fiio fh5 review

So are these worth the $249 asking price? High-quality sound for listeners on the go. The FiiO FH5 is their new hybrid quad driver top of the line In-Ear Monitor. This structure ensures a deep bass response down to 5 Hz according to FiiO. 15 minute read (Last Updated On: December 16, 2019) FiiO’s flagship in-ear monitor is a masterclass in tuning and heralds its grand entry into the highly competitive midrange tier of earphones. Overall Impressions: The clean and intricate FH5 vs the rich and full-bodied FA7. Sound Impressions Tonality & Presentation. It was a real joy to review the Fiio FH5 which has me even more curious about future products of this company. 2007) is a Chinese company that made themselves a name with good quality, affordable portable amps for iPods and iPads. They find a nice sweet spot right in the middle that lets me hear the intricacies of the baseline throughout the song Where’s the Fun in Forever by Miguel without feeling my eyes rattle. Then there are the ear tips that come with the FiiO FH5 in-ears, all of which have a slightly different sound signature depending on what it is that you’re looking for. I’ve had it for almost a month now and it has been my primary pair of IEMs (in-ear monitors) for this period. Share On: Buy . I paired FH5 with FiiO’s latest DAP: the M7 that has a very low noise floor and a very black background without traces of noise. First there was the rise of wireless headphones, offering people immersive sound without a cumbersome wire, with most companies moving towards truly wireless earbuds. But as I said in the intro, they lacked that certain flavor to sound somewhat special. In what is my sixth FiiO in-ear review, the mighty FH7 awaits at the top of the mountain. Art Pepper – Modern Jazz Classics 3. The sound signature is phenomenal by default and it responds to EQ-ing, the build quality is great, and the package is … Still, at the risk of being blunt and making this the shortest sound quality section in any review ever, these do sound pretty damn great. SOUND. The fit is more complete and ergonomic for a Universal IEM. 31. Macy Gray – Stripped 8. Considering these headphones have an impedance of 19Ω and were made for portable devices, I didn’t have a problem applying enough power at all. Consultare recensioni obiettive e imparziali sui prodotti, fornite dagli utenti. Plus, most people reading this will already have their own source devices. For many people, FiiO is a launching pad – the first "audiophile" amp or DAC they ever own. The New … The FH5 is an eye-catching IEM with its beautiful shell design and robust craftsmanship. My primary source device is usually a Pixel 3 and my other is the 11-inch iPad Pro, neither of which have headphone jacks. The Fiio FH5 in-ears satisfied an itch I forgot I had. May 5, 2019 September 18, 2019 ~ Palash ‘Born For Music and Happy’… Yes Fiio born for Music and in 11 year’s life span proved, hi-fi can be possible on budget. With the FH5, FiiO have delivered not just a great product with rich sound but also a budget friendly product. It not only provides a better seal, but is also a more comfortable wear. Plus, these are quad-drivers we’re talking about. FiiO FH3 offers a very high level of comfort, they have longer nozzles than FH5, but a little shorter than F9 Pro so they may be better for a lot of people. That being said, everyone’s ears are shaped differently, and the smaller shell size of the FH5 might be more suitable for folks with smaller ears. FiiO FH5 specs: from 15Hz to 40kHz frequency response, 1 dynamic driver + 3 BA Knowles drivers, 19 Ohm impedance, 112dB/mW sensitivity, 100mW maximum input power, 3.5mm plug type, 120cm cord length, MMCX connectors, 8g weight per single earbud. In this review, I’m checking out the FiiO FH3 hybrid triple-driver earphones. Instead, I’ll leave you with a watch analogy. Given its impedance (19 Ohms) and its efficiency (112dB w/M) the FiiO FH5 mated exceptionally well with all of the above (MacBook Pro included). I’m a much bigger fan of the FA7 in this department. Verdict – The FH5 is a versatile IEM that … Price. For the purposes of this review, the FiiO FH5 was paired with the AudioQuest DragonFly Black, Red, Cobalt, the Cayin N6ii, and Smartphones—Samsung S10, Apple X iPhone. Page 1 Page 2. Not only aggressive pricing but Fiio also trying to fill every corner of a music lover’s daily life with quality products like BTR3, M7, X7 mkII. The sample was provided along with FiiO's request for an honest and unbiased review. The FiiO FH5 in-ear monitors are a perfect example of that, with a quad-driver setup in all-metal housings meant to give you the best sound possible.

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