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Among many tribes, the design of the shawl denotes the social status of the wearer. Eating Nagaland food in Nagaland. 75% of the population lives in the rural areas. Search - [27], Accordingly, the territory was placed under the Nagaland Transitional Provisions Regulation, 1961[28] which provided for an Interim body consisting of 45 members to be elected by tribes according to the customs, traditions and usage of the respective tribes. [10] Among its districts, Dimapur has the largest population (379,769), followed by Kohima (270,063). Als einziger Bundesstaat Indiens hat Nagaland eine negative Bevölkerungsentwicklung: Zwischen 2001 und 2011 schrumpfte die Einwohnerzahl um 0,5 Prozent. [10], On 4 October 1879, G.H. [29], Im Jahr 2015/16 wurde elektrische Energie zu 59 Prozent aus Wasserkraft, 17 % aus Kohle und 24 Prozent aus Gas gewonnen. Dining in Nagaland, India: See 270 Tripadvisor traveller reviews of 51 Nagaland restaurants and search by cuisine, price, location, and more. To achieve these goals a man, whatever his ascendancy, had to be a headhunter or great warrior, have many conquests among women sex, or complete a series of merit feasts. Kerala • Welcome To. The younger churches exhibit a more vocally explicit form of worship. Im Jahr 1866 errichtete die britisch-indische Administration in Samaguting (ab 1878 in Kohima) einen Verwaltungsposten, um das Gebiet administrativ zu organisieren. Smoked meat wi… [18][19] The Indian National Army lost half their numbers, many through starvation, and were forced to withdraw through Burma. Die durchschnittliche Jahrestemperatur liegt in den Tälern bei 23 °C bis 25 °C, in den etwas höhergelegenen Regionen bei 18 °C bis 20 °C. Verschiedene Stammesorganisationen machten geltend, dass die in der Verfassung Indiens verankerte Quote die Verfassungsklausel 371A verletze, die politische und soziale Gepflogenheiten der Nagas unter besonderen Schutz stellt. 29,0 Prozent der Einwohner des Bundesstaates leben in Städten. Jahrhundert. Nagaland gilt als die Region mit dem weltweit höchsten baptistischen Bevölkerungsanteil. Historically, Naga tribes celebrated two main rituals. Nach dem Ende der britischen Kolonialherrschaft 1947 schloss sich Nagaland Indien an. Damant (M.A.C.S), a British political agent, went to Khonoma with troops, where he was shot dead with 35 of his team. Dabei handelt es sich um einen Oberbegriff für eine Gruppe von indigenen Völkern des indischen Nordostens. Zwei Mandate gewann die National People’s Party (NPP) und je ein Mandat erhielten ein Unabhängiger, sowie ein Kandidat der Janata Dal (United).[14]. Some noteworthy mammals found in Nagaland include the slow loris, Assamese macaque, pig-tailed macaque, stump-tailed macaque, rhesus macaque, capped langur, hoolock gibbon, Himalayan black bear, dhole, occasional Bengal tiger, Indian leopard, clouded leopard, marbled cat, golden cat, Indian elephants, gaur, red serow, sambar, Chinese pangolin, Malayan porcupine, Asiatic brush-tailed porcupine, and Hoary bamboo rats[38], Nagaland has a rich birdlife with more than 490 species. The ancient history of the Nagas is unclear. Languages of Nagaland in 2011[56][57][58]. Die Alphabetisierungsquote in Nagaland lag bei der Volkszählung 2001 mit 80,1 Prozent über dem Mittelwert Indiens (74,0 Prozent).[6]. This has been attributed, by scholars,[48] to incorrect counting in past censuses; the 2011 census in Nagaland is considered most reliable so far. Gordon Pruett, Christianity, history, and culture in Nagaland, Tezenlo Thong, "'Thy Kingdom Come': The Impact of Colonization and Proselytization on Religion among the Nagas,", Bert Sim, Mosstodloch, Aberdeenshire, Scotland: Pipe Major of the Gordon Highlanders at Kohima: his home is named "Kohima." [citation needed]. The state is rich in mineral resources such as coal, limestone, iron, nickel, cobalt, chromium, and marble. [10] Es kam zu bewaffneten Auseinandersetzungen, die zum längeren Einsatz der indischen Armee führten. Huge churches dominate the skylines of Wokha, Kohima, Dimapur, and Mokokchung. As of 2019, there are 12 districts in Nagaland. [30] Der Umweltschutzgedanke dringt durch großangelegte Aufklärungsprogramme und durch die Einbeziehung der lokalen Bevölkerung allmählich in das Allgemeinbewusstsein. The battle was fought from 4 April to 22 June 1944 from the town of Kohima, coordinated with action at Imphal, Manipur. [13], Before the arrival of European colonialism in South Asia, there had been many wars, persecution and raids from Burma on Naga tribes, Meitei people and others in India's northeast. 2. Blyth's tragopan, a vulnerable species of galliform, is the state bird of Nagaland. The most populous and the most urbanized is Dimapur district, with seven times the inhabitants of Longleng, the least populous. Yet, in terms of population served for each kilometre of surfaced road, Nagaland is the second best state in the region after Arunachal Pradesh.[43]. All the tribes have distinct cuisines which use meat, fish and fermented products extensively. The men would go on an expedition against other tribes or neighbouring kingdoms, and kill to score a number of heads they were able to hunt. Thereafter from 1 April 1937, it was brought under the direct administration of the Crown through Her Majesty's representative; the Governor of Assam province. [9] Die Nagas lebten in kriegerischen Stammesgesellschaften und praktizierten unter anderem die Kopfjagd. Ein Beispiel hierfür ist der weitgehende Rückgang der Jagd auf den Amurfalken, der früher in einer Zahl von bis zu etwa 100.000 jährlich in großen Netzen gefangen und getötet worden war. The Democratic Alliance of Nagaland (DAN) is a state level coalition of political parties. Though our land at present is within the British territory, Government have always recognised our privacy rights in it, but if we are forced to enter the council the majority of whose number is sure to belong to other districts, we also have much fear the introduction of foreign laws and customs to supersede our own customary laws which we now enjoy. Prayers are held in Kohima for peace and in memory of the fallen of both sides of the battle.[22][23]. Nagaland's schools are run by the state and central government or by a private organisation. The 16 main tribes of Nagaland are Angami, Ao, Chakhesang, Chang, Dimasa Kachari, Khiamniungan, Konyak, Kuki, Lotha, Phom, Pochury, Rengma, Sangtam, Sumi, Yimchunger, and Zeliang. In 1866, the British India administration established a post at Samaguting with the explicit goal of ending intertribal warfare and tribal raids on property and personnel. Food is bland with boiled vegetables, chicken, frogs when they are in season, and ginger stew making up the main fare. 1. In Nagaland herrscht eine enorme Sprachenvielfalt. Am 22. Auch der Gaur ist sehr selten geworden. Im Zweiten Weltkrieg wurde das benachbarte Burma von japanischen Truppen besetzt. From 1929 to 1935, the understanding of sovereignty by Nagas was 'self-rule' based on the traditional territorial definition. Nagaland wird überwiegend von Naga besiedelt. The state enjoys a healthy, pleasant climate. [20][21], There is the World War II Cemetery, and the War Museum, in honour of those who lost their lives during World War II during the fighting between the British Empire and Japanese troops. 2015/16 waren von den 436.217 Haushalten 141.049 (32 %) noch nicht elektrifiziert, davon 24.566 in städtischen und 116.483 in ländlichen Regionen. Nagaland ist ein indischer Bundesstaat mit einer Fläche von 16.527 Quadratkilometern und knapp zwei Millionen Einwohnern (Stand 2011). These were feasting and headhunting. The movement led to a series of violent incidents, that damaged government and civil infrastructure, attacked government officials and civilians. Discover New Recipes. Meat could refer to beef, pork, fish, chicken, crabs, frog, snail, spider, insects, and bee larvae. To conserve and protect this animal in the northeast, the National Research Centre on Mithun (NRCM) was established by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) in 1988.[41]. Hattaway, Paul. The practice of headhunting was banned in the 19th century British India,[10] but the Naga tribes practiced head-hunting and preserved the heads of enemies as trophies as late as 1969. It is generally taken with meat or vegetables. [17][18] Weitere Unruhen und Generalstreiks (bandhs) erzwangen am 19. Authentic Publishing. Despite this, between 1851 and 1865, Naga tribes continued to raid the British in Assam. [17] [24] Betrieben wird vor allem Terrassenreisanbau, Nassreisanbau und traditionelle Brandrodung. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 24. The state generates 87.98 MU compared to a demand for 242.88 MU. Agriculture employs about nine-tenths of the population. Read about Food. Cease-fires were announced and negotiations continued, but this did little to stop the violence. Therefore if it is continued to be placed under Reformed Scheme, we are afraid new and heavy taxes will have to be imposed on us, and when we cannot pay, then all lands have to be sold and in long run we shall have no share in the land of our birth and life will not be worth living then. [31] Nach internationalen Protesten wurde die Jagd verboten und ein großangelegtes Erziehungsprogramm begonnen, so dass die Zugvögel seit 2013 wieder weitgehend ungehindert durch Nagaland fliegen. 1879/80 kam es zu einem landesweiten Aufstand, der durch britische Truppen im Gefecht von Khonoma niedergeschlagen wurde. The state has experienced insurgency, as well as an inter-ethnic conflict, since the 1950s. 2008. Plain rice, vegetables like potato, and meat are the main ingredients used in the Nagaland food. The main ingredients of Naga food are Bamboo shoot, Axone, Anishi, and fermented dry fish. The project will be executed in three phases. In June 1946, the Naga National Council submitted a four-point memorandum to officials discussing the independence of India from British colonial rule. Nachdem Rio in die Lok Sabha eingezogen war, ersetzte ihn sein Parteikollege T. R. Zeliang am 24. [70][71] Roman Catholics, Revivalists, and Pentecostals are the other Christian denominations. In 1929, a Memorandum was submitted to the Simon Statutory Commission, requesting that the Nagas be exempt from reforms and new taxes proposed in British India, should be left alone to determine their own future. Annual rainfall averages around 1,800–2,500 millimetres (70–100 in), concentrated in the months of May to September. Catholics are found in significant numbers in parts of Phek district, Wokha district and Kohima district as well as in the urban areas of Kohima and Dimapur. Die sieben Primatenarten sind Sunda-Plumplori (Nycticebus coucang), Nördlicher Schweinsaffe (Macaca leonina), Rhesusaffe (Macaca mulatto), Assam-Makak (Macaca assamensis), Bärenmakak (Macaca arctoides), Kappenlangur (Trachypithecus pileatus) und der Hulock (Hylobates hoolock). Davor wurden allerdings nur 134 km² als „sehr dichter Wald“ klassifiziert, 28,3 % als „mäßig dicht“ und 42,1 % als „offener Wald“. Strong northwest winds blow across the state during the months of February and March. Die Wälder reichen von immergrünem tropischen Regenwald über subtropischen Regenwald bis hin zu Nadelwäldern und alpinem Baumbestand in den höheren Bergregionen. Hinzu kommen etwa 5 Millionen Tonnen an verschiedenen Buntmetallen (Nickel, Kobalt und Chrom), andere Metalle wie Zink und Molybdän, sowie möglicherweise auch Edelmetallvorkommen (Gold, Platin) in den südwestlichen Distrikten Phek, Kiphire und Tuensang. When created in 1963 the state of Nagaland was divided into just three districts, Kohima district, Mokokchung district and Tuensang district. Nagaland • The temperature during the summer season remains between 16 to 31 °C (61 to 88 °F). [75], The Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) of Nagaland was about ₹12,065 crore (US$1.7 billion) in 2011–12. '[25] In February 1946, the Naga Club officially took shape into a unified Naga National Council in Wokha. The Tuensang frontier was united with this single political region, Naga Hills Tuensang Area (NHTA),[26] and it became a Union territory directly administered by the Central government with a large degree of autonomy. Each of the tribe has unique designs and colours, producing shawls, shoulder bags, decorative spears, table mats, wood carvings, and bamboo works. Meat, gently drying above wood-fired stoves, jars of funky fermented ingredients dressing kitchen cabinets; all this happening in the land of Bhut Jolokia– the spiciest chilly in the world.However, this only scratches the surface of the food culture of this region. In 1967, the Nagaland Assembly proclaimed Indian English as the official language of Nagaland and it is the medium for education in Nagaland. Am 1. Als ein Problem wird die schnell voranschreitende Entwaldung gesehen. Tribes migrated at different times, each settling in the northeastern part of present India and establishing their respective sovereign mountain terrains and village-states. 1", White lotus, 2016. The airport's asphalt runway is 7513 feet long, at an elevation of 487 feet. [19] Sein Nachfolger wurde am 22. Mizoram • Traditional tribe-related festivals revolve round agriculture, as a vast majority of the population of Nagaland is directly dependent on agriculture. Mysore • Drouyer, A. Isabel, René Drouyer, "THE NAGAS: MEMORIES OF HEADHUNTERS- Indo-Burmese Borderlands-vol. In July 1960, following discussion between Prime Minister Nehru and the leaders of the Naga People Convention (NPC), a 16-point agreement was arrived at whereby the Government of India recognised the formation of Nagaland as a full-fledged state within the Union of India. [80] Local initiatives and tourism pioneers are now beginning to promote a socially responsible tourism model involving the participation of the councils, village elders, the church and the youth. There are also sizable populations of non-tribal communities like Bengalis, Marwaris, Nepalis, and others living mostly around Dimapur City. In den ersten Jahren nach der Unabhängigkeit forderten Naga-Politiker den Zusammenschluss aller Naga-Gebiete (die Teilung in Naga Hills district und Naga tribal area bestand weiter fort) sowie eine weitgehende Autonomie Nagalands und liebäugelten mit der vollständigen Unabhängigkeit. An der Spitze des Bundesstaats steht jedoch der vom indischen Präsidenten ernannte Gouverneur (Governor). Together the British and Indian troops successfully repelled the Japanese troops. Nach der Volkszählung 2001 machen die Naga 87,5 Prozent der Bevölkerung des Bundesstaates aus und teilen sich auf 16 verschiedene Stämme auf. The 60-member Vidhan Sabha – all elected members of the legislature – forms the government executive and is led by the Chief minister. While some forest areas have been cleared for jhum cultivation, many scrub forests, high grass, and reeds. Have a look at some of the most special dishes of Nagaland that you need to try at least once in your life. Stars, moon, and spirits: bright beings of the night in Sino-Tibetan, Gengo Kenkyu, 77(1), 45, Khubchandani, L. M. (1997), Bilingual education for indigenous people in India. It is served with … Dimapur Airport, is the sole airport in Nagaland with scheduled commercial services to Kolkata, West Bengal, [8] Only married men could give such Feasts, and his wife took a prominent and honoured place during the ritual which emphasised male-female co-operation and interdependence. In June 1946, the NNC submitted a four-point memorandum signed by T. Sakhrie; the then Secretary of NNC, to the still-visiting British Cabinet Mission. Agriculture is the most important economic activity, covering over 70% of the state's economy. Hinduism is the second largest religion in Nagaland. (30  km). On 1 August 1946, Nehru, President of the Indian National Congress Party in his reply to the memorandum, appealed to the Nagas to join the Union of India promising local autonomy and safeguards in a wide-ranging area of administration. The scheduled election in Northern Angami II constituency did not take place as only incumbent MLA Neiphiu Rio was nominated and was therefore declared elected unopposed. Die Gesamtreisproduktion lag im Jahr 2016/17 bei 478.210 Tonnen. Hornbill Festival showcases a mélange of cultural displays under one roof. 'From Head Hunters To Church Planters'. These belong mostly to the Sino-Tibetan language family. Hindus are concentrated mainly in Dimapur district (28.75%) and Kohima district (9.51%). Formal unterstanden die Gebiete dem Gouverneur der Provinz Assam.[10]. The NNC stands for the solidarity of all Naga tribes, including those in un-administered areas; Dazu zählen Erdöl- und Erdgasvorräte im Nordwesten entlang der Grenze zu Assam, deren Vorräte auf 600 Millionen Tonnen geschätzt werden. Know your Chef. Von hier gibt es Linienflüge nach Kalkutta in Westbengalen und Dibrugarh in Assam. 1986. [26][30], The rebel activity continued in many Naga inhabited areas both in India and Burma. Others suggest it means pierced noses. Punjab • Die Mehrzahl der Christen in dem Bundesstaat sind Baptisten. Noklak district is considered entirely rural. Die 60 Abgeordneten des Parlaments werden alle fünf Jahre durch Direktwahl bestimmt. Temperatures range from 21 to 40 °C (70 to 104 °F). Famous Food Of Nagaland. Nearly 4,000 British Empire troops lost their lives, along with 3,000 Japanese. Mills, J. P. 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So you wont be eating thin strips of bite sized pork, they cook with huge chunks of pig. Maharashtra • Mount Saramati at an elevation of 3,841 metres (12,602 ft) is the state's highest peak; this is where the Naga Hills merge with the Patkai Range in which form the boundary with Burma. The exploration will be carried out by the Metropolitan Oil & Gas Pvt. [43][10], Some other minor tribes or subtribes are Garo, Mikir, Chirr, Makury, Rongmei and Tikhir.[55]. In Encyclopedia of Language and Education Volume 5, pp 67-76, Springer Netherlands, Vibha Joshia, The Birth of Christian Enthusiasm among the Angami of Nagaland, Journal of South Asian Studies, Volume 30, Issue 3, 2007, pages 541-557, Anowar Hussain, Economy of North Eastern Region of India, Vol.1, Issue XII / June 2012, pp.1-4, Oil exploration resumes in Nagaland, (21 July 2014) Accessed from. [74], The NDPP-BJP alliance led PDA government has won the majority in 2018 Nagaland Legislative Assembly election and has been in power since then.

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