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Simply engage the couplers invert the kegs and press start. The labor savings alone make it worth it. Keg Washer Purchase Info. ", Zachary Shumaker His Our most affordable, efficient and easy solution to clean kegs, carboys and fermenters. Note: This product does not ship free. The single station keg washer is a new product that meets the growing demand for breweries and other users that have a limited number of kegs to clean and offers an affordable entry value into professional keg washing. The Alpha "Wash Dog Junior" is an automatic version of its full-automatic sibling. Turbo-clean the inside of the keg with a recommended cleaning agent, usually an acid specially formulated to work in a CO2 atmosphere. Options. doing to help us troubleshoot. Installing this product into operation means a range of tasks can be completed faster, freeing up staff to concentrate on other … The Mark II Keg and Carboy Washer is a much needed system for cleaning carboys, buckets, and kegs alike. The pump is not self priming, so always … A while back, I put together a collection of DIY brewing utilities that included a pump-based keg washer and sanitizer. He made us the priority and for that reason he has acquired a The general sequence of the program is as follows: Rinsing kegs with water (from city line) and air to discharge possible product leftover To provide an affordable packaging solution for the small and aspiring craft beverage maker who thought there wasn’t an option for them. washer that we had rigged together ourselves. To provide an efficient keg washer, the wash and sani chemicals are reused. The All-New ProBrew Mobile Keg Filler introduces convenient mobility features with the addition of a 24VDC battery and ergonomic cart allowing for up … We are ready to upgrade to the automatic and it's an easy switch over. In stock. Our automatic keg washers maintain the same great performance across all sizes. Keg Washers. About 4% of these are Washer, 2% are Fermenting Equipment. Mortals Key Brewing Co. © 2020 Robert Higby Controls Design, LLC. brewpub brewer requires you to wear many hats at once and manage time effectively. Our products and services are aimed to accelerate the passionate, the overwhelmed, and the under served. We have complete confidence in the machines and the quality of the workmanship to last into the next chapter of Voodoo. Riverside Brewing Company, "We opened a very small brewery in 2013. We build most items from 304 Stainless Steel ready to withstand the typical wet conditions of a brewery. Sean McIntyre Whether you are a Wash cycle, Hot rinse, Cold rinse, Injection cycle (acid or sanitizer), Cold water rinse; Operator selected duration of each cycle Got quoted for a SUPER NICE automatic keg washer that doesn't really fit our business plan. Request a Quote Support ... To provide an affordable packaging solution for the small and aspiring craft beverage maker … Hot water rinse of keg; Select any or all of the following cycles & the duration. Purge cleaning agent from the keg and reclaim cleaning … I've or concerns over the operation of the unit Rob couldn’t have been happier to drop what he was Sean McIntyre Brewmaster Mortals Key Brewing Co. We can easily modify your keg to give it the unique branded look your company needs. a clean keg is a happy keg. ... 2 Gallon Growler Keg. Owner / Brewery Manager Custom keg washers and other brewing projects, Custom control panels for all your brewing needs, "Rob Higby's semi-automatic keg washer is one of the best options I've used in a brewpub setting. offers 696 used beer keg washer products. Easy to use manifold provides optimum cleaning flexibility and operator efficiency. Move through your cleaning days smoother and more efficiently with our Pro Keg Washer. The single station keg washer is a new product that meets the growing demand for breweries and other users that have a limited number of kegs to clean and offers an affordable entry value into professional keg washing. automated our cellar-men can walk away and perform other brewery tasks while kegs are being A. Blow-out any beer remaining in the keg to waste drain. This is a fairly simple project to put together. ", Matteo below. I’m a big fan of the Mark II Keg and Carboy Washer.. We are extremely happy with the performance of our new unit. Not only are we confident that our kegs are getting treated better than before, but our Junior is still highly automated, but requires manual coupling to kegs and comes in a smaller package. Just put warm cleaning solution in the bucket and the pump works like a blaster for removing sediment and residue from your equipment. It didn’t take long to determine Equipment for rinsing, washing, sanitation and filling kegs We offer these tools and machines for cleaning (rinsing, washing, sanitizing) of kegs and filling beverages into kegs : I. Manual keg fillers II. 2. Our two head keg washers is designed to wash two kegs of any size per cycle up to 30- 40 kegs per hour. TWO-STATION MANUAL KEG WASHER. Sign up as a buyer; Become a supplier; Explore catalog; Learn More 1. keg washer is of various automatic keg washer to meet the needs of different customers. customer for life. We bought the first one I believe and it was a manually operated one. Highly recommended!" Voodoo Brewing, "If you're looking for an affordable and well built keg washer, then this is the one. Why Select a PKW Keg Washer? Don’t see something you’re looking for? As many of you know, being a Kegs are cleaned at a rate of one per head each 2 minutes 45 seconds. Since the Keg WaSsher only requires 2 gallons of cleaning solution, the result is less chemical waste and less environmental impact than traditional cleaning methods. Semi-Automatic Keg Washers 120v & 220v Starting at $8000. Highly recommended!". 3. grizzled vet or a brand new brewer, this keg washer will suit your needs. Resulting in a strong keg washer that can stand the test of time and strenuous usage. For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in keg cleaning and filling machi machinery and brewery equipment. This stainless steel manual keg washer with high-performance CIP spray ball provides an economical way to effectively clean kegs. The Wash Dog Junior: Two head automatic keg washer. its own customizable program, and runs on average four to six minutes a cycle. All Stainless Steel Construction Made in the US 15 Kegs per hour Base Model $3100 more hours at a time. found it easily customizable, simple to fix, and great to work with. To learn more about our premium quality keg cleaners, call one of our team members today at 541-640-3210. The only difference is the total amount of kegs cleaned for a given period of time. With a stain-proof and chemically resistant basin, you'll be able to use this cleaner for all of your cleaning needs without worrying about corrosion from cleaners or stains from even the darkest wines. 3. Manually operated keg rinser, washer, and sanitizer, with co2 pressurizing capabilities. - Washes up to 30 Kegs/hr … ... Keg Washer. Dedicated 25 gallon detergent reservoir with heater, 11.5 cfm @ 90 PSI air supply (3.7 HP 60 gallon) recommended. He even took it upon himself to help automate our first keg washer on his own time only charging us for parts/materials! When in use, fill the keg washer up to about 1 inch under the brim. We bought the first one I believe and it was a manually operated one. After using it many times, I came to the conclusion it fell short in a few ways– it required a ton of water, the spray pressure wasn’t high enough to sufficiently remove all trub, and it only worked … Brewmaster Keg rinsing-filling machine lines with capacity up to 120 kegs/hour […] Head Brewer Corny Cleaner - Keg Washer and Fermenter Cleaning Kit. 2. Available in all sizes. Designed to clean up to 15 kegs per hour. Homemade Hyrdo-Pneumatic Keg Cleaning. Fully customizable, and we even provide the option to attach your own logo. For pricing and product inquiries, please contact us directly or complete the form Owner I was wondering if anyone had any experience with a nice keg washer that may be lighter on the budget (even if it's manual/semi-automatic)! Rob tries to maintain a modest inventory and satisfy the urgency of the needs in the craft beer industry. Simply adjust the length of wash, rinse, or sani and press the Go button. In th e instance that we had questions Learn More. For washing more than 30 kegs (approx) without the temperature of the wash reservoir dropping. I use mine for lots of things including… kegs, carboys, Speidel Fermenters, buckets, tubing, draft lines [See: Mark II Keg & Carboy Cleaner… As a Recirculating Draft Line Cleaning Pump] and more. In addition to creating one of the solutions to your microbrewery, we also specialize in making custom stainless steel. Customizable Keg Washer . Back then we were working with a manual keg Never leave the keg washer unattended when in use. All while leaving the washer attached to a single keg, just jump from one bucket to next until the keg is cleaned, sanitized and ready for use. Allen Bradley PLC with fully functional touch screen, SS Construction with welded manifolds on locable wheels, Temperature controlled twenty five gallon caustic tank with level control, 3600 watt low density emersion heater provided for quick recovery, Chemical injector for sanitizer (adjustable), Easily convertible to semi automatic at a later date, Caustic material pumped from existing system, Heated caustic material pumped from existing system, Designed and built to your specifications, Custom PLC and HMI programming to fit your application, Control of all pumps and valves from the platform Touch Screen, State of the art Compact Logics plc with fully functional touch screen, All Digital and analog I/O wired to the plc.

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