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Pentax 67 Lenses Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by 25asa, Sep 23, 2014. The 67ii is more expensive, and is known to have circuit board issues that can render your entire body dead, indefinitely. This is another great 6x7 option, but it lacks the versatility of having interchangeable lenses. 15mm, 3 user reviews, lab tested. | Updated 1/22/2020, E-mail: Phone:  502.551.5799, Privacy Policy | Website Terms & Conditions, Pentax 67 75mm f/2.8 AL, which I reviewed, What's in Our Bag: The Gear We Use to Photograph Weddings and More, Tools for Six-Figure Wedding Photographers in 2020. Here's just a few of the ceremonial traditions your Indian wedding photographer should know about! If you’re here reading this then perhaps you are like me and was curious why the Pentax 67 system has worked its way into the hearts and wallets of many a photographer over the years, culminating in its Holy Grail status. One of the most important factors when selecting a wedding photographer is undoubtedly the right amount of experience. We respect your privacy and will never share your email. The 105mm lens is very good, always had one of those when I had my Pentax 67II. This resulted in improved performance, excellent maneuverability and reliability while retaining compatibility with existing 67 system lenses and user-friendly accessories. Click here for more info on various film negative sizes and comparisons. The Pentax 67 series was made for over 40 years, and while the earliest 6x7s (1969-76) lacked the mirror lockup function, my 1982 model has it. SMC Pentax 67 / S-M-C Takumar 6x7 / Super Takumar 105mm F2.4 lens reviews and detailed specifications. The Pentax 67 II is the largest camera that one can take into the field that offers very long lenses, suitable for wildlife and highly compressed landscapes — two of my primary pursuits. That is why for travel and outdoor shooting every 100g on top of the set, as well as the size of the camera and the lens, are essential. Is 1 lb. And worth mentioning, I’ve never had a problem with unexplainable, missed focus on any of the Pentax 67s I’ve owned (which is four). More on ratio further below! So, it’s time to start looking for someone to create your dream bouquet and florals for your gorgeous wedding-to-be and your ready to find a wedding florist in Louisville Kentucky? Actually, this isn’t a macro lens. So, how does the Pentax 67 help with focus? Camera review: The Pentax 67 It’s a beast, this Pentax. Why Should I Consider Having My Entire Wedding at One Location. With all of the changes and growth that have happened over the last decade, we wanted to highlight a few of the key factors involved when finding a wedding photographer who has a style you love. Expert news, reviews and videos of the latest digital cameras, lenses, accessories, and phones. The Pentax 67 in pictures The following were taken with the Pentax 67 at Finn Slough in Richmond, British Columbia. Get answers to your questions in our photography forums. This results in focusing s… It's still true that the body can be bought for the price of a single 120 Hasselblad film holder, and that lenses cost considerably less than their Mamiya, Bronica, or Hasselblad equivalent. Canon Announces New EOS R5 on February 13th 2020! Review of the most versatile medium format lenses - Pentax 67 90mm F2.8, handy, compact, lightweight, sharp and contrasty, ideal for travel. It’s also a rangefinder, which I love. It’s developed specifically for close focusing. Here's a link to reviews on the lenses for the 6x7, 67 and Get answers to your questions in our photography forums. We’re often asked by brides, “What all should I bring to be included in my flat-lay?” So, here’s our official guide on creating meaningful flat-lays! Going wide on medium format is not easy, there are not many lenses to choose from to be honest. SMC Pentax 67 / SMC Pentax-6x7 90mm F2.8 lens reviews and detailed specifications. The Pentax 67 stands out among other Pentax 67 in that it is very tough, durable, cheap, a versatile in lens choices. Offering ease of focus, ability to create very shallow depth of field for artistic uses, a highly versatile aspect ration, and large negatives for quality, all in a portable package, the Pentax 67 … Talk about shallow depth of field! 25asa I currently have a Pentax 67II with the 55mm, 135mm macro, and 300mm lenses. First introduced in 1969, the camera was little changed until 1998 when it was updated to the 67 II . When we got engaged, we anticipated a lot of planning for the wedding—plus we had to begin planning to move in together once we were married! Want to see behind the scenes action, keep up with Jeff & Michele, and receive wedding style and planning resources? Has the “how much should I spend on my wedding photography?” question arisen? The Pentax 67 has a range of native lens options which accommodate f/2.4 (like the 105mm f/2.4). Plus, there are an array of Cinelux lenses that allow you to achieve f/2. First released in late 1968, the original version got some upgrades in 1976. It's … Now, I don’t mean to paint a nasty picture of the Pentax 645 and 1V. It’s just so long vertically while leading your mind to almost feel like the sides are missing. If so, this post is for you! Having a solid timeline and being prepared are key approaches to helping make that goal a reality. And as for me, Pentax 67 165mm…, Initially, I had no plans to buy Pentax 67 135mm F4 Macro lens but could not resist the temptation when I saw it at a bargain price in…, It so happened that when I got my first Pentax 67 many years ago it was equipped with Pentax 67 90mm F2.8 lens. The K7 is the latest DSLR to feature a HD movie recording mode, in addition to its 14.6 megapixel still images. It was described as in excellent working order with a recent CLA. If I am not shooting a Half Frame Camera, there is an overwhelming probability that I am shooting a Pentax instead. Expert news, reviews and videos of the latest digital cameras, lenses, accessories, and phones. They’re actually great cameras, subject to you getting a good copy (which I believe mine may have had some issues). So, if you’re looking for higher quality images and better print quality, then the large 6x7 negative is highly viable. If you’re interested in learning more of my thoughts about the Pentax 67 vs Pentax 67ii, be sure to check out my article about Pentax 67 version differences which discusses the Pentax 67 compared to the 67ii. The Best Pentax SLR Lenses for 2020. Thank you! The 67ii is more expensive, and is known to have circuit board issues that can render your entire body dead, indefinitely. Thanks for reading, I’d appreciate you sharing your experiences with this camera on either the YouTube video above, or in the comments below. The item worked just as well as the Pentax 67 to 645 adapter as far as I could determine. None of the "features" in the rating apply to use of 67 lenses on 645 camera bodies. - Allow Pentax 67 mount lenses used on Nikon DSLR camera body. The redeeming qualities of the 67ii are the native focusing screen. As you may know, the larger your negative/sensor, the shallower your depth of field (as long as your focal length and f/stop remains consistent, e.g. It was those frustrations with focus from other film cameras, along with a desire for more shallow depth of field for portraits that first led me from 35mm and 645 to the Pentax 67. Even with the latest price increases, the Pentax 67 is still one of the cheapest medium format SLRs around. Note: This post is part of our "Learn Blog" for photographers. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on the website. The Pentax 6×7 has a dual bayonet lens mount, and a wide range of interchangeable Takumar and later SMC Pentax 67-designated lenses exist. That, coupled with the attractive 5:4 ratio leads your eye and mind to perceive a lot of depth. The big reasons I first started looking into a Pentax 67 were as follows: When I first (re)began shooting film, I purchased a Canon 1V 35mm film camera (which is great camera to use your EF lenses on), and a Pentax 645 (original) with the Pentax 645 75mm f/2.8 FA lens. Buy K&F Concept adapters fit Pentax 67 mount vintage lenses used on Sony, Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Leica, M43 cameras. Aspect ratio is the particular crop of any given photograph; it’s the dimension of the horizontal in relation to the vertical length of your frame. This is not the fault of the KP and DPR should not penalize the KP in general because when you mount a 20 year old DA prime it cannot do AFC or Live View AF as well as the competition with modern lenses with stepping motors. Another popular option is the Mamiya RB67. Red and white by Yannis P from red challenge Paella Most photographers seem to have little or no idea about SEO. So, it’s great for travel. My review of the Pentax 67 will be a tad different than others, I believe. Pentax User - contains the latest Pentax news, reviews, galleries, forums and exclusive Pentax competitions - Join Pentax User Plus for exclusive deals on Pentax repairs, insurance and more. Pentax 67s are pretty cheap with most bodies running around $350-600. All in all, the 5:4 ratio of the Pentax 67 is not only highly versatile but also very pleasant to the viewer. There is also no need to take with you lenses for Pentax 645. It's cheap! But, it’s also very expensive and doesn’t have any lenses with an aperture wider than f/4. Just note that they will tend to be bigger lenses. My review of the Pentax 67 will be a tad different than others, I believe. Pentax Zoom Lenses top Pentax 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5 ED HD DA Fish-Eye 10-17mm, 0 user reviews $446 Pentax 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5 ED IF SMC P-DA Fish-Eye 10-17mm, 3 user reviews, lab tested $447 Pentax … The Pentax K-5 offers an incredible ISO range of 80-51200 plus Full 1080p HD movies, 7fps burst shooting and a large high-resolution LCD screen. If you’re considering purchasing a Pentax 67, please consider supporting us by using our eBay link! So, no need to sacrifice part of your frame and compromise your images when posting to Instagram. Be the first to review “Pentax 67 grip.” Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Please, consider using our links to help support what we do! In the late 90's and 2001, Pentax added a few more lenses to the line including the 75 2.8AL, 55-100, 90-180, and 300ED. Lenses for the Pentax 67 Pentax 6×7 lenses are impressively sharp, fast, well-designed pieces of glass. 645-format 35mm Lens Equivalent Focal Length Chart 14 May 2009 . I…, Initially, I did not plan to buy Pentax 67 105mm F2.4 lens, although its bokeh is deemed a gold standard for Pentax 67 and medium format cameras in…, Well, when you opt for a certain camera system you also choose the entire range of lenses that go with it. Get answers to your questions in our photography forums. Take, for instance, the 90mm F2.8, which may work similar to the normal lens, while the 105mm F2.4 is closer to the portrait lens. Pentax K-70 It’s little more than half the price of the KP, but it beats it with an articulated rear screen and hybrid AF, and gives surprisingly little away elsewhere. You tested Autofocus using a slow focusing lens. The 105mm 2.4 has a quality about it, and a very smooth, useful out of focus zone that is unmatched. There are of course four different versions of the P67 camera (Asahi Pentax 6×7, 6×7 MLU, Pentax 67, Pentax 67ii). For perspective, a Pentax 645 weighs 1310g, while the Pentax 67 weighs 1750g. Over at the Pentax forum, they have a nice Lens Review section. The most notable was the addition of mirror lockup, although this was retrofitted by the Asahi factory on earlier versions of the camera for many years. The Pentax 6x7 (known as Pentax 67 after 1990) is a SLR medium format system film camera for 120 and 220 film, which produces images on the film that are nominally 6 cm by 7 cm in size (56mm by 70mm in the film gate), made by Pentax.It originally debuted in 1965 as a prototype dubbed the Pentax 220. Final Thoughts on My Pentax 67 75mm AL f/2.8 Review The overall rendering and character of the Pentax 67 75mm AL f/2.8 is about as stunning as it’s price tag. The Pentax 67 focusing is by no means a “bright” screen, but it’s big and makes it pretty easy to see what’s in focus and what’s not. donbright, Sep 24, 2014 #1. allan_jamieson|2. But, without the frustrations that several Pentax 645s brought me, I wouldn’t have found the delight that is shooting the Pentax 67. Pentax 15mm f/4 ED AL Limited SMC DA. Pentax 67 Review Conclusion The Pentax 67 is not one of my favorite cameras by accident. The “crop” factor is 89/70=1.27 and, as a result, a 90mm lens for 67 format installed on 645 camera is like installing native 114mm lens on 67 camera. Best Pad Prompter Teleprompters Under $500 in 2020, SEO for Wedding Photographers in 2020: How to Book More Clients Using SEO, Honeybook vs Dubsado vs 17hats: Best CRM for Wedding Photographers in 2020, Best Film Emulation Presets: Matching Digital to Film, Best Laptop For Editing Wedding Photos: Dell XPS 15 Review, How to Adapt the Pentax 67 105mm f/2.4 to Pentax 645, Tips for Moving In Together for the First Time. And the selection of lenses available to the Pentax 67 user is similarly impressive. To put things even more into perspective, consider that 4x5 cameras and 8x10 cameras can be significantly more bulky and heavy. Lastly, I already had most of the Pentax 645Z review written a while ago, so I decided to get it completed and published before moving on to reviewing other cameras and lenses. At the maximum lens extension of 42mm it gives only 0.31× magnification ratio with exposure factor about ×1.72. I only remembered that I had Pentax 67 300mm F4 lens when I was going through my archive looking for a portrait requested by a book publisher. So, if you’ve read other Pentax 67 reviews, you’ve probably seen it referenced as being “huge”. This one is pretty self-explanatory—the larger the negative, generally speaking, the better the resolution. PENTAX 67 105MM F2.4 lens review Some lens have a huge reputation to deliver outstanding images that is just not possible with other systems, and the Pentax 67 105 F2.4 lens is a perfect example of this. I'm debating what lens to get in between the 55 and 135mm. The fact is Pentax has an aging, in many cases, screw-driver lens lineup that will never compete with competitor lenses that are equipped with stepping motors for AFC. But, if you’re shooting medium format, at least 645, then a Pentax 67 is really not that much bigger. Let’s put this into perspective—it is huge compared to a Canon G7X, or a point-and-shoot, or even a modern day DSLR. A 6x7 frame is around 4.3 times the surface area of a 35mm frame and about 1.6 times larger than a 645 film negative (with 645 being 2.7 times larger than 35mm film). We've highlighted some of the best lenses we've reviewed available for … I… Lens #4: Pentax 67 … Not quite what you are asking, but I've used a Pentax 67 55mm f/4 lens on a Pentax 645, and it worked great. I’ve shot weddings with this thing (without an assistant) and won’t argue for it being “large”, “beastly”, or heavy. To start, I would like to explain that this Pentax 67 review will really be a review of all Pentax 67 versions besides the Pentax 67ii. It’s always good to make sure that you choose a seller with great reviews and a good return policy. Indian Wedding Traditions Your Photographer Should Know About. As Kentucky wedding photographers, they are very familiar with both Louisville wedding venues and and Lexington wedding venues. Pentax adapter 645 This adapter allows the use of any 67 lenses on Cruise around photography forums and you will see similar statements about Nikon, Canon, Minolta, Olympus, etc., lenses as well. I support my growing family through this website, as crazy as it might seem.. This option features a rotating back which allows you to shoot either portrait or landscape orientation, all with only rotating the film back. There were three lenses that I could have chosen, the Pentax 35mm, 55mm, and the 45mm lens. Lens #5: Pentax 67 300mm F4. For more info on the various focusing screens available for Pentax 67 and a discussion about Pentax 67 vs Pentax 67ii focusing screens, view my article on Pentax 67 Focusing Screen Comparison. Read my full review for more on this fascinating alternative. PENTAX 645Z + smc PENTAX-FA645 45-85mm F4.5 @ 45mm, ISO 100, 1/15, f/11.0 Instagram: A review of the world's largest SLR, the Pentax 67. Ever wondered how you can save tons of time and make room for other things that you value most on your wedding day? To better assess the capabilities of the system I think you should use that lens. Manual control, precise and solid design. PENTAX 67 45MM F4 lens review Going wide on medium format is not easy, there are not many lenses to choose from to be honest. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks putting the Pentax 67 through it’s paces,adding a few more lenses and accessories to the set up, just generally getting to grips with it and starting a complete overhaul of my portfolio with the resulting images, let’s take her out for That being said, the Pentax 67 offers the ability to achieve very shallow depth of field. The RB67 is a fairly cheap option with lots of pros. On my Pentax 67 the two lenses I used most were the 75mm 67 f/4.5 and the Pentax 67 55mm f/4 and both of them are extremely sharp, not to be confused with the 6x7 versions of both of these lenses… The SMC Pentax 67 105mm 2.4 lens is not just a 50mm equivalent in 135 Photography. That’s a 440g difference, just shy of a pound difference (15.5 oz.). A 6x7 negative is going to give you much less noticeable grain, more ability to zoom/crop in, and possibly better represented sharpness. There must be something to the notorious big of metal and glass that it was/is used by legions of legendary fashion … Had I bought it from eBay, I would have had the option to do a return. It weighs a ton and it’s hard to hang on to. In this video I review the 105mm f2.4 lens for my Pentax 67 and give you my overall thoughts on the lens, its image quality, build quality etc in the year 2020! It costs you nothing, and is this site's, and thus my family's, biggest source of support. A true magical lens with very pleasant bokeh Its close focusing distance is just 100cm, as compared to 65mm in a 90mm lens. The Pentax 67 has a 55×70mm frame size and a diagonal of 89mm. I get tired of people saying things like “The [insert any lens here] is just a dog but the [insert any lens here] is brilliant” OR “the [insert any lens here] is so much worse than the [insert any lens here]” OR “The bokeh on the [insert any lens here] is too distracting”… This problem is not unique to Pentax. Only the best Pentax 67 lenses — reviews, experience, sample images, technical details and bokeh effect examples. Particularly for portrait orientation, I am not the biggest fan of a 2:3 ratio, which is the typical aspect ratio of a 35mm or full frame camera. Read more: • The best Pentax lenses to choose right now • The best Pentax cameras in 2019 Review of the most interesting Heliar lens implementation with macro capabilities: Pentax 67 135mm F4 Macro, sharp, contrasty, handy & lightweight It is a portable, lightweight and very handy lens despite its size comparable to 165mm F2.8 lens but 200g lighter. Expert news, reviews and videos of the latest digital cameras, lenses, accessories, and phones. It’s more portable than the Pentax 67. The only fast focusing lens is the new Pentax-DA 55-300mm F4.5-6.3 PLM WR RE. I personally never chose it over the Pentax 67 because I like the rendering of the Pentax lenses better. How Much Should I Spend on My Wedding Photographer? On my 645Z using the 67 55-100mm zoom lens, I was not able to observe this issue. Which Photography Style is Best for My Wedding? really that big of a difference? Jeff & Michele are Louisville wedding photographers specializing in candid wedding photography as well as natural looking posed wedding photography. What Should I Include In My Flat-Lay Photos? Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The first on my list is the Mamiya 7. It’s also worth noting that medium-format lenses are generally quite heavy, and this difference in weight may seem insignificant. The recently introduced Pentax 67II medium format SLR camera extensively updates the original model Pentax 67 which was introduced in 1969 by incorporating today's technologies. The late 80's was the last major update with minor cosmetic changes ( all lenses now have rubberized focus and aperture rings ) and a name change to "SMC Pentax 67." The Pentax 67 is not one of my favorite cameras by accident. I personally recommend buying Pentax 67s off eBay. I found that the hit to miss rate of focus was pretty poor. How to load the film at 6:32. 6x7s without MLU (mirror lock-up) tend to be cheaper with 6x7 with MLU being mid-range, and then the Pentax 67 being generally a little higher. The biggest difference between focusing the Pentax 67 105mm F2.4 and a super fast 35mm lens is that the viewfinder on the Pentax 67 is huge, much larger than any 35mm camera so you can be more accurate with the depth of field but it is still … Bumping sharpness from the C1 default of 140 to 200-350 makes a huge difference. So, we’ve put together our list of our top tips that we’ve personally experienced that help make your wedding day run smoothly! Five Pentax prime lenses from the 40mm f/2.8 to 55mm f/1.8 tested in a single sitting to compare how they perform wide open and stopped down. I only remembered that I had Pentax 67 300mm F4 lens when I was going through my archive looking for a portrait requested by a book publisher. Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Wedding Day Timeline. a 105mm f/2 lens on Pentax 67 would equal the 35mm/full frame cropped to 4:5 equivalent of about a 45mm f/1.0, or uncropped a 45mm measured horizontally, 52mm vertically, and 50 diagonally f/1.2). Pentax SLRs are beloved by many for their all-weather designs. It also weighs about 2000g vs the 1750g of the Pentax 67. To be transparent, all links are paid advertising, as a portion of any purchase made while using these links is credited to us. Here are a few tips to making your first move together a positive experience! I tried adjusting my diopter and even bought a focus magnifier, only to continue to be met with out of focus shots. The K-5 is the second DSLR camera from Pentax for 2010, inheriting the existing K-7's proven control layout and incorporating a new 16.3 megapixel APS-C sensor. I much prefer a 4:3 (like a GFX or 645 film camera) or a 5:4 such as the Pentax 67. For workshops, coaching, and other resources designed to help grow your skills as a photographer click here (after you read the article, of course)! GFX + Pentax 645 lenses Aug 14, 2017 10 I recently bought the Kipon Pentax>GF adapter so over the next few weeks, I'll post samples from the Pentax lenses I own. Standard lens for the Pentax 6x7 system, field of view 37 degrees So, that means this is also a Pentax 6x7 review! As a result, you get a very long lens with exposure factor ×4 which is equal to the actual lens speed F8. K2000), K-01, Samsung GX-20, GX-10 at More on depth of field in the next section! Check out my Pentax 75mm 2.8 AL review here.. I bought my first Pentax 6x7 from a person on Facebook. There are important distinctions between the various evolutions that factor into owning one of these medium format SLRs, but this review focuses on the Pentax 67 with the newer SMC Takumar 105mm 2.4 lens because, well that’s what I bought. I regularly find myself producing images with it that I just don’t quite get out of other lenses. Image taken with Pentax 67 using ISCO 110mm Ultra MC from The Boutique Lens. However, there are a few other 6x7 cameras which are great for their own reasons. Only the best Pentax 67 lenses — reviews, experience, sample images, technical details and bokeh effect examples. From an extreme wide angle of 35mm, to 1000mm, with fish-eye lenses, aspherical element lenses, ED lenses, macro and zooms, the Pentax 67 lens system is one of the only medium format camera systems which can truly go head-to-head with pro-spec 35mm systems. They are more than happy to talk about options for wedding photography in Kentucky and have been labeled by reviewers as top Wedding Photographers in Louisville Ky. Louisville Wedding Photographers | Cincinnati Wedding Photographers | Lexington Wedding Photographers | Kentucky Wedding Photographers | Jeff & Michele © 2020 All Rights Reserved. And the adapter will add more length. Other minor improvements included the flip-up latches on the spool holders. But, it’s honestly very easy once you know what you’re doing! Pentax 67 105mm F2.4 compared with other lenses The lens weighs 600g, just 110g heavier than its 90mm F2.8 fellow, which allows it to remain in the class of relatively light lenses in the Pentax 67 system. July 2, 2019 In 1980 Pentax supplemented the 105mm standard lens with this slightly shorter 90mm lens with a hori This is one of the best and most versatile lenses in Pentax 6X7 system. Even with the latest price increases, the Pentax 67 is still one of the cheapest medium format SLRs around. However, within the first few weeks, it developed a film advance issue that caused the first and second frame to overlap. It may seem at first that this difference is pretty small, but in fact, the Pentax 67 camera rather resembles a brick with a lens attached to it, both in terms of its size and weight. Part of why Pentax does poor in AF test is because it doesn't have fast focusing lenses. The flip-up … Pentax 67II 30+ Years in The Making Very few cameras have the model longevity of the Pentax 67. The biggest help is when you use any of these links when you get anything, regardless of the country in which you live. A couple of the ones I want are quite expensive. PENTAX 67 45MM F4 lens review . Offering ease of focus, ability to create very shallow depth of field for artistic uses, a highly versatile aspect ration, and large negatives for quality, all in a portable package, the Pentax 67 system simply amazing. Also similar to the Mamiya 7 is the fixed lens Plaubel Makina 6x7 film camera featuring a 80mm f/2.8 lens.

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