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Here we present some amazingly beautiful pictures from different ethnic groups of Nepal. It is one of the most widely famous-festivals in Sikkim 2020.-Losar is a Tibetan word that translates to New Year in the English language. Main Highlights. It is a loose cloak type garment that is fastened at the neck on one side and near the waist with a silk or cotton belt, similar to the Tibetan chuba, but sleeveless. North Sikkim. Assam: The culture of Assam is traditionally a hybrid one, developed due to cultural assimilation of different ethno-cultural groups under various politico-economic systems in different periods of history. The Thokro Kum dress includes a pajama, headgear, a shirt, and Yenthatse. Nepal is rich in its culture and tradition. The men wear a dress called Bakhu or Kho with a pair of loosely fitted trousers teamed up with a leather belt and embroidered leather boots. Dubdi Monastery in Yuksom is the first Buddhist Monastery in Sikkim, established in 1701 by the Chogyar Namgyal. Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images Bhutia Tribe In addition to the basic garment, the Bhutia men wear Jya Jya, a waistcoat, the shirt called Yenthatse, Kera, a cloth-belt and Shambo, the cap. India is the land of “Unity in diversity“, it harbors various cultures, traditions, religions, castes, languages, races, and ethnic groups.Diversity means the difference in people’s race, religion, language, and dresses, however, Unity is being together as an Indian Society.. India has 28 states and 8 union territories, each having a different culture and civilization. See photos of the most popular tourist attractions of Sikkim . Let’s discern types of traditional dresses of Sikkim worn by the different communities Clothing. They pair the entire outfit with loose trousers. Click on an image to view in full screen. Three women from Sikkim, the northern Indian state which borders with Tibet, wearing traditional clothing. 2. Sikkim weddings are not at all grand but a simple affair where all the guests enjoy in the occasion with music and dancing. It is an extremely charming historical town blessed with jaw-dropping gorgeousness. Image Source. Kho (Bhutia) or Bakhu (Nepali) is a traditional dress worn by Bhutia, ethnic Tibetans of Sikkim. Yuksom was the first capital of Sikkim in the 17th century and the coronation place of its first chogyal (king) in 1641. Sikkim Traditional Costumes for Men: Thokro-Dum is the main traditional costume to the Lepcha Men. More than 70 languages are spoken all over the country by different tribes and they have their own traditional dresses. View more photos View more photos View more photos View more photos Top Places to Visit In Sikkim . 1 NEWARS 3. Lepchas are the original settlers and their Sikkimi brides wear Dumvum an ankle long wedding dress. ... All Photos of Sikkim . Kho is Bhutia men traditional dress. It coincides with the end of harvesting season giving the farmers a much-needed relief from all the … Sikkim, the state of the multiracial has acclaimed the national and global appreciation for its indigenous heritage and traditions.The entire population of Sikkim can be divided into several ethnic groups. Gangtok. Mostly Sikkim people do the hard work so the costumes also seem very rough and comfort to do the field work. They wear Kho or Bakhu. Lepcha, the earliest inhabitants of the land have the following set of dances to be performed on religious or family functions. Each of these groups has a language, culture, heritage, traditions, and the … Explore . Dances of Sikkim – With the total, population of Sikkim categorized into three major groups namely the Lepchas, Bhutias and the Nepalis; the state automatically becomes a multicultural one.Each of this community has its own language, culture and dances. Sikkim brides wear costumes that reflect the culture of Lepcha, Nepali and Bhutia. Sikkim has a traditional attire that is fashionable and visually similar to both males and females. Arunachal Pradesh: The culture of Arunachal Pradesh is truly varied in the sense that the state has 26 major tribes including sub-tribes.

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