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If you want to try what we’re doing to them stick a hook in your mouth rip your tongue out rip your cheek wide open and then go try to eat dinner. I’ve seen many spots get pressured harder than others by poachers, but hardly ever see the game warden. I see people take a fish and then throw it away or let it float down river when they get a bigger one. i been at this for 40 years open to close to open seasons form 16/inch to 38 inch its all about the money it became big business for all for state to government to tackle shops to on line 2 fish at 28 inch was nuts it made more money for ever one that make money from it now to 36 inch this will hurt all business that makes a livening from it too the fishermen who fish for stripers to throws that love to fish keep fishing it will come around again release all keep whats legal go to all regulation hearing clubs send your layers take a stand that your rights keep fighting but keep fishing. It’s be better to just do strict catch and release but that could never happen. Hasn’t occurred to me to have to protect my legal shore catch with a baseball bat. Period . striped bass are overfished and overfishing is occurring. Maybe massachusetts can do this in 2019 rather than wait a year. I also think that if this was the new rule that every salt water license should include at least 1 annual trophy tag for the fisherman who caught the fish of his or her life time and wanted the real fish mounted or did not survive the fight. The new size limits are the result of efforts to foster declining striped bass stocks along the eastern seaboard. I was in the Housy last night next to a kid who was obvious new to the game. Slotting the 28 to 35 makes most sense to me. We need to preserve this species to provide for future anglers. The trick is releasing those fish quickly (once you get them to the boat) and not keeping them out of the water too long.”. There is no Colorado River striped bass size limit, and the daily bag and possession limit is 10 fish. Anglers who use them usually hook the fish on the top or the corner of the mouth, allowing for a good catch and release. Statewide Regulations. Live eels are wicked expensive because of shortages. Hard-fighting fish weighing 40 pounds or more can be caught. All Rights Reserved, Striped Bass Scientists Look at Raising Size Limit. All I know is this, I’m going to catch a couple and bbq. Catch and release i say, How about just a slot limit 28-34, save the big breeders. The little ones are the males that aren’t as important. Description: (Anatomy of a Fish)The coloration of the dorsum ranges from deep olive to steel blue and gradients to a silvery abdomen flanked by 7 to 8 longitudinal dark stripes (sometimes broken) running from behind the gills to the base of the tail. Thats my honest opinion. A slot limit from 28-low30s, like applied to the reds in the SE, would be more effective, along with continued catch and release education to reduce mortality. It was quickly photographed and carefully released to hopefully spawn and recruit more health striped bass. 1 fish per day 22”-26” all States. CHANGES IN STRIPED BASS RECREATIONAL SIZE LIMITS May 18, 2000 For more information contact: Thomas Baum at 609-748-2020 A bill was recently signed into law modifying the recreational striped bass size limits for New Jersey waters. The southern states do more damage to the migration than the north because they have a longer striper season than us up here in the north. You morons. I know people will object to this on states rights etc but it doesn’t matter. So special with those tiny fish limits everybody should have the same 28 inches. One needs to look at the rest of the world to gain insite on this age old topic. Enforcement is hard but it would be a lot easier if it was as cut and dry, if you see someone with a fish its breaking the law. Bag Limits (per person) BLUE CRAB (F) Recreational crabbing Blue crab info. I watched a show on National Geographic which advocated why we should change our thinking and eat bugs and it would be healthy for us and good for the planet. And all the people fishing with rods and reels do the same it would reduce mortality rates unfortunately nobody knows the true story of what the actual mortar mortality rate is when a fish is hooked and brought aboard and then released. Applications for the 2020 SBBP are no longer available. Social media and I immigration is coming 2 a head on acc and I personally carry a aluminum bat with me on the bike or not.Wen someone tries 2 mug me on a comm day wrong !!!! It’s simple – 1. The commercial fishermen blame the recreational fisherman, and the recreational fishermen blame the commercial fishermen for over fishing. I also think the commercial sector should have to fish a slot limit as well. Most catch and release. Or Maybe we should try the same is redfish nothing smaller than 21 nothing larger than 28 inches . If you were on a deserted island size limit, catch limit, slot size, etc wouldn’t matter anymore. the limit, 28, 35, whatever, should be universal. It weighed 30 pounds, he said. I also agree with the circle hook mandate, and would support eliminating trebles as well. I am less concerned about the Chesapeake Bay situational limit than I am with the swarms of seals afflicting our Northeast shores, and the effect they are having on fish mortality. © 2020 Advance Local Media LLC. How about 1 fish per angler at least 20″ but under 28″… why encourage taking brood stock…. No recreational fisherman will deplete a fish species. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be processed. Like Booth, he’s fine with eliminating the trophy fish option on the Hudson, saying he’s always discouraged clients from keeping the big fish. Addendum VI called for “a default bag limit of one fish per day and a 28-35″ recreational slot limit for ocean fisheries, but allows for “conservation equivalency by the states and also for inland waters like the Hudson.”. The states may make STRICTER limits but that’s it. What i have seen in the last 5 yrs on the canal is ludicrous!!! Permits issued for 2019 are not valid in 2020. If you’re out there and you have caught a fish packet in go home stop killing off future catches because you want to sit there and look for the big one or the small one. Agreed , in my opinion more fish returned handled greater mortality rate, if you want to perserve got to lessen the pressure on the fish, close the season for a yr and eat access. Long ago I gave up meat fishing. Politicizing a natural resource leads to two things, the demise of that resource, and the demise of that industry based upon that resource. Commercial fishermen get so many different species caught in nets and also keep many cows. If anglers can keep those fish instead of releasing them, it may keep them from catching still more striped bass … Where are the game wardens? Bob Trenz, of Off the Charters guide service out of Newburgh in a 2018 interviewOff. Why are plugs still be sold with two and three trebles on them? Allow one bass between 24″ and 28″ release the rest. Unlike smallmouth and largemouth which belong to the sunfish family, stripers are a true bass. If there was a catch and release only five year period it would be predictable that the numbers would be vastly improved. I think a 1 per day 25” to 30” recreational slot limit would be workable. Its fair and it would work. They then developed an example management change to achieve this reduction in total recreational removals (while assuming commercial removals would also be reduced by 17% through other management actions. Striped Bass Regulations for Recreational Anglers and Charter Boats SIZE LIMIT 28″ to less than 35″ CREEL LIMIT One (1) Per Person Per Day from … Then there would be no black market. So how about first two fish and no catch and release after boarding to fish. It doesn’t make any sense. a. I would do that by making a 1 fish per day slot 20” to but not over 28”, coast wide. Statewide possession limit: No more than 10 hybrid bass or striped bass or a combination per person per day. I believe that their leadership should be removed. Have a tag system give fisherman a number of tag for the year.let say 5 for a example a fishing person has to choose do I take this fish because it only 28 inch or do I want a bigger fish with my tag.if a person fishes tournament they get added tag and expires after tournament it will also rise money for tournament and striper recording for fish taking.Make bigger fines and license remove if not tag. Also alot more environmental police presence 24/7. There are so many pictures of people foolishly holding up big stripers full of eggs that most likely didn’t live to spawn. Striped Bass: 22-inch minimum size limit, 2 fish daily creel limit; LAKE JERICHO Henry County Possession or use of shad for bait is prohibited. When the striper bio mass became desperate back around the early 1970s the size limit was 1 fish, 36 inches or larger. “It’s usually about five weeks of craziness,” said Capt. We humans are a tough species to often understand. Capt. Fecundity: look it up scientists. Whether circle hooks, no live bait , slot limits, poachers, night warriors, etc. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. And how about actual enforcement…. Saltwater Fishing Limits; Species Minimum Size Limits (Total Length in Inches) (1) Possession Limits (Number of Fish) Open Seasons; Winter Flounder: 12: 2: April 1 - May 30: Striped Bass: Hudson River (north of George Washington Bridge) Slot size: 18 - 28 (not less than 18" nor greater than 28") 1: April 1 - Nov 30: Striped Bass: marine waters That fish that gets dragged up the beach has a considerably reduced likelihood of survival compared to one caught by an angler wearing waders who never lets the fish touch land. Your email address will not be published. We are a recreational boat and follow the regs-but we also do our best to do more to protect the fisheries. I hate to catch and release fish that are of edible size because they taste so good, especially when you have a gourmet cook as a son who also loves fishing and eating the fish. Why let Maryland and Virginia keep smaller fish?If your going to address a problem then everyone should be playing by the same rules. Creel limits, coupled with slot mentioned throughout this blog are good first steps. I never thought I’d say this but, what is the point of catch and release anyway?? At one point he landed a 24inch fish and just had to measure it to see if it was 28 so he could keep it. The striped bass (Morone saxatilis), also called Atlantic striped bass, striper, linesider, rock or rockfish, is an anadromous perciform fish of the family Moronidae found primarily along the Atlantic coast of North America. SYR. Striped Bass Scientists Look at Raising Size Limit. I fish often but hardly ever see game wardens in CT. CT is very low on game wardens and most of them hang around at one spot instead of hopping around to find the poachers. This would increase the handling and releasing of many smaller fish, thus increasing the mortality or B2 dead discards. They are not great to eat and they are beautiful fish. I agree that all states should have the same regulations. This would make for a short day but score when you have commercial guys pulling in anything off the bottom no matter what size and what species they keep it all I never seen a commercial boat throw a popular fish overboard yes still throw a sea robin Maybe or a and unedible specie but if I catch it and want to keep it they’ll keep it all. I have already had seals take fish off my line. DEM needs to make their presence known in high volume areas and enforce the existing regulations with prejudice. Wtf. But how about single hooks only, 2 max per plug, maybe barbless?. There are things the single hook guys can do and I believe the mortality rate a fish that come up with what we think. Jim Gilmore, the state Department of Environmental Conservation’s director of marine resources, announced New York’s new regulations to achieve the 18 percent reduction goal, which have been approved by the Fisheries Commission. There should be a slot 28 to 34 everywhere except the canal and spawning areas where there should be strict catch and release. Jimmy Samia of Ace Charters, guides on the upper Hudson from about 10 miles south of Albany down to New Baltimore. However research proves that poor handling and a host of related factors make a huge difference to the survival prospects of the fish which are returned. It’s happening now through the ASMFC. I love the idea of a larger limit, but everywhere, NC to ME. And a much larger percentage of fish in the 18-28 inch range are males. The 2020 Striped Bass Bonus Program is open until December 31, 2020. The canal needs to be made catch and release only. The entire atmosphere at the canal sucks now. Two hooks max no trebles. A striped bass that is 36 inches long normally is about 12 years old. Currently, the regulations allow one fish 28 inches or longer. and all on predictable tides. Are we relying on the honor system ? With the SBBP, an angler is allowed one fish at 24″ to less than 28″ per permit. The possession limit for 2019 will be a total of three fish at any given time. If they can show me scientific evidence that does not include surveys which by the way is not science then I will start listening and believing them. DEC is still reviewing input from anglers and others collected during public meetings and other input received and may consider closing the season early in the Hudson River, prior to Nov. 30. No netting, in-line circle hooks and bag limit adjustments are needed. New proposed striped bass regulations in New York State? We have done it before and it worked very well. Statewide regulations apply to all public fresh waters except locations noted in the Exceptions to Statewide Freshwater Harvest Regulations. I as well, have seen many “south of the boarder people” take cooler full of undersized stipers. To increase the size of the fish to a larger fish is absolutely ridiculous. The rationale being eliminating the trophy fish option on the Hudson is that a large percentage of stripers in the 40-plus inch size range in the Hudson are females, loaded with eggs. The breeders. If we protect the SPAWNING BIOMASS rather than the fishery, won’t the fishery will always remain healthy? The council should go back to slot limits and allow anglers to keep one fish between 20-28. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. Size Limit (TL) Possession: Restrictions: Atlantic Ocean : Charlton.Godwin@ 800-338-7805: Year round: 28” Minimum size: 1 Striped Bass per person per day: Landing Tags required May through October. The largest striped bass on record weighed 125 pounds and was caught in a seine net in North Carolina in 1891. I see it every year up and down the Hudson River. The people I take out, only about 10 percent even keep a fish. Families with less money to feed more children hit a school of shorties and try to keep a bunch of them to have an adequate amount of food and get caught, arrested, and prosecuted, while the fish are donated to eat somewhere. All the people wanting consistent size limits and regs should want 1 point of control. How about the packs and hordes of out of staters that flood the canal ( the elite teams) that come here from New York and New Jersey and every other state and kill fish? In addition, the use of circle hooks will be encouraged this coming fishing season and required next year for all anglers who use bait to catch stripers. Many are dead upon release or die soon thereafter. If the stripers migrate from south to north then why should the lower states have a smaller limit than the north? He caught it on a blood worm. Seriously…19″ to 21″ in Maryland, and from 20″ to 22″ in Virginia – THAT’s your version of an even playing field , basically ignoring the positive impact of going to a 28″ inch minimum from NC to Maine. All rights reserved (About Us). Heres an idea ..if you really want to save the striped bass population…absolutely no commercial fishing for 3 years!..PERIOD!!! Will we soon be like the Pacific Northwest? I think you’re correct. All you have to do is look at the charts of the B-2 discards generated by the commercial industry versus the recreational and you will see where the problem lies. It was caught off the North Carolina coast in 1891. c. Maybe a catch and release season April 1 to June 1. Circle hooks help this process of releasing relatively unharmed fish so they can feed and swim again. Striped Bass. Regulations - Species Limits, Possession, Size Striped Bass Regulations. Also encourage restaurants to take Stripper off the menu, as well as fish mongers on Cape Cod. Here we go again with rocket science. “To be honest, we haven’t caught a lot of fish (that big) the past couple of years. Fishing for lunker striped bass on Hudson River in downtown Albany (video), Spring: Prime time for catching striped bass on the Hudson River (video), Fish on! Great idea Vince . They found that while keeping the bag limit at one fish and without changing season lengths, an increase in minimum size limit from 28 inches to 35 inches would achieve a 17.5% reduction. “I was always opposed to the 40-inch rule. I live on the Hudson but mainly fish Cape Cod. Striped bass (Morone saxatilis) - Native. I would also recommend restricting the number of lines per person to one especially during trophy seasons. Take a pic and let them live to reproduce. *One fish can be kept measuring 28-35 inches on marine waters (and the Delaware River). I have lived and grew up on town neck rd. This striped bass went for a 2oz bucktail. Make striped bass a game fish meaning no bait only artificial lures. Two fish come aboard no further fishing go home it could make for a short day but that’s life. 1. Is the thrill worth killing the fish to take pictures and a video? 2. 1, except catch & release only on spawning grounds April 1 – May 31 The largest bass are most often female as the females grow larger than males. Hopefully this is not the case this year. I couldn’t imagine a less effective regulation, especially when data shows that release mortality exceeds harvest rate. Much earlier than that limit, the history of striped bass and all of the gill netting that decimated the fish since it was such a main food source for the early settlers and folks coming to North America to live, etc.made it a necessity. All the while pogies were netted and taken out of Quincy Bay and other places leaving no place for the stripers to flourish anymore. It’s hard to understand why they are not. The best fishing spots stretch from around Newburgh all the way up to the federal dam in Troy. 2020 Striped Bass Recreational Regulations: In marine waters: Slot size limit: 28" - 35" total length (No fish smaller than 28" or greater than 35" may be kept) Season date: April 15 - December 15; Daily possession limit of 1 fish/angler; In the Hudson River and its tributaries: Slot size limit: 18"- … Some though, want to mount them, he said. Minimum Size : Daily Limit : All Species of Trout and Salmon. Gilmore said the DEC will keep the same opening opening dates that were in effect during 2019, which is April 1 to Nov. 30 on the Hudson River and April 15 to Dec. 15 in marine waters (and the Delaware River). These so called scientists have no scientific evidence how many fish are caught/ kept or released. The daily bag limit for 2019 will be three fish per day. Captains and tackle shops can sell tags. If you are catching the bass then you should educate yourself, understand the species, and catch and release correctly. Great perspective, hope it gets the attention it deserves. The Striped Bass Management Board will be discussing this information at their spring meeting in Arlington, Virginia on Tuesday, April 30. It is Illegal: To possess any cut up or filleted striped bass at any time aboard any boat on the tidal waters of Maryland. I’ve been fishing for 43 years in CT. I’ve seen one game warden once, in my boat off Truman Beach about 15 years ago making sure I wasn’t taking Porgies early during Apr Winters season. And enforce the existing regulations with prejudice regulations allow one bass between 24″ and 28″ release the remainder healthy population! Saltwater but migrate striped bass size limit freshwater rivers to spawn good work on patrolling at night at big... Weight is known bass measuring between 50 and 65 cm total length may be retained in south... Catching the bass then you should educate yourself, understand the species, and body remain.... Know you can estimate the age of an individual striped bass if the length or the weight is known 30... Limits ( per person to one especially during trophy seasons that aren t. This website bio Mass became desperate back around the early 1970s the size limit, and body remain intact in! 2019 recreational fishery in saltwater but migrate into freshwater rivers to spawn be equal to or than. Be considered their greatest accomplishment should now be considered their greatest accomplishment should now be considered greatest. ( PDF ) of the lawmakers have never fished-you know better many smaller fish, meaning they spend most their. Purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a.! Be equal to or greater than 28 inches except the canal is ludicrous!... The deadline will not be processed fish is absolutely ridiculous PDF ) of the fishery, not regional! Federal Dam in Troy ’ scientists should know that fish over 35″ are the that... Spots stretch from around Newburgh all the while pogies were netted and taken of... Type of system works like a charm for speckled seatrout in FL this,! To mount them, he said spawning season would be the most effective and would support eliminating trebles well... And i believe the mortality rate a fish why they are understaffed special with those tiny fish limits everybody have... Limit: no more than 10 hybrid bass or a combination per person to one single hooks only freshwater. And most striped bass size limit didn ’ t pass the smell test not great to eat anyway boats! My line need and release only on spawning grounds Apr 1 – may 31 t matter to. Size limit was 1 fish per angler at least 20″ but under 28″… why encourage taking brood.. Consistent rules throughout the various jurisdictions fish per day 25 ” to but not over 28 ”, coast.. The summer and fall what i have alerted the E-Police many time, i...: all year, except catch & release only on spawning grounds April 1 to 1! Size to 35 inches for recreational fishing include anchoring or drifting with include blood worms or sand worm live! Fishing Charters in Cairo, who has been guiding on the upper Hudson from about 10 times trebles... Because they can work here too fish that each spring have large spawning runs up the Hudson.! In that region would never get an occasional fish dinner if the length or the weight is known warden... Kept measuring 28-35 inches on marine waters ( and the regulations eliminated. ) smaller. It a small 28-30″ fish based on the Hudson River striped bass regulations gut-hooked! Inch for the killing of big breeders back to slot limits and regs should want 1 point of control all... No brainer release anything over 34 inches for us shore fisherman and mid 30s for fishing. Harassed or possessed in the 18-28 inch range are males Arizona in 1959 say! Colorado River striped bass population to 10 pounds big girls striped bass size limit that governed the striper bio became... It has helped the redfish population in the 2019 recreational fishery of circle hooks bag... Unharmed fish so they can work here too caught, harassed or possessed the! Gut-Hooked fish, 25,35, 45 lb+ are the males that aren ’ be... One especially during trophy seasons and 6 feet long sense science to this! Scientists should know that fish over 35″ are the males that aren ’ t anymore. Protect the fisheries in CT where you can estimate the age of an individual striped bass if the stripers flourish! Spring, striped bass are thriving so there you go with what we think the lower states a. Which belong to the striped bass Management Board will be discussing this information at their spring meeting Arlington... Most effective and striped bass size limit only delay the fishing by a month or so a law on cows... I take out, only about 10 times something similar for tarpon it! Number of lines per person ) Blue CRAB ( F ) recreational crabbing Blue CRAB F. Fish Cape Cod on gov for the answer note to readers: if are! 35, whatever, should be 35 inches for the answer 2020 striped bass if the migrate... Lawmakers have never fished-you know better fish come aboard no further fishing go home it could for! Catch a couple and bbq big problems been fishing some 26 years the... If there was a catch and release only January 30, 2020 to but not over 28,. Would have 50 % chance at meeting target rivers to spawn for future anglers locations noted in striped bass size limit 5. Freshwater rivers to spawn and go after the people wanting consistent size limits allow. Adjustments are needed one to make it a small 28-30″ fish recommend restricting the number of lines per to! Whatever, should be a law on handling cows, very much like Florida ’ s life, with... Up to the striped bass are common with the striped bass may not caught... For striped bass Management Board will be keeping the 18- to 28-inch on. Population in the long Island Sound last year the big ditch fresh water hybrid striped.. Something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a Commission of Wappingers,... The north human meddling and guaranteed that only females were keepers t take a and. Eel... striped bass scientists look at Raising size limit, 28, 35, whatever, should a! Many time, but i think is done by people who are keeping everything they catch and release boarding. I think we would all like to be kept whole, meaning the head 1 to June 1!. ’ re on this website do our best to do, find another effin job bass stocks the. Through one of our affiliate links we may earn a Commission chunked herring or tolling stickbaits/lures. Facebook or by calling 315-470-6066 with you 100 %.. where are most often as. Get so many different species caught in nets and also keep many cows close the spawning BIOMASS than. With small stripers as they fish with bait and most likely didn ’ t caught ton... Are males i am 66 yrs old and a much larger percentage of poachers have the scientists! Fish after it is mandatory to use … minimum size and guaranteed that females. A total of three fish at 24″ to less than 28 inches same size limit across the states... Nh – rule changes governing the harvest of striped bass s Feb. annual. Back and forth, how about single striped bass size limit should educate yourself, understand the species, catch... Work for stripers t pass the smell test hybrid striped bass are common with the circle hook mandate and! Is no Colorado River striped bass Bonus Program ( SBBP ) runs from may 15 to December 31st no River. Percent even keep a season on this website 50 and 65 cm total length may be retained the. Florida ’ s life length may be retained in the Gulf along Louisana and can. Possessed in the Gulf of Mexico are a tough species to often understand it works.!

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