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Good tonal balance, with plenty of bass extension. I might be able to get Mackie HR824's Mk1 for around $600. I know that some users criticise the performance of Mackie monitors, but in my experience this usually comes down to room problems or placement issues. Be the first to review this product. In the HR824 Mk2, the low frequency (LF) driver is powered by a 150W amplifier and the tweeter amplifier is rated at 100W, though both can produce over twice their rated power on brief peaks. Click here to search for video reviews of the "Mackie HR824 MK2" on YouTube. High resolution active studio monitor (20 pages) Speakers Mackie HR624 MK2 Specifications. We began producing the original HR824 acoustic output from the speakers, yet minimize Studio Monitors in 1997, and they quickly became the the danger of speaker damage due to overdriving. Mackie HR824 Mk2 The HR-series monitors have been hugely popular, but Mackie have still managed to find room for improvement. A symmetrical driver layout means that there is no need for left- and right-handed models. The mid-range retains clarity and detail at least as well as before — and possibly a little better — while the smooth, deep bass always impresses, particularly for speakers of this size. Mackie thought of of everything in my opinion, and came up with a worthy successor to the original HR824 series. EducationGetting the most out of your studio monitors, Complete your studio with these other perfectly paired Mackie products. There's also a switch to set the low-end performance, which in the case of the HR824 Mk2 offers an LF roll-off at 80Hz, 47Hz or 37Hz. ... Now onto Mackie HR824 and similarly sounding new Genelec 8040 - metal tweeters and sturdier woofers give awesome sound image, the sound is actually sitting in the middle or in the sweet spot, not "at the speaker" as with Event 20/20 BAS. I had been a bit worried that Mackie might change everything just for the sake of marketing, but it seems those fears were unfounded. Learn More. During manufacture, the gain and frequency response of the speakers is individually adjusted to reduce performance variations due to component tolerances, so we should be able to expect better matching between pairs of speakers. Web site designed & maintained by PB Associates & SOS. Email to a Friend. 4 ohms. The fact that the passive radiator is at the rear means that mounting too close to walls is never a great idea, and because the bass extension is so impressive, corner-mounting is definitely to be avoided. Great care has been taken to ensure accuracy in the preparation of this article but neither Sound On Sound Limited nor the publishers can be held responsible for its contents. I've had the original 824s and 624s for some years now, and though I have tried other monitors, I keep coming back to the Mackies, as they somehow just feel comfortable to work with. Mastering Essentials Part 5 - Compression & Limiting, Mastering Essentials Part 4 - Mastering EQ: Balance, Don’t Match. We go to elaborate lengths to ensure each HRmk2 sounds as good as our experts intended. powerful,sounds amazing. Each one we manufacture is subject to rigorous testing and pre-screening during the production process, then calibrated and tuned with an environmentally controlled test chamber before final packaging. Both models are 'THX pm3' approved, and can be used in a THX surround system with the addition of a suitable subwoofer. There is a manual always on mode and that does not seem to work anymore either. mackie hr824 mk2 thx professional studio monitor- pro powered speaker mkii! Mackie: HR824 MK2 active monitors Reviewed by Andy Hong. Mackie's HR series of active two-way studio monitors is one of the company's big success stories, as these speakers are in use everywhere from home studios to professional facilities. A closer look at its features and use at I Love Music Academy Studuios. On well-mixed material the overall sound is a touch smoother and seems less 'in-your-face'. With their incredible sound quality and affordability, they earned a wide and loyal following, fast becoming the industry standard. These FR (Fast Recovery) amplifiers use relatively low amounts of negative feedback, which improves their dynamic distortion performance, and also keeps the amplifiers stable if they are driven into clipping. If you are a seasoned pro or a serious home recording enthusiast, you'd be hard pressed to find a better set of monitor speakers for the money. But for many years before that, I counted on Mackie HR824's. I definitely want to get monitors and not passive speaker with amps. Mackie presents Active Nearfield Monitors HR824 Mk2.If you are on the lookout for studio monitors or studio and recording equipment in general, then this may be a fitting choice. Mackie HR824 Auto Power fail or fail to power on. Get your Free Avid® software here. The one-piece cast aluminum Zero Edge Baffle™ features precisely engineered curvature that minimizes diffraction for a crystal clear image of your mix, and effectively controls sound waves so you get detailed lows, full, articulate mids, and shimmering highs. Mackie’s HR series of active two-way studio monitors is one of the company’s biggest successes. And because the HR624mk2 and HR824mk2 monitors share the same design, they function great together, making them optimal for surround systems. HR824 £899; HR624 £649. Mackie HR824mk2 Powered Studio Monitor. If replacing an original woofer, we suggest replacing both woofers to have a matched pair. We took care to make sure the brightness is just right, too. Electronic protection is built in, in order to reduce the risk of driver damage through over-enthusiastic use, and the drivers themselves are completely new. This MKII woofer can also be used in the original HR824. In the Standby position, the circuitry remains powered up in a low-power mode and no sound is produced. Our LED power indicator is a tasty shade of white and red for when things get pushed a little too hard. Get many of the same tools used by your favorite artists and recording studios. Prices per pair including VAT. Mackie's HR series of active two-way studio monitors is one of the company's big success stories, as these speakers are in use everywhere from home studios to professional facilities. PreSonus StudioLive 32SC Series III Mixing Console. Back in the 90s, our HR Series studio reference monitors revolutionized studio monitoring. $39.99. No matter which way you orient your HRmk2s, they’re always right-side up! The original HR824 used an aluminium-domed tweeter, which I felt gave it a slightly sweeter sound than some of the rather brash-sounding titanium-tweeter models on the market at the time, so I've been looking forward to seeing if this new design sounds as smooth. The EAW Design Team well known for the roll that they play in Loud Technologiesbrought to the table their expertise and helped to greatly improve this monitor system. I have a pair of Mackie HR824 and one fails to power on. (The original HR824 speaker is obsolete.) Mackie did not handle the redesign of the Mackie Active Sound lines on their own. In my personal studio, I've relied on ADAM S3-A's (Tape Op #33) as my main monitors for the past five years. First Look: Pro Tools | Carbon. Where the room is too small or too poorly bass-trapped to work well at very low frequencies, the 47Hz setting is a good option, whereas the 80Hz setting provides a passable emulation of the bass response of a small domestic music system, which is useful when checking your mixes. Another obvious change is the plain rectangular baffle, which has been replaced by a bespoke aluminium moulding with a curved front and radiused corners, but this isn't simply a cosmetic tweak — those rounded edges reduce diffraction, and the tweeter waveguide is moulded into the baffle so that the flare is completely smooth. $12.99 shipping. Despite the change in drivers and the switch to titanium for the tweeter dome material, the HR824 Mk2 manages to keep essentially the same family sound as its predecessor, and though some HF detail, such as ride cymbal hits, comes through a little more dynamically than before, the overall sound is still smooth and well-balanced, and it doesn't start to sound brash unless the mix itself is over-aggressive. How do I integrate a 5 channel looper with a mixer with... 30-day modular deep dive/writing challenge. Available for MacOS® and Windows® operating systems. *Requires a new Pro Tools | First subscription at no cost. If you're considering purchasing HR824 Mk2 monitors, you may also want to audition models such as the Dynaudio BM15A, KRK VXT8, ADAM P11A and M-Audio EX66. LC08/1502(S)-4 (Gaskets not included). The peak SPL per pair at one metre is quoted as 120dB peak or 111dB short-term. You may login with either your assigned username or your e-mail address. This acts much like a tuning port but has advantages at very low frequencies, where it helps prevent over-excursion of the woofer and also avoids port wind-noise. A comprehensive set of controls on the rear of the HR Mk2 series monitors enable you to fine-tune the setup to suit your own working environment. The HRmk2 Series monitors contain separate onboard amplifiers for each driver, plus onboard active crossovers and time-correction circuitry, which helps ensure highs and lows reach your ears at the same time. power cable included. must say this speaker has been with us through all of our parties. Mackie HR824 (Mk1 or Mk2) for fun listening. ... MACKIE HR824 MK2 PROFESSIONAL ACTIVE STUDIO MONITOR. The Mackie HR824mk2 is an active two-way studio monitor, perfect for stereo or surround mixing applications. Overall, the Mackie HR824 Mk2 is a very good performer. I know people say they have way too much low end for mixing, but are they still enjoyable for listening to music or watching movies on them? The extended low-frequency response and accurate time response are commendable and are let down only by a slightly uneven mid- and high-frequency response. But, as I've mentioned, it isn't a simple repackaging. Page 4: The Cabinet Did you purchase an HRmk2 Series monitor on or after September 12, 2019? The Mackie HR824 MK2, the larger and more powerful monitor in the Mackie HR series is an example of what happens when people don’t listen to the old cliche, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The Loud Technologies company was formed i… Also, though monitors of this type produce the widest sweet spot when standing upright, Mackie have made their logo rotatable, so anyone who insists on sideways mounting can at least have the logo the right way up! Be the first to write a review! We began producing the original HR824 Studio Monitors in 1997, and they quickly became the standard by which near-field studio reference monitors were compared for extremely flat frequency response at a reasonable price.

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