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Upright Piano. These days this approach is primarily used for classical music recordings, where the intent is effectively to recreate a 'best seat in the auditorium' sound for the listener at home. 23:04. How do you record an upright piano with one mic? But if you've got an upright in your front room, don't dismiss the idea of recording it: sometimes the smaller scale and reduced bass weight of an upright fits well into a complex track. To record an upright piano there are two methods used. One problem with Uprights is that you won’t get a powerful and wide sound as you do with a Grand Piano. But when it comes to piano, I decided to break away from the MIDI crowd and buy myself a used upright piano. First of all, NEVER from the back, although I’ve seen this done many times. hide. Basically i have 1 old AKG C3000 and a Rode NT1-A. How to Record an Upright Piano . In this tutorial article, I am going to share the steps I take when recording an upright acoustic piano. Condenser mics are usually the best choice for a clean, natural sound. Having that many sound sources is just going to muddy up your mix! Hello, i would like to record my upright piano at home. A bit of low cut to delete the pedal noise. Remember: a piano is an investment. Most upright pianos allow you to take of the panels without destroying the piano. A grand piano has the power to be heard over a symphony orchestra, or it can be whisper quiet, providing an underscore to a lullaby. The design of an upright is specifically that it should sound best when placed in front of a wall, and listened to from the front. I just finished up a Christmas CD where I recorded 17 choirs in 17 schools and in many cases an upright piano was used as accompaniment. Yamaha Arius YDP-184 Digital Upright Piano ... More features of the Yamaha Arius YDP-184 include the fact that you can record your performance via the keyboard’s built in recording function. I'm trying to record an acoustic upright piano using GarageBand on my iPhone. Share this page: By Dave Martin on Nov 19, 2019, 8:00 AM. Having said that, the room in which the piano sits will obviously still have an impact on the recording — so you should try, at the very least, not to record in the tiny little practice cupboards within which upright pianos often lurk. I have two questions: What kind of mics should I get (I plan on getting two) for an upright piano? Microphone Type. Close. I did many upright piano records with a pair of Neumann KM184 (your Rodes should be ok) placed left/right on the open upper cover. So far, I figured out not to choose "KEYBOARD" but to instead choose "AUDIO RECORDER", as the former brings … I have recorded many grand pianos, and I usually pair two condenser microphones with a ribbon microphone. Before we begin talking about sound and how to record the sound of a piano, we must first understand how that sound is produced and naturally amplified by the instrument.The diagram to the left illustrates a few of the most important parts on the inside of a piano. Especially if the piano is just a background instrument. I was using the Voice Memos app previously, but the sound was distorted. One of the most popular misconceptions when recording upright piano is to either raise the top lid and place mics there or open up the bottom … The piano has the greatest range of any instrument, so it’s best to use a microphone that has a wide frequency response. Det er gratis at tilmelde sig og byde på jobs. The Piano has not been tuned for a while but I like the sound, it is not too perfect which gives life and ambience to its sound. I merely opened the lid of each one, aimed straight down, on axis, over middle-c with a U89 or C414xls in wide cardioid (6" above piano … With the front panel out of the way we were able to access the strings within the casing much easier had we left it on. - Any advices on mics (even lowend) would be helpful - Any techniques aswell I know that you gotta open the top and put the mics as near as 20cm probably, but I'm not sure and not expirienced with piano recording at all. Member; Posts: 33; How to record Upright Piano (IDEAS, types of mics) « on: November 21, 2015, 10:08:00 PM » Hi, I have been recently uploading videos on youtube (covers, original compositions, … How to record Upright Piano (IDEAS, types of mics) Sign in to disable this ad Hi, I have been recently uploading videos on youtube (covers, original compositions, etc) on a kawai upright piano and I am facing a problem with the audio quality. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I like to record myself - just for fun or getting feedback, nothing more serious - and I wondered how to position microphone(s). Even the phrase “Grand Piano” evokes a sense of majesty, of power, of complexity. Second Oldest Trick in Sleight of Hand - … It it ok to use 2 different mics? I'm totally new to recording! 5 ways to record an upright piano: DETAILED TUTORIAL with audio samples! Learn how to record an upright piano. How to Record a Piano. I have two Behringer C-1 mics and a Yamaha U3 upright piano. An Upright Piano is not made to use for performance or recording, they are built for household use or for practice. How to Record an Upright Piano. The choice between wide-diaphragm or pencil condensers is a matter of taste, but pencil condensers are a little more common. Lots of people will suggest more obscure mics, but c414's are really great in so many situations, especially pianos (both upright and grand), that's it's tough not to recommend them. save. I'm talking homerecoding. You can also learn many classic piano songs that are pre-loaded into the digital piano, which is accompanied by a songbook. Søg efter jobs der relaterer sig til How to record upright piano, eller ansæt på verdens største freelance-markedsplads med 18m+ jobs. They also work great as live piano mics, and basically on all wind and string instruments, as well as drum overheads. Posted by 7 years ago. Option one: Two condenser microphones Polar response: Cardioid; Example: Shure SM 81, AKG C1000; Option two: Two condenser microphones Polar response: Omni; Example: KSM44; Ideally, both microphones should be the same make and manufacture. How do I place them, given that the piano is in the corner of a large room (~20 feet by ~20 feet) with a sofa next to it. As I had a limited number of channels with my mobile rig, I had to record these in mono and could not remove front covers. – With only one mic, it’s still possible to get a solid recording sound as we touched on above. Archived. The length of the harp in an Upright is usually smaller which is what causes the sound to be less wide. 9. share. Sale prova milano, Studio registrazione | … How would you approach recording with this selection?

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