? The Eastern hemisphere � the left part, around the Ascendant � is linked to your ego and your willpower, whereas the Western hemisphere indicates how other people influence you, and how flexible you are when you make a decision. N.B. It is in analogy with Sagittarius and Jupiter. It was invented by Alfred Witte, founder of the famous Hamburg School, and by his student, Friedrich Sieggrün. This keen interest in the Unknown sharpens your inter-relational skills. Some traditional associations with Capricorn: the hazelnut tree... List of all the celebrities born on December 13. One is detached from materialistic concerns and concentrates on intellectual, artistic, or religious undertakings. In love, your attitude may surprise and disconcert your partner. Since you instinctively perceive people's intents and motivations, as you swim in the complexity of human nature, you feel in your element. The first step is to evaluate the importance of each planet. You are sensitive to human matters and, at the same time, your need for independence prompts you to transform and to reinvent your sentimental life. Gemini governs the arms, the lungs and the thorax. Ceres, the biggest of the four minor asteroids used besides Chiron, is associated with the mythological goddess of growing plants and harvest and also symbolizes physical constitution, vitality and fertility. You are active, dynamic, willing to fight, courageous, and you are never afraid to move mountains, even though risks are part of the adventures that you start with determination. The sign positions of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto have a collective meaning. The Venusian type, charming and seductive? Pluto is our deepest instincts� brutal force. If your sign is Pisces or your Ascendant is Pisces: you are emotional, sensitive, dedicated, adaptable, nice, wild, compassionate, romantic, imaginative, flexible, opportunist, intuitive, impossible to categorized, irrational, seductive, placid, secretive, introverted, pleasant, artistic, and charming. She is known for narrative songs about her personal life, which have received widespread media coverage. You need to love in order to understand, and to feel in order to take action, to the detriment of a certain vulnerability against which you should learn to fight. There will be no boredom in your relationship where passion will be expressed with all the violence and the thirst for the absolute that inhabit you. You need security, but you are also stubborn, rigid, possessive, spiteful, materialistic, fixed or slow. It is impossible to tame this energy, given its essence. Pluto is the only possibility we have at our disposal to overcome our inner blocks and to eliminate outgrown situations that have become inextricable. This innate intuition might explain the strokes of good luck which the Neptunian is sometimes credited with. TAYLOR SWIFT ASTROLOGY. For more information, see the page dedicated to Mercury. You are, by nature, an active person, Taylor Swift. It constitutes your main asset to manage your life. The ruler of your Ascendant is in the same sign as your Ascendant. Then, the seriousness with which you manage your life can but bear fruit. For more information, see the page dedicated to the Arabian parts. All careers in science and ornithology are very favoured. You sometimes blindly follow your intuitions, searching for an opportunity to make a profit or an acquisition. If it is not offset by other influences in your natal chart, you may not have an iron will. In the end, you'll never be accused of being sad, phlegmatic or a killjoy! Aggressive, quarrelsome, and nasty character. Food: the same strong tasting food as for Aries: red meat, garlic, onions, leeks, spices. It was invented by Alfred Witte, founder of the famous Hamburg School, and by his student, Friedrich Sieggrün. Play Taylor Swift’s “August” On Repeat, Because Your Monthly Horoscope Has Arrived by Roya Backlund Jul 30, 2020 at 9:20 am EDT Welcome to Leo season, y’all—and with it, welcome … It is actually far more complex. Saturn in Capricorn is in his own sign, and according to the Tradition, he is most potent and at his best: he increases your toughness, your seriousness, and above all, your long-term management capacities. For more information, see the page dedicated to Neptune. Countries: Switzerland, Greek islands, Ireland, Cyprus, Iran. On a more abstract level, you may have similar feelings regarding relationships: possessiveness and jealousy in the worst cases, but also faithfulness and durability. There are three types of dominants: dominant planets, dominant signs and dominant houses. Sometimes, you may be distant from, and indifferent to, love matters for a while, because you can be completely engrossed in original intellectual pursuits and the collective atmosphere which you are so fond of. Exaggeration also. Time and patience are part of their characteristics. Here's why. It is advised to read a portrait with hindsight in order to appreciate its astrological content. Animals: goats, pigs and animals with split hooves. Hades corresponds to intellectual rigour, service rendered to people, the purpose of being useful. The Sagittarius is … Proserpina is related to mysteries, revival and reconstruction, as well as cycles. the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. Animals: monkeys, butterflies, parrots, budgerigars. As one of the world’s premiere astrology sites, astrology.com.au provides a variety of astrological, psychic, spiritual and new-age information to … He readily listens to all argumentations, even to those he is not familiar with, and he has the ability to synthesize different logics. The Eleventh House is the sphere of friendship and protection, projects, search for social acceptance and security, collective and humanitarian actions. You have a deep affinity with the agent Earth. The ideal couple� All couples! Many people born in the same period have Uranus in the same sign. The planets usually analysed are the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, which means two luminaries (the Sun and the Moon) and 8 planets, a total of 10 planets. Animals: lions and felines in general. Life is easy, yet it is that of a sponger. It is true that you never want to be thought of the notable absentee, and that you manage to make people pay attention to you, as well as to your plans and your assessments. Kronos is a hypothetical trans-Neptunian planet, the existence of which is not proven. Inner certainties fuel an inflexible will and a desire to call attention on yourself as well as to follow your beliefs through. Therefore, some caution is to be exercised as you read what follows. Some traditional associations with Sagittarius: The Solar type, noble and charismatic? With her fifth album, the pop-focused 1989 (2014), she became the first act to have three albums sell a million copies within one week in the United States. At times, you come across as authoritarian. It is in analogy with Aquarius and Uranus, and Saturn to a lesser extent. Thus, a particular planet's influence may be significantly increased; a particular sign or house may contain a group of planets that will bring nuances and sometimes weaken the role of the Ascendant, of the Sun sign etc. This is the forte of Venus in Aquarius: overcoming the heart�s tumults is not within everyone�s reach! The Tenth House is the most important angular house along with the Ascendant. You may come across as cold and ambitious even though your comments are always sincere and practical. They form the Chinese Zodiac and symbolize the twelve paths of wisdom that are still valid nowadays. If the quest for a certain form of the absolute proves to be a powerful factor of creativity, your progression tolerates no easy solutions. A human being is a complex whole and only bodies of texts can attempt to successfully figure out all the finer points. You cannot refrain from testing others with cutting remarks, not because you want to hurt them, but because you want to know them better through their reaction; for you, life and the feeling of aliveness are experienced through rebellion and tension. You take action whenever it is necessary to do so, and you are present in a timely manner. Characterology: Emotive, Active, Primary type. Therefore, people are well-advised not to hound you into a corner. Far be it from you to take an interest in fancy projects or chimeras that appeal to a good many people! Taylor Swift, the nocturnal North-eastern quadrant, consisting of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd houses, prevails in your chart: this sector favours self-assertion and material security to the detriment of your perception of others. Air symbolizes the values of communication, exchanges with others, but also adaptability and flexibility abilities: if you don't get out of your cocoon to talk, to show interest in others, and to socialize, you may have problems understanding others. Neptune is in the 2nd House. It is likely that you never go unnoticed when you are in a crowd or a in reunion: an important 1st house suggests that you are a charismatic person with above average vital energy, especially if the Sun is present in this sector. Are you more of the Fire type, energetic and intuitive? For a woman, the Moon is almost as important as the Sun and the Ascendant. For more information, see the page dedicated to the sign of Scorpio. the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. The Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable modes are more or less represented in your natal chart, depending on planets' positions and importance, and on angles in the twelve signs. Some traditional associations with Taurus: When it is expressed positively, it prompts you to attribute a transcendental value to your actions, your thoughts, and your life. You seem to be constantly struggling for your self-assertion. N.B. Food: citrus fruits, apples, limes, dried fruits and easily preserved food. Chinese astrology is brought to us as a legacy of age-old wisdom and invites us to develop an awareness of our inner potential. It represents the grandparents, old people, scientists, knowledgeable men, Saturn corresponds to old age; it goes from 70 years old until death. Their interpretation must be regarded with the utmost caution, especially given the fact that different authors give different meanings to symbolic degrees. Another trait that comes from being a Sagittarius is the ability to turn things around after a relationship disaster. Zeus is a hypothetical trans-Neptunian planet, the existence of which is not proven. As far as you are concerned, you prefer to take advantage of your experiences in order to discover, to grow, and to question yourself. Actually the humid version of Mars, inclined to action like him.

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