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The quantum light board is covered by glue for water resistance. The Record Cent 600W Grow Light is powerful and has a really nice color rendition. Unlike other types of artificial lighting, these ones have low power consumption and hence save you money in utility bills. It also offers twice the coverage area than any reflector series light. It has to be the King Plus. Performance It has an impressive flowering and vegetative footprint. The larger distributed LED footprint gets the light 12 to 15 inches from your plant canopy so you can grow higher and wider in tight spaces without burning or dead zones. It has three adjustable light modes to provide suitable light spectrums (red, blue, or both) to your plants through their growing life cycles and get the best yield. At number eleven, we have the Apollo horticultural GL 60 LED. This gave reason to believe that plants may have two photosystems – one for utilizing short-wavelength light and another for using long-wavelength light. The fixture is made from aluminum and poly-carbonate materials. This commercial indoor LED lighting system is perfect for a single light in a tent or several hundred in a mass operation. Hii!! power draw). Adjustable Meanwell driver. This top 10 best LED grow lights for weed and buyer’s guide should help you choose which LED grow lights are best for your plants. – Christopher Matthiesen. Hytekgro LED Grow Light 45W, 2Pack #4. Best Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights 2020 [Review] Lights will be one of the most important investments you make. This amazing grow light is designed to deliver great illumination with high-efficiency. Don’t be fooled by the color you see – even MH (metal halide) grow lights that don’t look very red provide a fair amount of red light to plants. With a working temperature range from 0 to 131 degrees Fahrenheit, it doesn’t require any extra cooling setups like a cool tube or independent exhaust fan. The new SMD LEDs are highly efficient and provide great light spread in the grow room or grow tent. It offers a mode for power saving using 320 to 340W as it provides light with full intensity. The LED lights are separated to avoid burning out in case of fluctuation and has three small holes in the glass that dissipate heat. This hybrid COB LED grow light is sold at a good low price. For a few hundred bucks you can buy a solar panel, deep cycle marine batteries and an inverter to make your own solar powered indoor grow room. Overview: One of the top best-selling LED grow lights for marijuana growing is the popular ES300, or Electric Sky 300. LED grow light manufacturers get the advertised wattage from taking the max voltage each LED can handle, times the number of LEDs in order to give that high number. This light focuses on providing high intensity absorbing light. The primary benefits of LED over the more traditional light sources are that they significantly reduce heat and power consumption. 400-600 µmol/m²/s: Medium strength light, for early veg and stretching. With designs of separate integrated circuit boards and heat sink, one damaged component will not cause any fatal problem to the whole set. The Viparspectra PAR 1200 provides coverage of areas 4×4 feet for the vegetative phase at the height of 40 inches and 3.5 by 3.5 feet during flowering at the height of 36 inches. Full Spectrum LED grow lights are much better than regular LEDs. When cannabis grows outdoors, the sun provides the full spectrum of light that the plant needs to grow naturally. Ages 21 and older only. Rubber coating reduces the risk of water damage. It is scientifically designed to keep the balance of the PAR and lumen output. It has an efficiency of 2.6 umol/j. This LED light also uses high-quality semiconductor chips made by EPILEDS that offer the right wavelength of light. Disclaimer: Price ranges are subject to change. Your current grow may have multiple plants or strains, space restrictions, and almost definitely has a budget. That’s why we’re here to help you with our buyer’s guide to the best LED grow lights 2020. It has 5 different high speed 3.2 inches’ fans to efficiently remove all the hot air from within the grow light. If you want the right one, here is the list of top 12 LED grow lights that are best in the business for growing cannabis. soil, water, nutrients and care. It provides the plants an optimal full spectrum during the vegetative and flowering stages. List Of Best LED Grow Lights in 2020 #10. Enjoy the benefits of wideband IR lighting at an economical price. Comparable to a 150W metal halide grow light. This light has a 3-millimeter thickness aluminum plate radiator for better heat dissipation. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your grow room, a pair of protective glasses is a must. Among these are five LED variations on the red spectrum, four blue variations, one infrared diode and 3000K warm white as well as 7500k cool white LEDs. Blue light is also required in good quantity for happy plants! Overview: The HLG 65 V2 is the second version of the entry-level quantum board LED grow light sold by Horticulture Lighting Group. Next up on the list at number twelve, we have the California Lightworks 550. Its power cord can be plugged in the daisy-chain socket, and you can add another module to it. VIPARSPECTRA LED grow lights are designed by experienced indoor growers. The huge Spider Farmer SF-4000 LED grow light contains 1,212 evenly-spaced LEDs powered by a dimmable Meanwell driver. With all of those considerations in mind, you can select the best LED grow light right here. Overview: UFO LED grow lights were some of the first LED grow lights we saw in the High Times magazines years ago. It effectively replaces a conventional 400W HP grow light while consuming 180W of actual power and giving your plants 100% usable light that’s perfectly tuned to create a maximum photosynthetic response. Too much UV radiation has shown to induce plant mutations. At Number ten, we have MORSEN Grow Light 2400W. There are hundreds of LED grow lights in the market, but not all are right for your grow room. Next on this list, the solar storm 440W is a very powerful LED-based grow light that features 88 Super High Flux 5W LED emitters for a total nominal power of 440W. Here we have done the hard work for you. We call this optimal range PAR, short for photosynthetically-active radiation. Two quiet fans and aluminum cooling heat sinks help with cooling and heat dissipation. The best overall option is the Roleadro LED Grow Light. Passive-cooled design without fans. This is considering the true power draw watt not the rated equivalent advertised. Red color light is needed by plants need to grow healthy. Overview: A great deal priced at a little over one-hundred bucks, the Yehsence 1500w LED Grow Light gives you the most PAR light for a large growing area compared to other cheap LED grow lights. The Viparspectra V300 grow light is certainly among the most successful budget LEDs for growing cannabis plants. July 12, ... you might want to try the best LED grow light in the market. An authentic Meanwell driver regulates the power of the CF Grow CREE CXB3590 COB LED Grow Light. Its full wideband spectrum gives plants the perfect PAR across your entire grow area with spectacular canopy penetration. When humans absorb UV radiation, we produce melanin to defend against the sun’s rays. I am starting this list with the Mars Hydro Reflector. This is one of the best LED grow lights in terms of cooling. The best LED grow lights, High Times, the leader in ranking the best marijuana growing products says, are those that balance affordability, quality, and output. LED grow light by MARS HYDRO, the TS 3000W is a powerful full spectrum wideband LED grow light made to imitate natural sunlight. The system is suitable for grow tents, greenhouses, H2O, and most other hydroponic systems. The no-fan design keeps the SP 250 cool while conserving energy. Buying the best LED grow lights isn’t simple. EPILEDS’s LED chips emit very bright and intense light, and each is fitted with a Zener diode to ensure it functions separately. The Electric Sky 300 has gained a massive following among cannabis growers for integrating these red “wideband” wavelengths into their lights. Powerful as hotter- Vivosun Hydroponic 1000W HPS grow light kit. The huge Spider Farmer SF-4000 LED grow light contains 1,212 evenly-spaced LEDs powered by a dimmable Meanwell driver. It’s higher output, cooler running, and more efficient 3W LEDs blow away the competition. Priced under $150, this COB LED Grow Light by Niello is just about the best COB LED grow light you can buy for the money. No veg or bloom switch, the sunlight spectrum is suitable for growing cannabis from seed until harvest. Quality? Read our full disclaimer & privacy policy here. Red light in nature helps to promote all-around growth and the flowering process. Diffused light for better canopy penetration. As opposed to HPS and MH lights, LED grow lights run at a much lower wattage while producing more PAR light-per-watt for plants to absorb and grow with. It’s more scientifically and energy-efficient than HPS, HID, and MH. 600-1000 µmol/m²/s: High strength light, the best range for developing growth and flowering. There are many benefits to using LED Grow lights in your indoor grow room or even in a protected outdoor environment like a greenhouse. In fact, they were also voted for two years running as the best grow lights by High Times magazine. Overview: Another new grow light from MARS HYDRO, the SP 250 uses the cutting-edge SMD LED technology to provide the highest par/lumen output per watt possible. Plug-in the grow light to see for yourself how this super-bright wideband spectrum works wonders for cannabis plants. The growers who live up in the mountains swear their stuff is more potent due to the increased UV exposure, which makes the plant produce more cannabinoids. Overview: Part of the company’s Dual-Chip series of LED grow lights, the BESTVA 2000W Dual-Chip is made using two-hundred 10 watt LEDs, producing a full spectrum that ranges from IR to UV. Built with the company’s unique wideband LEDs, the full spectrum light emitted gives solid canopy penetration combined with the specialized linear optics which allow for wider coverage. We have looked through various LED grow lights and have picked the best LED grow lights 2020 … It includes 60 high intensity Bridgelux/Epileds chips in 12 different colours. Infrared LEDs can be found in a lot of the LED grow lights above. Compared to a HID indoor grow setup which requires a lot of electricity, cooling and ventilation efforts, LED grow lights can be setup effortlessly in a closet, grow tent or similar space without needing to completely renovate it. Electric Sky 300 V2 Wideband LED Grow Light, Advanced Platinum Series P300 LED Grow Light, BESTVA 2000W Full Spectrum Dual-Chip LED Grow Light, King Plus 1500W Double-Chips LED Grow Light, VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 600W LED Grow Light, BESTVA 1000W Full Spectrum Dual-Chip LED Grow Light, Roleadro 1000W Galaxyhydro LED Grow Light, BESTVA Reflector Series 600W LED Grow Light, UFO Led Grow Light, Growstar 150W Full Spectrum, CREE CXB3590 COB LED Grow Light, CF Grow 200W, Full Spectrum & Light Wavelength Explained, 8 Resilient Mold Resistant Cannabis Strains for Wet Climates, Top 3 Best Aeroponic Cloning Machines For Sale Reviewed + FAQ, DIY How to Build: Undercurrent Hydroponic System, 6 Best Bubble Bags + How to Make Hash with Ice Water, Trim Weed Checklist: Best Bud Trimming Scissors & Harvest Supplies, Best Bud Trimmer Machines for Sale at Low Prices, Best Scales for Weed + Weight Measurement Charts, How to Stop Botrytis on Cannabis (Bud Rot, Gray Mold), 6 Ways to Cure Powdery Mildew on Cannabis Organically, Top 10 Best Bud Food & Bloom Booster Fertilizers, Best Rosin Press Guide, DIY How to Make Rosin Cheap, Predatory Mites: Get Rid of Spider Mites on Cannabis Organically, 20 FASTEST Flowering Strains to Grow from Seed, 200pcs Dual-Chip 10W Bridgelux/Epileds LEDs, 100pcs Dual-Chip 10W Bridgelux/Epileds LEDs, 1x Roleandro 1000W per 9 ft² (0.8 m²) max, 1x BESTVA Reflector 600W per 4.4 ft² (0.4 m²), 28pcs 5w Bridgelux/Epileds + 1pcs 10w Cree COB, 1x Niello 600W COB per 20 ft² (1.9 m²) max. Overview: A unique LED grow light with an affordable selling price, the BESTVA Reflector Series 600W LED Grow Light features the new “Unicorn” radiator design and touts 60 powerful 10W LEDs pulling just around 132W of actual power. A high-quality light source will last a long time. Phytrochrome helps plants regulate photo-sensitive changes, such as when to start the bloom process. The beauty of LED grow light technology is that they are as easy as plug & play for most situations. The aluminum board fixture stays cool without the need for fans which helps for power savings. The P300 comes at a cheaper price tag than the bigger models while roughly comparing to the PAR output of a 400W HID. 4.1 Spider Farmer SF-4000W LED Grow Light; 5 Best Led Grow Lights For Weed (Cannabis). Nowadays you can get them much cheaper and this model even comes built with a CREE COB chip set right in the middle for extra juice. Another advantage is the maximum coverage, maximum intensity, and maximum yield is more than 3k watts, which is more than 3000 watts of HPS power and yet can still plug it right into a standard 15A home wall outlet and run cool. Best LED Grow Lights for Cannabis 2020 Spider Farmer SF-4000 LED Grow Light. On the other hand, it provides uniform lighting over a maximum bloom coverage of 3 x 4 feet and a veggie coverage zone of 6 x 8 feet. Heat is dissipated by a powerful cooling system using 2 large heat sinks and cooling fans. The high light intensity of COB LED grow lights help to penetrate through the canopy of bushy herbs while 90-degree glass lenses aid in light distribution. Ultraviolet and infrared light bulbs are incorporated alongside the Epistar SMD chips to create the full spectrum sunlight-like light output. How to choose the best LED grow light; The Best LED Grow Lights Online in 2020. Sonlipo Newest LED Grow 2000W Full Spectrum Grow LED Light #6. It has separate Veg and Bloom dimmer to control the red, white, and blue spectrum individually. Outdoors, the sunlight at higher elevations gives plants more UV exposure. Just buy a grow light, crack some seeds and get growing. This hydroponic 1000-watt HPS grow light is one if the best in the market for weed growers. The fans and/or built-in heat sink will keep the grow light at a comfortable operating temperature. When selecting the best, you need to ensure that it meets each of these criteria, we are going to discuss in this article to produce the highest yielding plants. It has two on and off switches on the back of the light to control the brightness easily. Of course yields vary from strain to strain. In nature, plants are exposed to the sun and are naturally exposed to the ultraviolet radiation that sunlight contains. It combines an optimal blend of 12 different bands of the complete light spectrum from the depths of UV to the upper IR and gives your plants exactly the finely tuned spectrum that they need. 12] VIPARSPECTRA DIMMABLE SERIES PAR1200 REVIEW – Coolest LED Grow Light in 2020. Sunlight gets absorbed by the plant’s pigment molecules for photosynthesis (plant growth). However be aware that UV radiation overexposure has been known to degrade different plant processes, including damage to DNA and damage to physiological processes. This handy device measures per second how many photons of light hit the sensor. If you do not know already, iPower is one of the leading manufacturers of grow lights in the marijuana community. Cannabis on the other hand produces trichomes filled with cannabinoids, including the favored Δ 9THC and CBD to protect the plant from UV radiation. July 12, 2020 by Editorial Staff Leave a Comment. This light has better canopy light penetration than any light on our list of best LED grow lights, and it has the highest light output of any LED on the market. Compared to other grow lights, Apollo horticultural GL 60 LEDs are attractive because they don’t require a blast and produce considerably less heat. I ordered a 1600 watt marshydro II from and it ended up being out of stock so they sent me TWO 900 watt MarsHydro II and I have very expensive blackdog’s & Cali Solar system… My mars hydro 900 watt is ten times cheaper then some of my other lights and have had results just as good!!! Im a tsw2000 owner and I’m also interested to know why marshydro not spiderfarmer? Ultraviolet(UV) light under 400nm consist of three main rays: The newest LED grow lights usually have a few bulbs in the UV range for a few reasons. Overview: COB (Chips-on-Board) LED Grow Lights are made of multiple LED chips put together as one to produce powerful concentrated light. In essence, UV can be used to stimulate THC production. Remember to wear eye protection when operating LED grow lights. Balanced with blue light, red light can be used during the whole course of a plant’s life – from seed to harvest. It has high power veg and bloom lights that draw 400 watts that replace a 600W HPS light. It also has three separate spectrum channels that can be programmed by the day, week, or season to best match natural sunlight. This provides plants will get a similar spectrum of light from that they would expect from the sun. Last updated on January 01, 2020. Thanks to the brand's proprietary spectrum with 460 to 465 nm, 620 to 740 nm, and a 6,000 to 6,500 K waveband, it provides indoor plants with a diverse range of light. LEDs made in the USA. The “plurple”, pink or white glow emanated from these grow lights is strong and bright enough to give you a dizzy feeling. It comes with daisy-chained designs that support more items that connect in parallel simultaneously, one-piece working current 1.5 amperes, input voltage AC85-265V. A plant uses blue light (400nm – 500nm) and red light (620nm – 700nm) wavelengths in the greatest concentrations. It has a Dimmable electronic ballast that can support input of 120V and 240V. Also, this LED grow light works well for blooming and vegetative growth phases while using half the energy compared to HPS and standard lights. We thought it would be good to go through their reviews and pull two of the best LED grow lights reviews […] We reviewed the best LED grow lights on the market as of November 2020 and created a simple list to help you pick the best LED lamp for your grow. For the price, the BESTVA 2000W is one of the best grow lights for weed plants. Blue light is so important that plants literally don’t know where to aim their leaves for light absorption without it. With tons of good reviews from satisfied growers, the Yehsence 1500w may be the best LED grow light you can get in the low-price range. It’s scientifically engineered to keep the balance with excellent PAR/Lumen outputs and coverage. Only one photoreceptor, phytochrome, is known to respond to far red wavelengths. Without blue light, vegetating plants seem to stay small and stunted – resulting in short stems and a squat stature. They are generally electric lights designed to stimulate plant growth by emitting a light appropriate for photosynthesis.

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