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Today there are 1500+ locations worldwide with 40+ locations (and growing) in the USA! Issues. Earn the distinction of representing Australia's breakthrough brand! Get Involved. For more information about Gong Cha franchising in New Zealand please send us an enquiry through our Franchise page. With the all-new Gong cha app, you can now keep up with your royalty rewards at your finger tips. In 2019, TA Associates agreed to provide growth investment to Gong Cha. Franchise India offers wide variety of Tea And Coffee Chain franchise opportunities to run a successful Tea And Coffee Chain franchise business. Gong Cha is back in Singapore! Gong Cha is a boba franchise that focuses on quality ingredients and creative mixes. In April 2014, Gong Cha USA opened its first franchise store in Flushing, Queens (New York). “Gong cha is a leading brand in a fast-growing category, and the unit model economics are very attractive. At Gong Cha USA, we believe in serving quality bubble tea and boba tea. With more than 1,500 stores worldwide and growing, Gong Cha is arguably one of … From protecting the franchise model to ensuring your voice is heard, IFA is committed to protecting the franchise community. Be sure to include the actual location that you are planning to open a Gong Cha (we will check if there is another store in the work at that area) and we will get back to you in a few days with the additional information and the next step. Gong cha's Royalty Card NOW ON YOUR MOBILE. Welcome aboard, partner! Gong Cha (Chinese: 貢茶) is a tea drink franchisee headquartered in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.In 2017, 70% of ownership was sold to Euiyeol Kim, owner of Gong Cha Korea, Gong Cha's Korea franchisee, with private backings. Introducing to you Gong Cha bubble tea from Taiwan to the world. Bunleang declined to disclose Gong Cha’s financial performance. At Gong cha we are more than just a café serving your favorite drink, just the way you like it. Helpful? Enjoy great bubble tea in Singapore, freshly presented, with the highest quality and expectations of beverages from Gong Cha. Delicious and innovated drinks to delight your taste, anytime, any occasion, let Gong Cha get you out of the ordinary. They have several locations from all over the world including the USA, U.K, and Canada. 46K likes. In 2012, Gong Cha was brought to Korea. 1. Fava Tea. Known for quality tea and service, Gong Cha has withheld its reputation against many existing competitors. We will contact you as soon as we can to further discuss franchising opportunities. “However, it depends on the location. Redeem it for free as a member when you purchase 10 drinks by 31 December, or exchange it for 450 points! News. What do you guys think? 1. Power of Brands. Gong Cha franchise also has fast transactions and turnaround times for its drink products. Started in Gaohsiong, Taiwan in 2006, Gong Cha has become one of the most recognised bubble tea chains across Taiwan, Malaysia, most of Southeast Asia and around the world. At this stage, you’ll receive draft franchise documents to review with your legal and financial advisors, plus you’ll meet our Senior Management Team for a final approval interview. Previously, co-founder of Royal Tea Taiwan, Mr Kim Soo-Min, also mentioned that they’re not bringing Gong Cha back to compete with LiHo. Tang and his group have, all this while, been franchisees of popular eateries from overseas, some of which include Korean restaurants Nene Chicken, Bornga and Paik’s Coffee. Our teas can be blended with a variety of fruits, toppings and creative mixes. Our house specialty is the Milk Foam Green Tea. Here are 18 tea franchise concepts to consider for aspiring entrepreneurs. Thank you! Gong Cha USA - Bubble Tea - Franchise. Gong Cha was officially put into operation in Vietnam market by Golden Trust Co., Ltd., in October 11st, 2014. In just two years, over 200 outlets opened up in the city of Seoul. Experience Gong Cha in 50+ different ways. Gong Cha Singapore now belongs to master franchisee, Mr Kang Puay Seng, who founded Mr Bean. Contact Us/Franchises; Contact us with any questions, comments, or inquiries. Gong Cha. Check out our featured products and our exclusive store promotions today. Cool down with our refreshing summer smoothies. Franchising Cost Of A Bubble Tea Outlet At Orchard Read More Here > Plan for a better 2021. About Gong Cha. Gong Cha's franchise story . GONG CHA VIETNAM. Related documents. Gong Cha's franchise story. You can explore some of the established and well known Tea And Coffee Chain franchises here. Gong Cha Franchise I enquired was about $300k to start a franchise. We will try our best to get back to you within 24 hours. If you’re looking to find the best franchise business in the Philippines that could potentially make you rich, look no further. Or inspire a friend with our top favourites. Gong Cha, a Taiwanese bubble tea brand with 1,300 locations situated across 19 countries, has announced plans to double-down on European franchise growth; a market that, according to Allied Market Research, has a bubble tea industry worth over $300m, growing at nine per cent every year. He said that the cost to open a Gong Cha franchise was estimated at RM500,000. 03 Brewed Teas Marketing Essential (ME) Academic year. Please sign in or register to post comments. Quick Franchise Summary. Become a member, unleash your potential, and explore the variety of franchising opportunities around the globe. So, as its franchisee, you get … If you are keen to franchise Gong Cha in Singapore, we have bad news for you. Awesome tastes from best qulity tea leaves and fresh ingredients. We have here the most comprehensive database of franchises in the country — complete with useful information such as franchise fee, application requirements, and contact details of your favorite franchises. Started at Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Gong Cha which is another word for “tribute tea for the emperor” is a reputable bubble tea franchise. If you are interested in opening a Gong Cha in the DMV area, please contact us using the form to the right or email us at hello@gongchadmv.com. Membership. Explore our largest range, Gong cha’s milk teas! University. First established in 2006 in Taiwan, Gong Cha was brought over to Singapore as a franchise by Tang and his group in 2009. Franchising Gong Cha in Singapore can cost you S$244,347 to S$461,896 per Gong Cha outlet. However, according to a report from the Financial Times in March of 2015, sales at Brown Coffee, including Gong Cha and Fox restaurant, reached approximately $500,000 a month in 2014 with a profit margin of 15 to 20 per cent. Read the latest writing about Gong Cha Franchise. Gong Cha. Or I can open my own branding and use that 300k to establish my own branding. The pros of a franchise is marketing is already done and everything is set up. The company sells a variety of specialty teas along with related products and gifts. Gong Cha BC is a popular Taiwan bubble tea brand with over 1200 franchise worldwide. Queen St. West (Downtown) 390 Queen Street West Monday to Thursday 11:30am – 11:00pm 2018/2019. Every day, thousands of voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium about Gong Cha Franchise. We are a member of your community and feel it’s important to do what … 8. The success of bringing Taiwanese bubble tea culture to Korea was only more telling of Gong Cha’s brand reputation. Get unique with our exclusive eight menu. Once you’re officially approved you’ll be issued with franchise legal documents. This includes the franchisee licence, rent and renovation. Gong Cha Group is a Food and drink company. Established in 2006, Gong cha has been appreciated by its customers, relying on good words of mouth and unique customized services originated in Taiwan.From then on, the story of Gong cha has widely spread, and Gong cha has become one of the best-known quality tea providers in the world. Franchise opportunity in NY, NJ, MA and TX is now available. National Economics University. Fava Tea is a retail tea business that currently has multiple locations in Wisconsin, with potential expansion opportunities throughout the U.S. Gong Cha USA is a successful bubble tea brand. Join. Gong Cha is best known for it's pearl milk tea (commonly known as bubble tea) and milk foam. Comments. 0 0. Bubble tea fit for royalty. Join and be part of a bubble tea franchise in Melbourne. Please also use this form for any franchise requests. Inspired by the milk foam on coffee latte, the signature drink of Gong cha, the Milk Foam Series, was invented after a-year-long development, to ensure the mouth-watering, sweet and savory taste goes well with freshly brewed tea. Course. Unique Tea Franchises. Visit our franchise section to find out the details. This results in a significant volume of units sold. Their goal is to serve a freshly prepared and top-quality bubble tea to … Con would be the start up cost and the profit margin they get for each cup. The chain offers special features like online ordering to make it easy for customers to keep returning for more bubble tea. “Gong Cha is a leading brand in a fast-growing category, and the unit model economics are very attractive. Here you will find many of our top sellers including the famous Royal Pearl Milk Tea. Gong Cha today is one of the most recognized bubble tea brands around the world. Nowadays, Gong cha has blossomed in nearly 20 countries, towards 1500 outlets around the world. Share.

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